Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quickie update, guest post, blah blah blah.

Yes, it's another of my infamous "quick posts" to remind you--I am ALIVE. Working on a fun series (answering survey questions, finally,) AND I posted at my mom's blog! So while your waiting for ramblings from moi, head over there. Oh yes, and my sister Anna is now blogging again (can I hear a unanimous cheer?) Follow, comment, you know the regime.



PS. I'm leaving for a week long visit to a dear friend. . .and am on the hunt for guest posters. Any takers? If you are interested, contact me via email. And thank you in advance! 


  1. yay. I'm glad you're back! and I'm going to email you about the guestposting! :)

  2. First I'm glad your alive,
    Second, can't wait for your new series. sounds like fun. :)
    and Third. I love your short random posts announcing that you are indeed alive. :) You are so unique and that's why I love this blog.

  3. Um, yes! I would love to guest post! Email me, girly. <3


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