Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear Diary,

From my new journal and newly-discovered-addiction-to-journaling. Because up until now, I've never been able to keep one. Shocking, especially for a writer, but now it's "my thing", and really good for getting all the pent-up thoughts out. Decongestant for the brain. ;) These are literally bits and pieces straight from it. . .so, like it or not, here's an overview of my trip. ;) Yeah, poorly written, but who says journals have to read like a best selling novel? Oh, and before I forget! So sorry there were no guest posters last week! I realized right when I posted last that I didn't have time to organize everything, but to those of you who volunteered, I have you on a list. You should be getting an email shortly.

May 25th, 2013
Traveling alone to Washington--I think I ruined my pen trying to punch a hole in my crazy-stubborn earbud package. Thankfully the nice ladies at the coffee shop got it open. ;) Loving all the free time, talking with awesome folks, and people watching. Makes you think; everyone has a story, a heartache, a life. Sobering and fascinating all at once.

Sitting in a plane coming out of the Detroit airport and headed to Minnesota. Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. ;)

K, up in the wild blue yonder and so excited that my ears finally popped open! When I went to the Urgent Care the other day the Dr made is sound like flying would be bad for my cold/pressure problems. (note: now resolved. ;) ) Guess God is bigger than that! :) (So going to have to rewrite this. You know it's bad when you can't understand your own writing. :P ) Can't wait to check out the next airport! I'm all crunched up trying to write. . .the fellows in my row are reading and snoozing and leaving me alone. It's all good. :) Lovely, clear view from the window too!

Well, I am unable to connect to the internet on this flight, so I'm writing again. Been up since 6:30 AM EST, and am SO tired. Just spent over three hours in Minneapolis, have a two and a half hour flight, THEN a two hour drive to my friends home after arriving in Spokane. (Which I learned is pronounced with a silent "e". ;) )   Whew. Doesn't help that I'm already under the weather; by the time this is done, I will have traveled 13 hours or so. I could have gone to Europe! God is good though, and I've felt Him every inch of the way.  K, the missionaries are trying to make contact with the Acua's. Off to reading. (Note: Through Gates of Splendor. Jim Elliot has always been a hero of mine.)

Flying over a very desolate desert-looking area. Not a lot of houses. The time seems to be changing again. Wonder where we are?

May 26th, 2013
Well, I'm in Washington! Got in Spokane alive but feeling mostly dead, saw Nicole, met her husband, went out to eat, and drove the loooong way home. I had a really interesting night (the funny thing is, according to the lady next to me, with all the traveling I did, I could have gone to Japan!) Anyway, so all night I dozed about two hours at a time, then woke up. Didn't help that I was sleeping on two couch cushions and a big pillow. :P

Yay, got the air mattress blown up!

May 27th, 2013
Well, we ended up watching a movie last night, so my journaling was cut short. Actually, earlier Nicole and I watched the new Les Miz movie, and then a Japanese anime (Note: appropriate anime only, with as little language as possible. :) ) We were watching another but took a break for some work (I stayed behind. Nicole and her husband are moving and had to get some things in storage,) and naps.

It's been a very lazy, quiet trip. This morning we ran some errands (didn't realize how close we are to Idaho!) and chatted/had root-beer floats with an elderly couple. Sweetest people ever! Plus they were babysitting a Yorkie, so a few quick tears and lots of love from me. ;) Besides that, it's been a movie/food (especially chocolate, ;) ) kinda deal. Don't like some of the language, but otherwise, the anime is amazing. It's like Disney--only better!--for adults. Fun stuff.

"But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand." Isaiah 64:8

May 28th, 2013
Had a lovely day! (ugh, if only my pen would stop acting funky. o.O ) Got up late after staying up till 1:00 AM, and spent some time with Nicole at Starbucks. (gotta do what ya gotta do for Wifi. ;) ) Really glad to get some time alone with her. Was able to show her some pictures, introduced her to the Les Miz 10th Anniversary Concert, and drank a cookie crumble mocha. Yeah, I've gained weight. :P :cough: Anywho, afterward we went to a Subway-style eatery called The Pita Pit. Cute place. We really got to talk--everything from testimonies to church, etc, etc. Yep, she's awesome like that! ;)

Nicole and David went to bed early. . .and I just wasn't sleepy--still pretty much wide awake. Hey, I guess that means my schedule is adjusted to the time change! But yeah, I wasn't tired, so I stayed up and watched How to Train Your Dragon. It was. . .unique. Not my favorite, but worth the watch. Awesome soundtrack, of course. Funny, I never watch THIS many movies! :P

Beautiful/golden pink sunset this evening, complete with a rainbow. Got to enjoy it on our little walk to Baskin Robins.

K, I'm off to bed!

May 30th, 2013
Alone in an empty apartment--helped David and Nicole get all their things into storage. My "big" job was packing all the ammo. Hah. So, things like that. There isn't even a table or couch, and :gasp: I never got pictures with Nicole! Must fix that.

