Thursday, June 13, 2013

You asked! Part 1

Ok, so I'm finally getting to some of the questions you asked in my survey. (which, btw, I am fixing the link in my sidebar! If your a new follower, please take the time to fill it out. :) ) I think this will be a fun little series--I'm going to have to answer in sections. . .which, since I'm a bit dry in the creative-blog-post department of my brain, will do very nicely. ;) So, without further ado.

  • Q: What is your favorite aspect of blogging, and how do you take your coffee? 

  • A: I blog to release my mind. It's a place where I can be 100%, genuinely me. When something weighs heavy on my heart, I blog. When I have something random to say, I blog. It's my favorite social networking site because not only does it tell--(unlike incoherent facebook status's. Ongoing conflict. :))--but there is a lot less judging and a lot more genuine friendship. I've met some of my besties via blogger. :) My philosophy is: like what I write, follow and comment. Otherwise, ignore me. It works. . . .and so far I haven't experienced backbiting or nastiness. WIN! Big thank you to all you lovely readers!! Coffee on the other hand is a language AND a culture. B) I take my coffee black with a little honey, and sometimes. . .a teeny bit of milk. Depending on the mood. Unless it's a latte. . .which is for Sundays. Then it's all milk and foam and warm deliciousness. Mocha's (frozen, hot, it's all good,) are also incredible.


  • Q:  Do you write? Fiction, I mean. If so, would you be willing to share a bit on Rhapsody in PINK? 

  • A: Wellll. . .yes and no. For years my sister Anna and I have fabricated stories and have schemed and plotted to become best-selling novelists. ;) It's still a dream of mine to become published someday, thought I seriously doubt it will be fiction. See, things look one way in my mind and differently on paper. And that bugs me. I tend to be a to-the-point writer (which is why I enjoy writing articles, blogging, etc,) and though I *can* get flowery and fiery sunset if I want to, the impatient parts of me won't allow it. But technically, I have and DO write fiction. Just not whole books. . .yet. There is actually something of a fairy tale wandering around out there. . .soo if any of you are interested, I'd be willing to post a snippet. :) 

  • Q: What do you think of the casting choices for the movie of Les Miz? 

  • A:  haha. Um, do you really want to know? ;) I haven't SEEN the movie yet, but just listening to the soundtrack on youtube, seeing clips here and there, etc, has made me (like, within a couple seconds, o.O) a life-long enemy of all things called Russell. :P It was nice they threw Colm Wilkinson in there as the Bishop (because Les Miz isn't Les Miz without Colm,) but otherwise, Hugh Jackman should have found that sewer sooner. . .and Rusell Crowe. . .well, we won't talk about THAT. ;) (yikes, and here I just realized that I recently hated-on *certain* BBC shows. Pardon me while I run.)

    *note* I wrote this earlier this month, BEFORE seeing the movie. So yes, I have seen it. ;) My opinions have changed only very slightly, as I still dislike most of the cast, and my life was not drastically changed or altered by viewing said film. ;) HOWEVER if you are interested in a review, I may, may include it as a reader question in this series. Lemme know. :) 

  • Q: Would you tell us more about costuming for Beyond the Mask?

  • A: I would absolutely LOVE to (especially since BTM is one of my favorite subjects, :) ) however, I'm working on a vlog introducing my costume, so wait just a little longer? :) 

  • Q: What activities keep you busy as a graduated homeschooler? More specifically, do you have plans or ideas for the future that you are currently pursing intend to pursue? 

  • A: Nannying has kept me very busy for over 6 years now, working part time with my sister Anna. Now, not to confuse nannying with babysitting! It's a glorification--with longer hours, and along with childcare, includes light housework and possibly meal preparation. Great way to keep those homemaker skills brushed up. ;) At home I blog (no kidding, :P ) cook, shop, write, read, and play my piano. I also love road tripping, and though it isn't my "calling", different aspects of film-making are fun. My interests for the future include missions, a trip to Europe, and/or attending Elerslie Discipleship school (Eric and Leslie Ludy). Piano lessons would be a dream come true, AND as many of you may remember, I'd consider working with dogs (grooming, therapy, etc.)  Actually, last year I raised a Yorkie puppy (my little Nick,) for therapy work, who unfortunately had to be down. We'll see if I'm brave enough to invest in another dog. ;) 

  • Q: Could you post about blogging tips? Do you sew? What is your favorite fruit? 

  • A: K, so I love this. Lets do random, people! B) I think I'll do a separate post on blogging tips--good question! Otherwise, yes, I sew, though not very well. :P My biggest project so far was an 18th century gown and underclothes that I wore as an extra for the Independent Christian film, Beyond the Mask. Lots of sweat and tears. . .but after about two million tries it was wearable. . .and the seam ripper and I aren't such good friends. ;) Hmmm. . .my favorite fruits are berries, avocados, and, um, tomatoes? --hey, you can't say they don't count. :P

  • Q:  What TV shows do you watch/enjoy? 

  • A: My families all-time favorite TV show EVER is The Andy Griffith Show. We love it so much we actually visited Mt. Airy (Andy Griffith hometown,) last year. Also adore Road to Avonlea and the first few seasons of The Waltons. Oh, and just recently my sister and I have started watching Bonanza. I'm just slightly a fan. ;) 

  • Q: What person most inspires you

  • A: Next to my parents, Eric and Leslie Ludy are my heroes. Not only are the beautiful examples of purity and romance, but they strive to be set-apart in ALL things. Corrie Ten Boom, Jim Elliot, (!!) and C.S. Lewis are some of my inspirations.

  • Q:  Do you like any sports

  • A: I don't play sports. o.O However, I enjoy watching *some* baseball, Italian soccer (has nothing to do with the dashing players, of course, ;) ) and figure skating. 

Annndd. . .that's the last question for part 1! If you'd like to see more of this, let me know! I have several drafts all lined up and waiting for publishing, which is really nice, obviously. ;) Book reviews, a story excerpt, and yes, possibly a vlog. 


  1. Thank you, this was fun to read :) It makes my day every time I read a new blog post of yours!

  2. I enjoyed reading this & hope you continue with Part 2!:)

  3. I enjoyed this post so much Michaela. It was fun and interesting and I vote yes of more!! :)

    annnd... YES PLEASE POST SNIPPETS OF FICTION!!! :) I love reading other people's writing.


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