Thursday, June 21, 2012

another addition of Awkward and Awesome {#3}

i love how throughout the week tons of "awkward and awesome" moments pop into my head. . .then when it comes to actually posting i have no idea what to post. and i'm practically a living billboard of awkward! 



  • saying "hello, how are you?" to a cashier then answering "yes" to the responding inquiry--"great, and you?" don't blame me, i thought he said, "great. is it only you"? [shopping]

  • planning a week-long sewing-costume-spree at a friends house while your employers are on vacation. . .only to realize they aren't leaving until NEXT week. oops. guess we aren't going anywhere right now. {btw, i'm an extra in Beyond the Mask!} when one has multiple film-making friends one *will* be forced into things. ok, the ball scene was an incentive.  

  • getting asked on a date by a random Walmart clerk who's been "admiring" you for several months. AWKWARD. {got the feeling i should avoid shopping altogether? cashiers and i don't mix. or i may have just found my perfect excuse to avoid Walmart. hah.} sorry buddy, i don't date. :P

  • eating about three dozen crackers with cheese when {supposedly} on a diet. {more like upsetting then awkward}. i feel like a total wild thing {if you've read Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild you get the memo ;) }.

  • deciding that poll and all. . .i'm re-naming my blog. . .something quite different than "faith, trust, and pixie dust". my apologies, Peter--you and Neverland are in my heart. just not in my blog title.


  • listening to "Romantic Flight" from How To Train Your Dragon {which I haven't seen} over and over and over as i type. i could seriously listen to this all day.

  • tee-shirts and pearls. hot pink headscarves. really loving the carefree boho/maxi/beach look. i'm not at all "boho" in style, but it's fun to incorporate some of the more feminine pieces into my wardrobe. like headscarves and maxi skirts. which, btw, i've finally found a maxi that FITS. this is a miracle--because even chopping the bottom off most doesn't help. . .the hips fall in the wrong place. Target, i love you.

  • weekends away with mom and Anna {CHEO--Christian Home Educators of Ohio}. which means Eric and Leslie Ludy {CANNOT WAIT} and Voddie Baucham.

  • inspiration--the Dare to Wear Denim Challenge. i'm working on it now and am super thrilled to share it with you! keep watching this spot--lets show that denim {and skirts in general} does not = frump. dream in jean

  • one's 12 year old sister announcing she's Confederate--"because the other side supports bad government stuff". smart girl. and here's her undecided sister talking. ;) 

  • my new strawberry-cool mints with the little "not to share" tab on one end. {the end you naturally pass to mint-wanting folks}. so ingenious.


--hot-pink headscarf: Target 
--ruffly grey tee: Old Navy {$4.00 in children's}
--denim maxi: made by me
--pearl bracelets: Kohls  
--rose earrings: Icing {gift}
--pewter wedges {not shown} : Payless Shoes
--mint purse {not shown} : Target

what's awkward and awesome in your week?


  1. Awkward: technical difficulties while doing a presentation in class. oops.

    Awesome: Watching the BBC show Sherlock again. And now reading the original story- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes- and finding that the show really does follow the books (in odd ways, but whatever).

    Have a delightful weekend. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I used to do the same thing when I would do miscellany monday! haha...
    ooh, wow, that walmart guy...yikes.
    boho is awesome. I like to wear boho stuff - I mean, comfy *and* in style? does it really get better?
    you are gonna hear Eric and Leslie Ludy?? Lucky girl.
    I love those mints. <3

    xoxo, bree

  3. You should try "Test Drive" from the HTTYD soundtrack... It is my absolute favorite!!! I could listen to it all day!!! :D

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Test Drive is AWESOME. B) Totally agree.

  4. I just love Awkward & Awesome posts. They're all totally unique lol!

    Love both of those songs. There's a special place in my heart for movie's just so moving. Written to express such emotion!

    Yeah, *creeper cashier.* Wow, that actually happened to you. Sheesh!!!


    1. Yesss. . .I noticed certain songs on a certain playlist on a certain someones blog. ;) Really epic music--my sister and I have an obsession with soundtrack pieces right now, and How to Train Your dragon is our absolute favorite!

      And yeah, creepy about the Walmart guy. I feel sorry for him though, because he really was in earnest. . .he even wanted to know "how to do courtship". Poor guy. ;)

  5. Oh my! I love the story about the walmart guy. I understand the awkwardness! haha

  6. Your Walmart guy story was great!!!
    I love the hot pink scarf!!!

  7. Awkward: Trying not to offend Peoplez by nicely insulting their wobbits. (PULEEZE. Pointy ear midgets over TALL SKINNY SCOTS?! I still say the latter. And nothing will change my mind.)

