Thursday, April 25, 2013

the things that say a lot.

So I am officially stealing this idea from my bloggy friend Mikailah (fellow wounded-hero-in-distress aficionado and just really fun person. :) ) It's sort of a tag and asks JUST the right things. I also started writing it early yesterday morning on two hours of sleep. So the brains be-fuzzled. ;) Happy Thursday! 

"Things that say a lot about people:
what articles are in their purse/bag
and what size it is.
the way they wear their hair (style and length)
what their handwriting looks like
how they respond to awkward situations
if they eat (lots) fruits and vegetables
if they enjoy British TV shows
the way they deal with small children
whether or not they smile at strangers
if they keep a grocery list (and use it)."

i.  I'm a necessity-only kinda gal, though that doesn't keep me from carrying huge purses. I mean, you never know when a book might need to sneak in there, or that extra bagel from the hotel continental breakfast may-need-a-hiding-place-till-lunch-time. My purses are varied and many. . .at least compared to my other sisters. They range from medium to large, and are mostly over the shoulder and in bright colors like mustard, terracotta, (dare to wear the "new orange!" B) )  hot pink, oh yes, and my one smallish, long-strapped mint purse. It's actually my favorite when I need to grab something really quick, and matches with so much. But I've already written an entire paragraph without mentioning WHAT I carry. . .so here goes. Lip balm. Check. (always) Sun glasses. When I remember to find them. Check. Wallet. Check. Mints. Check. Phone. Also when I remember to find it. Check. Aaaand. . .on a normal outing, that's about it!

ii. I've always worn my hair long, though when I was about 10 I had it cut professionally for the first time and scared my mom. . .by coming home with shoulder-length hair. Hey, I didn't know what "four more inches" meant! :P Right now my hair is nearly mid-back (finally letting it grow after years of damage resulting from perms.) I thought about cutting it all one length, since I still have some long layers (again, getting rid of those perm-induced split ends,) but I've gone from wavy to pin-straight, and everything seems to be balancing out. Win! :) Over the years my hair has gotten very fine--mainly because of over processing it, etc. I can still get some curl if I drench it in hairspray and mouse, but for the most part I wear it straight and plain (with or without some "tease" for volume.) Depending on my mood, I may use a couple of bobby pins to poof up a small section at the top.

iii. Ok, so my handwriting has been complimented a few times, though personally I've never really liked it.  :P It's not exactly my strong point, since I can't seem to hold a pencil like a normal human being (please say I'm not the only one??) I mean, crossing ones thumb just makes SENSE. ;) So my writing is scrawly, slanted, and very thin. Which is odd, since I tend to be bubbly--it really doesn't match my personality much at all. But yeah. We won't even talk about printing. . .

iv.  It really depends. Even extroverts get uncomfortable sometimes. . .but I try my very best to carry conversations and smile. Laughing cures a multitude of sins. 

v.  Welllll. . . I tend to like vegetables a lot more than fruit. Unless we're talking berries. . .and more berries. Especially blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Not the apple and oranges type. . .and please don't ever mention bananas in my presence! :P I'm not a picky eater, but bananas. . .are nasty. Texture, smell, taste. . .everything. The odd part is that I'll eat banana FLAVORED things, like ice cream. Just not the actual fruit. ;) Veggies on the other hand--I love peas, spinach. . .all my greens. ;) Oh, and chocolate. Because it's a bean.

vi. How to answer this without losing all my followers? :P Lets just say that I'm a huge lover of everything British Isles (though England comes AFTER Ireland in my book. Just sayin'.  :) ) The accents, the culture, the whimsy. BBC and I are good friends, and the Brits make the absolute best actors. However! I don't follow most trends. . .so P&P, Doctor Who, and yes, Sherlock (Gulp. Don't kill me! o.O) are not on the favorites list. Because there are more important things in life than David Tennants hair. And Benedict Cumberbatch jumping off buildings. And. . .I'd better stop right now before my blog is shut down or called spam. :P

vii. I LOVE kids! Goodness, I'm a nanny for a living! :) Children have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. . .actually, there was a time when I babysat my siblings so much, I hardly left the house. Literally, I've been baby-sitting since I was 9--when my mom ran to the Convenient store two seconds up the street for butter--and nannying for over 6 years. So I relate well with children. I make friends with children. I confide in children. . .and love when they confide in me. When I'm with kids. . .I re-enter Neverland. I dance. I sing. I run around like a wild, free thing. I laugh and play and make strange sounds. I show them the fairies in the neighbors yard and read countless books. Want to meet Jesus? Look into a brand new babies face for the first time. :) 

viii.  This question is happy. . .because YES I smile at strangers. And I say hello to strangers. And make direct eye contact with strangers. . .and sometimes even began random conversations with them. It's totally the Italian in me. We. . .aren't exactly shy. Yes, I'm American--but my brain is every inch European. Take that as you will. ;)  

ix. Yes, yes, yes! I make lists for everything. How else does one keep track of ones brain? Lists are the life-source of daily. . .well, life. They have saved me time and time again, especially when event planning. 

And there you have it! Thanks for letting me practice my stealth and skill at thievery, Mikailah. B) If any of you amazing friends/readers fill out this little tag, be sure to link back to your post in a comment! I'd love to read your answers. Tally ho, and don't forget: "The universe is not made of atoms. . .it's made of tiny stories."  


  1. ahhhh, this made me smile. like really really big. ;) i loved reading your answers, Mich! haha, you are more than welcome... for stealing... my answers... yeah. that just sounds weird. but seriously, i loved reading these! isn't smiling at strangers awesome?! i'm not good at starting conversations, but once they're started, i can talk to anyone. ;)

    {and we totally need to Skype sometime, k? k.}


  2. Naw, we still love you and your blog, even if you aren't a P&P, Doctor Who, or Sherlock fan. (I tell you, though, you're missing out!) P&P is not my absolute favorite, either....I'm partial to S&S and the wonderful Mrs. Gaskell's works. :)

    I'm a small/medium purse girl myself, but my mom's purse is huge....I don't know what she's got in there....

  3. Ha! You're not the only one with horrible handwriting! Mine is probably twice as dreadful as yours!
    My family and I watch two older british TV shows: All Creatures Great and Small, and Jeeves and Wooster (pretty funny if you ask me).

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  4. haha. My poor purse is next to empty...except when I need to take a smaller purse somewhere and somehow I get the urge to fill it to the brim with every possible thing I might ever need!

    BBC is amazing, and no, even though I love P&P, Sherlock, and the The Doctor, I'm not going to stop following your blog :) After all, we agree on the accents :D

    And I loved the little quote at the end there ;)

  5. I loved it until the second to the last answer. Girllll. First you put down my favorite shows, and THEN...the one comment about someone's hair...practically blasphemy in my book. Sigh, what I put up with in our friendship...:-P

    Love ya! ;)

  6. This was so fun to read through! And you inspired me to do it myself! ;-P

    Smile + be happy!


  7. I forgot I had this lurking in my "draft" posts! Here is my post:


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