Earlier we went to pick up pizza that is bought uncooked and baked at home--amazing stuff. A few people from the church came over to help move the big stuff, like the piano, so I got to hang out a bit with three adorable kiddos. The five year old told me he's going to be a pastor someday, and proceeded to list all the topics he's going to teach on--corruption, catastrophe, and confusion. :P

Wonderful week, but I'm ready to go home. Amazing how you plan for months and months, and then it's over! o.O Up bright and early tomorrow morning for the two hour trip to Spokane. Right now I'm just waiting for them to bring cups back! ;)

May 31st, 2013
Well, I'm on my way home! And. . .totally forgot to get pics taken. Really sad about that. (Gotta be careful, cause the guy sitting next to me is the kind that might snoop. ;) ) Went over some gorgeous country all full of mountains and pines; Washington is beautiful. Even though this is a long flight, I'm grateful for having only one layover (in Minneapolis.) I'll be home around 10:30 EST.

The sky is a sea of clouds! White and almost completely smooth. Looking down, it almost seems like water, or a different world. Interesting to think of how small we are as humans, how fragile and meaningless. That little world down there, with its little homes and mini cars--is mine. And we think we hold it in our hands! o.O

June 1st, 2013
Yay! Finally a pen that works!--Doesn't make me like my writing any better, but hey, you can read this. ;) I can't believe I've faithfully journaled for over a week now. With my record of journal keeping (like two or three pages and that's it,) this is really impressive. Its really filling up fast! Funny, because its almost become like a buddy to me; if I miss a days report, I've failed. Wonder if other people's minds work strangely like mine. AHEM. Moving on.

My flight was delayed an hour in Minneapolis due to bad weather literally all over the place. Fun. I've seen enough of that airport to last a lifetime! Really, like six hours of totally wasted life! :P

I'm still on Washington time, so even though its 12:30 PM here, my body says 9:30 PM. Quickly to catch up on yesterdays adventure: so I have had enough of airports and flying (wondering if this will be long--I'm in a wide awake, chatty mood,) for a good long time. People watching is awesome, of course, but Delta had one of its infamous delays (weather, like I said. More tornadoes in Oklahoma,) and well. . .the complimentary drinks and snacks didn't quite make up. :P Then there was another wait on board while searching for the best route around the storms. Nice part about it all was meeting a graduate from Moody who was from (small world) my town! Amazing. I heard her talking with someone else from the graduation and had to pipe up. But that's how I roll anyway. I'm too friendly. :P Most Americans are polite once you get them talking, but we're also a cold culture. Lots of suspicion and privacy.

I love the automatic, common bond between Christians! Total strangers, suddenly like old friends--watching each others bags. So neat!

Annnnd so, even though that was lame, there is a very brief summary of my trip, from the journal of yours truly. Off to finish Little Dorrit (be still my heart!) with Anna, but I wanted to get SOMETHING up for you all. Ttyl!


  1. Isn't journaling great? And there's something about writing in your journal on a plane that just makes it ten times better. ;)

    God bless,
    Joy :)

    1. Agreed. Especially since I couldn't get wifi. :P Sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best! :)

  2. fun post, Michaela!!

    So, what did you think of Washington? I live about four hours south of Spokane, and lemme tell you, I love this little state. ;)

    I love those photos of clouds. I'm a huge cloud person, (like, I'm constantly randomly shouting "LOOK AT THAT CLOUD IT IS AMAZING I NEED THAT CLOUD!" and my family just kinda rolls their eyes. :)

    Anyway, enjoyed this post a lot. I recently discovered that I really enjoy journaling, (like four months ago,) and am about to finish a journal for the first time ever. Super excited. :)

    1. Thanks! :) I really enjoyed Washington, though I was surprised to find myself more often in Idaho. :P Plus I didn't do much sightseeing--it was a very quiet vacation. But anywho, yes, it's a lovely state. ;)

      haha. . .I love that about the clouds! You know, when my mom was little, she was scared to death of them? I just find that amusing. :P I really don't know how people can look at the sky--or be IN the sky--and not see a Creator.

      Yeps, journaling is fun. :)I can't believe how far I've gotten! Hoping to fill this one up.

  3. Such a sweet post. I enjoyed reading this immensely.

    I think I might be inspired to start writing in my journal again... :-)

    Love to you!

    1. Love you too, Rachel! Lemme know if you start to journal. :)

  4. Nice post :) I live in Spokane (and my family loves the pita pit!) Funny you came here! (You being my favorite blogger and all ;) I love your journaling, I think it's going to be so much fun to look back on later, as well as to get your thoughts down, etc. I really enjoyed this, thank you!

    1. What? Really? I'm your favorite blogger? Girl, you have no idea how much that blesses me! :) Thank you so much. ::hugs::


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