    Finding out about the whole being extras thing via BLOG POST. Hellooooo, like, I thought we were CLOSE FRIENDS. :-P

    Awesome: The text debate we're having. And DT, naturally. And I can't help when you mention things with DT trivia. Such as the fact that he was in How to Train Your Dragon. Hehehe. You asked for it. :-P

  8. Haha, I always love your A&A posts, dear. :)

    The Walmart experience? Hmm . . . I always knew there was something about that store. :P

    Crackers and cheese can be so addicting sometimes, especially in large families, where it doesn't take much time for us to eat through a whole tube. But they're just *so* good . . . ;)

    I love headscarves and long, swishy maxi skirts. That headscarf you're wearing in the photos is particularly lovely — you always put together such adorable outfits. :) It that sense, it must be nice to have wavy/curly hair; I've tried that sort of "regency" up-do before, and it just isn't the same with straight hair. :/

    I'm terribly envious that y'all get to hear Eric and Leslie Ludy. Please do a post about it afterwards; I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts. :)

    I love the comment about your sister's decision to be Confederate. :D She does make a good point, though. ;)

    All right, I'd best be off . . . love you, girlie!

    Elizabeth Rose

  9. Oh, yes, and Confederates FTW. Your sister is muchly muchly smart. Brownie points for her!

  10. Hello Michaela!

    I guess I should introduce myself, seeing as how I haven't commented before. ;) I am a 20 year old, at home daughter, in the sunny South, and I happened on your blog from somewhere that I don't remember. ;)
    I always enjoy your blog posts, they are always beautiful. {I also share your disdain for Mr. Darcy. Shsh, don't tell anyone!}
    You and your family were in my prayers when you had to say goodbye to your little Nick. I had a email partly typed out to send you, when my family and I had to make an unexpected trip, and I forgot in the chaos. I am really sorry. I totally know how you feel. Our dog of 12 years passed away in Feb. after having two seizures, and they do leave a whole in your heart.
    Still praying for you, and hoping you find another little furry bundle to love in time.
    In Christ,

    1. Ok, I won't tell. ;)Darcy-haters unite! haha--nice to meet you, Olivia! Thanks so much for popping in. I so appreciate the thoughts regarding Nick. Blogger has been such a blessing to me during this time. <3 Hope to get to know you better!

  11. Since you're "undecided" on the Civil War, I can't resist chiming in with a couple of my own thoughts.

    1. The North seems to have the moral high ground on account of the slavery issue. Most apologists for the Confederacy will immediately dispute this, stating that the split was over state's rights, not slavery. Unfortunately for them, this claim can be easily disproven by examining the original Confederate documents (see below).
    2. Unfortunately for the entire country, the North's victory had a high cost: the dramatic expansion of federal power over individual states. We are still paying the price for this, thanks to the New Deal, Obamacare and a thousand other unconstitutional programs that have come out of Washington D.C. since the late 1800s. As a federalist, this really bothers me, even though I do think that it was probably "better" that the North won. Regardless, God was (and is) in control.

    Ultimately, I think that both sides should have worked harder to resolve their differences through political & diplomatic means. Any unnecessary loss of life is tragic, but it is particularly so when the casualty count is so high. The war was a very bloody business that was, perhaps, God's judgment on the nation for tolerating racist slavery for as long as it did.

    Quote from Christian conservative historian David Barton:
    "Numerous categories of official Confederate documents affirm that slavery was indeed the primary issue that drove the secession movement and was central to the rebellion; it is therefore blatant and unmitigated revisionism to assert – as do Confederate apologists – that 'one of the most important' of the 'truths of history' is 'that the War Between the States was not a rebellion nor was its underlying cause to sustain slavery.' "
    [Source: ]

  12. Hello! What a wonderful surprise it was to meet you lovely ladies at CHEO! Hopefully, our paths cross again soon - I know many here would welcome a visit to Indiana from your family any time! :)

    1. Kate! Such a pleasant surprise to hear from you! I had so much fun getting to chat with you (and realizing how many friends we have in common! ;) ) Really looking forward to getting to know you better. . .I have your email address in safe-keeping, just waiting to be used.--oh yeah, and we were just talking today about visiting Indiana. ;)

  13. o.O. Your new header is LOVELY!!! What program do you use, btw?

    1. Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to design. Now to work on a button . . .

      I use PicMonkey--it's free (for now) and very similar to Picnik, possibly better.

  14. Why are you on a diet?


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