Monday, April 22, 2013

this is springtime {eShakti product review}

Spring has finally sprung! (ignoring the powdering of snow outside my window the other morning. ;) ) The world is full of plump, cheery cardinals (because I NEED one for a pet,) the finches are snug in their nest on the porch, life has been a whirlwind of fellowship (with some of the most awesome people on the planet,) hours upon hours drinking coffee, my first time seeing Captain America and Thor, baseball games, oh yes, and the cherry tree in the front yard bloomed. Which means at least two weeks of gorgeous blossoms before the grass is carpeted in pink and the maroon-colored leaves come in. THIS is springtime, folks. And this is a Michaela who is happy to be alive. Praising an all-knowing Lord and taking back vengeful feeling towards the groundhog. Little liar. :P


So last month eShakti contacted me for a product review. Naturally, because I have a weakness for all things lady-like, I choose a full skirted, swingy dress. Because I also have a weakness for dresses, and well, eShakti carries such beautiful, unique designs. Product review? Absolutely! I ordered my sample dress (my third from eShakti,) loved the print and flattering silhouette, and am finally getting around to reviewing it for you. 

I just love eShakti's quality--the fabric, the full lining, the prints and cuts. However, I have had multiple issues with sizing, and this dress was no exception. Perhaps I just have a strange figure type. ;) But I could tell the minute I took it from the package that was too big. Long story short, my tailor grandfather saved the day once again! (see, the Lord knew I needed a tailor in my life. ;) ) He completely reconstructed the dress, taking in several inches in the back to create a fitted profile.


I've ordered from eShakti a few times, and as I stated above, I really appreciate their quality. The only issue I have is with sizing, (baggy dresses and I just don't get along. :P )--have any of you found that to be an issue? I'd be very interested in any feedback. Also, unless you sew or do alterations, I doubt you have a tailor for a grandfather. ;) So double check the sizing, and be careful when ordering "custom". Again, this may just be me, because most reviews I've read are very positive, saying the garments fit like a glove. Maybe I'll get the memo one of these days. hehe

Otherwise, I love this dress! Actually, it's probably one of the most flattering dresses I've ever owned. The princess seams from top to bottom give a slimming effect, and the skirt is perfectly full without too much bulk. The sweetheart neckline is still low enough that I need to wear a Halftee underneath, but that isn't a problem at all. Oh goodness, and the pattern! China-blue flowers on a pure white base. . .it sings of spring, picnics, and not-quite-casual outings. I'm excited to wear it all spring and summer long. :)


Black "strappy" pumps--gift (??)
Pearl bracelets--Kohls 
Pearl hoop earrings--Kohls
Cream Halftee---Halftee 

PS: keep an eye out for an exciting giveaway--coming soon to YOU! :) 


  1. Gorgeous dress, and you are so beautiful, Michaela!

  2. Oh Mich~ You are gorgeous, as always, and the dress is simply dreamy!!! Love, love, love!

    I've never ordered clothing from eShakti before... mostly because I'm on a thrift-store price budget. :-)

    Good thing you are related to a tailor! That just works out perfectly!


  3. Girl, you're gorgeous!!! And that dress is just stunning on you. I am absolutely in love with eShkati dresses, and the company has been a special blessing. *smile* xx

  4. My sister and I just ordered dresses from eshakti last month! My sister got the exact same dress you did!

    We both had similar sizing issues. Mine was very large in the waist :P Fortunately my mother has a 'tailor' friend who was able to alter them for us.

  5. So, so pretty! I almost got that dress myself. Which reminds me...I NEED to get my review up. The weather has not be cooperating, however, and I hate indoor pictures. =P
    Anyway, the dress is lovely on you. I've had a couple sizing problems, and do NOT have a tailor grandfather - you are so blessed!!

  6. Ooooh, I love Eshakti dresses...they are my style to a t. However, they are pricey, so I have yet to purchase a dress, and I feel like I should be able to sew dresses like that if I practice. That color blue is lovely btw.

  7. Beautiful beautiful! The dress is nice too! ;)

  8. Pretty dress! :) I've never ordered anything from eShakti, but they have some cute stuff. :)

    You got to see Captain America and Thor for the first time? Awesome! Captain America is one of my absolute favorite movies. I love it. :D

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  9. Love the dress! I've always had an affinity for china-blue flowers upon a bed of white. Lovely, crisp, classy and feminine. Love.

  10. k, so i just have to say, you are dang gorgeous girl. seriously. plain (and there isn't anything plain about it!) beautiful. ;) i love eshakti, and their dresses. and THIS ONE IS BEAUTIFUL. flowing, lovely, feminine, blue and white (my favorite colors) and paisley looking flowers. lovelyyyy. {also, your poses are too cute. ;)}

    eshakti has my support, 100%! ;)


  11. You look a picture, Michaela!:) How nice that you have a tailor grandfather! That dress looks stunning on you. Very flattering color and fit.
    The first dress I ordered from eShakti, I had the same problem with it being too big (I did the custom fit option)....the sleeves were huge, as was the chest area. I sent it back and decided to try the standard sizing this time. I'm hopeful this one will fit better. We shall see.:)
    I know I don't comment regularly, but I do read all your are such an inspiration. Have a lovely, smile-filled day. <3

  12. Thank you sooo much for getting that song stuck in my head....haha i had just gotten it out! oh well its done now!
    :) neat post!


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