Tuesday, June 26, 2012

an extravagant discourse.

Quickly hopping by to say--if you haven't already noticed--The Blog has a new name. A name that will hopefully last awhile (as I endure merciless teasing from a certain Flop I know). ;) Welcome one and all to:  

Thanks to my lovely mum for the idea--you know, naming a blog is just "one of those things"--it has to be unique, it has to reflect The Blogger, it must be different and easy to remember and 100% ME. Sorry to all who voted Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. Peter and Neverland are dear to my heart. . .but it sounded kidish, and well, Rhapsody in PINK is so. . .perfect. I've never had a blog title totally represent moi--I mean, The Last Rose of Summer and Like Pearls Slipping off a String were nice, but they didn't tell. Anything. Rhapsody in PINK says--" World, I am all girl. This is a girls domain." And hopefully from my posts phrases/words like "down-to-earth", "real", etc will follow. ;) Hey, anything's possible. {trust me, I come from an all-girl home, but we are anything but fluffy. (fine, half and half) The lawn-mower and I are good friends}. 


an epic poem.
a highly emotional utterance 
effusively rapturous 
extravagant discourse

You get the idea. PINK needs no explanation. 

Oh, and while I'm rambling--CHEO was incredible. Perhaps if your lucky I'll do a more in-depth post. ;) Eric and Leslie Ludy are such an inspiration to me--it was thrilling to meet Leslie, if only for a couple of seconds. She and Eric have the.most.beautiful relationship ever! Eric's love and dedication is obvious just in the way he looks at her--truly squiriferous. :sigh: Lets just say, our Ludy-collection has gone up several books. B)
Voddie, as expected, was EXCELLENT. He says it as it is--I really respect his candid, hard-line, "take it or leave it" approach to the Bible. Lets hear it for TRUE followers of  a loving AND just God! 

And because I'm feeling extra-generous, I'll leave you with an "awww" moment for day:

Note that I do not recommend all her vids (I've actually only seen one other), but come on, got to love it for her accent ALONE. B) "I dare you. . .no, I'm going to do better than that, I DOUBLE DARE YOU, just to try and slip these into every day conversation." Thanks to Ally for sending me this. It's starrify-ing. 


  1. Hi Michaela!

    Lucky! I've only read one of the Ludys' books, but I like them a lot already! So neat!

    I've heard a lot about Voddie Bauchum, too, and if I remember right, our children's pastor used a snippet of one of his messages at one of our meetings. I liked it.

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  2. Great name and great new header!

  3. And now I must sit back and wait to see how long this lasts...hehehehe. Just kidding. LOVE YA, girl.

    And so glad you enjoyed the vid! Did you see her one on dating Disney princes? Totally cracked me up. Love all those new words. Absolutely going to use them.

    By the way. Brilliant. Very common British word. Why don't we use it?! The more I am exposed to Brit-speak, the more fantastic words I find. I love the word brilliant. Must use it more. And always pair it with absolutely. As in absolutely brilliant.

    So. Your new title is absolutely brilliant. :)


  4. Oooh! The new name is perfect! It fits you very well.

    Oh, and just so you know, the name in my dashboard says your blog is stilled called "The Last Rose of Summer" You should go into your settings and change that.... :)

  5. I think the new name is fantastic! :)

  6. The new title is lovely, Michaela! It's very you. :)

    And oh my word, that video is hilarious!


  7. Perfection. Love your new blog name.

  8. I love your new blog name, Michaela! It fits you perfectly. ;) Distinct, passionate, and totally.... YOU. {I love your style of writing, by the way.}



  9. LOVE the new blog name! Love the Ludy's. And I love Carrie! So cool to find another blogger who loves her vids as well! :D


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