Wednesday, June 20, 2012

celebrating The Bean. {Pinteresting Wednesday #2}

this is an emergency post (or, as David Tennant would say, "a-mair-gency". :P no, i'm not a fan of Doctor Who. that doesn't minimize the man's incredible accent). so, it's an "a-mair-gency" post--because i am behind my blogging schedule, still have several emails to reply too, and had this sitting in my drafts folder. voila.

the coffee bean

because they are meant to be together. they are practically married. you know, a couple weeks ago i found the most delectable cappuccino candle? talk about dying and going to coffee-heaven! anyone figured out i have an obsession yet? "poor michaela. . .she needs HELP." 

this is truly one of the cutest pins ever pinned to pinterest. just adore in every way possible. has to do with my favorite beverage, and is terribly hilarious and awesome. also, note that eSpresso is spelled correctly. that is of much importance. eXpresso is. . .not the same. nor is it proper. one would get strange stares if they happened to walk into a coffee shop in italy and asked for a shot of eXpresso. take it from a coffee snob.

which is why it's illegal in my home. cheap meaning starbucks. yes, i just said that--bravely. the beans are BURNT, ppls! purposely. and robusto beans are the lowest quality out there. what your tasting at starbucks is not strong coffee--it's burnt. truly "strong" coffee is rich, smooth, dark. ok, so it's possible to drink starbucks in flavored form. . .a mocha, for instance. burnt beans disguised with pounds of sugar and  chocolate. if you want to torture yourself that's your problem. :P 

dreamy sigh. 'nuff said.

see? understand the lesson and take it to heart. this pin gives me hope for humanity.

Coffee in London

coffee in London. . .would make life just about perfect. 

and i could continue with the pins. but i'll spare you--unless you're really curious and happen to check out my "frappelattechino" board. it's crammed with everything and all COFFEE related. a true addicts board. of course coming back and finishing up this draft for The Blog, i'm lamenting my coffee fast. it's just too tempting. . .all these pics of steamy, rich, beautiful coffee. but i shall live.

until the next cuppa joe,



  1. I think we should be friends girl! I LOVE COFFEE!!!!! And your pinterest board was so fun to look at! So many delish! <3<3<3

    Dani Marie

  2. YOU QUOTED MY DAVEY MOUSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So you know you made my night. Totally and completely.

    It took me like, five times readin over that line before I realized there WAS more to the post. And like, five times reading it to take in what it was saying. Hehehe.

    Yes, I love coffee. And I love a-mair-gencies. And I love Mousey.

    Man, you so totally made my night. I knew you were an awesome person.

    ~Flop, whose heart is going flip-flop right now. <3

    PS. Should it be disturbing that I got so hyped about that? And do I really care if it is?


  3. Mmmm... coffee in London DOES sounds like a good idea. ;)

  4. Ooo-la-la! I am the coffee adict in my family too:) But...what I drink is usually just the cheap grounds bought at Walmart *gulp*:P :) Anyhow its always morale-boosting to find another coffee-lover;)

  5. I preferred Coasta Coffee in London more than Starbucks. I would sit in Costa and write in my journal while having a French Vanilla Latte with a blueberry muffin. It was such a relaxing time. :-)


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