a bit about the authoress

So you want to know about me. Well. I’ll tell you.

I am Michaela, a small girl with a starburst of life, fast tongue and quirky drama. You see, there are thick Italian roots running rapid through my bloodstream, and that, combined with a person of 4’9”, makes a bundle of passion, feelings so deep they hurt, high sensitivity to love, pain, sorrow, joy. . .and an addiction to coffee. My Jesus is all and everything--my fire. The thing that keeps me going. The God I worship and serve in my feeble way. With Him I’ve been on many adventures. I’ve struggled. . .I’ve fallen. . .and I’m growing, little by little, every day. There’s a narrow path, stretching over a lifetime; and me, standing at it’s opening, looking out at the big, unknown world.

Because I believe in dreams. In heroes, love at first sight, happily ever afters, and never growing up. I’ve vacationed in Narnia, sailed over the moon on the back of a unicorn, crossed the Misty Mountains, danced with the dryads. Romance is my favorite expression. It means femininity, the magic of theater, the worship of words. With romance I can drink the scent of lilacs, let music run from my fingertips, defend the barricade with Enjolras, fall in love with a sunset, think in pink. I can be dramatic and girly and simply ME, all within the power of that one word. In the belief that pretty is not dead. . .not yet. I can make it live. That Andrea Bocelli has the voice of an angel. That Les Miserables in second only to the Bible. That you don’t need Irish in your blood, only your soul. That chocolate is the food of royalty. That European seaside villages are the ideal place of retirement. That to love another person is to see the face of God.

I want to be Kilmeny of the Orchard. I want to play with poetry. I want to travel and write and breath and wonder. I want to feel each beating heart. I want to make an impact on this world.

And I want to welcome you--to this place I call my blog. To this rambling, random, unimportant corner of the worldwide web. Duck into my hole. . .but goodness, watch your head! I’ll pour the coffee while you make yourself comfortable. Oh, and please ignore Bilbo. . .he doesn't always like sharing his cookies.

I am a daughter, a sister {the oldest of five girls!} a small-town dweller, a learner, a grower, a follower of the King of Kings. Writing, practicing the piano, eating frozen yogurt, and road-tripping make up my days. I hope you will be blessed by Rhapsody in PINK. Leave a comment, say hello, and introduce yourself, friend!