Wednesday, June 13, 2012

quickie post to update. and chat a bit.

This is stuck in my head:


"I'm malicious, mean and scary
My sneer could curdle dairy
And violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest
But despite my evil look
And my temper, and my hook
I've always yearned to be a concert pianist
Can'tcha see me on the stage performin' Mozart?
Tickling the ivories 'til they gleam?
Yep, I'd rather be called deadly
For my killer show-tune medley
Thank you!
'Cause way down deep inside
I've got a dream"

Lovely. :P The sun is shining, the trip is over, I'm absolutely positive I want a Goldendoodle, and even more, absolutely-positive-sure I must move down South. Tennessee, to be exact. Ate a juicy peach, got my nanny-kiddos down for a nap, feel like I have zillions of emails to answer, and excited that with my lack of Facebook, I actually think about my blog. All the time. I even have a blogging schedule. . .written out and waiting on my desk at home. Which means I don't have to scramble for post ideas. Score. 

The funeral was bittersweet--a tribute to a 16 month old little boy who touched the lives of thousands. I left feeling convicted, refreshed, and challenged by the message of hope--looking toward the future, and remembering that every moment is precious. Please pray for Avery's parents, friends and family.  

ATT readers in TN--this is one very jealous blogger. ;) It seems the older I get, the more shopping and observing I do, there is but one conclusion: Yankee's are RUDE. And I'm opposed to the sharing-your-backyard-with-the-entire-neighborhood idea. Don't remind me that this is how I've *always* lived. Country-Southern-girl wannabe? All the way.

... Just a man in boots and plaid. Ooooh yeah!

Down south you can breath. Folks are kind--genuinely kind, caring, quick with a smile or a wave. Ok, so maybe the effect is more dramatic to this very-much Northern gal. Then again, I'm not very-much Northern in lifestyle/principle/personality. Could be the Italian. ;) Whatever the case--I feel at home in the South. Like I belong there. . .have always belonged there, and by fate wound up in Ohio. :P Fine, fine, it's not all bad. I love my little small town with the cupcake shops and old-fashioned barber. But there aren't ACCENTS and men who like to shoot things and Smokey-mountains and. . .well, I guess we do have bluegrass music.

So the big question is: where should my family vacation?--TN or Virginia? Too hard to choose. TN I love with all my heart, but I was just there. Simple, laid-back, Dollywood/outdoorsy. VA is much more commercial. . .Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, and the ocean. Yeah, we can't decide either. o.O

.Ordinary pick-me-ups for an ordinary day.

  • something hot, drink-wise. Preferably coffee, or peppermint tea {the curse of TMJ and caffeine fasts.} 
  • Grooveshark Playlist. To enjoy a very cultured blend of Crossover, Broadway, Celtic, and soundtrack. {don't judge. :P } 
  • late night talks with ones 3 youngest sisters. About. . .we shan't say. Locked in the tower of sisterly secrets. 
  • The Andy Griffith Show. Or Little House on the Prairie. Or the Waltons. Or Road to Avonlea.
  • a garden to hoe in. {please tell me thrilling over watering and weeding is normal?}
  • shopping trips involving ones mom, new fabric, a possible free-phone, amusing bouillon conversations, {don't ask} and hummus samples. 
  • a 100 year old  piano that still plays. . .and sounds decent, considering it hasn't been tuned in ages.   
  • Adventures in Odyssey. . .for several hours each day {thanks to an addict-sister!}
  • long walks around the neighborhood. Especially when there are cats to pet.
  • double scoop ice cream cones {cookie dough and chocolate} for $1.25. Bliss.   

And that's about it, ya'll. Any little tid-bits you'd like to share? 


  1. Sounds scrumptious, cherie.

    And yes, the South is one of the most awesome places in the world. I grew up there, ya know. Moved there when I was eight and lived there ten years. Changed my life. :) Greatest place to spend a childhood. Siiiiigh, I'm feeling homesick now. :)

    TN or VA?! Hmmmmm. I love both desperately. I lived smack-dab in the middle, so I've driven through both so many times I couldn't count. :) VA can be very woodsy-countryish, depends on where you go. I have a friend who lives in the mountainy-part and it's just luscious. Siiiiiigh...I do miss the mountains. Don't miss curvy roads, but yeah.

    Totally off subject. But Davey Jones is an awesome villain. Very Phantomish. Must discuss in that Chat That Is Coming Soon. It is just wrong that you don't like him. :-P

    Love ya!!!!!! The things I will gush about........ <3

    1. What, you lived down south for 10 years? How come I didn't know that? Sheesh.

      Davey Jones. . .I have opinions on. Needs must wait until the Chat That Is Coming Soon. Note that I never said I didn't like him.

      Love ya more! <3

  2. I did so enjoy reading this post Michaela! You and I are so alike lol. Someday we'll have to meet each other in person! <3

    1. Aw, well I'm glad! I would love to meet you some day--blogging people are even better IRL. :)

  3. I found a self serve frozen yogurt shop here!!!! And it is in Old Town!!!!! Which is one of my favorite places in the world in the summer!!!!! :)

    1. Ooooh. . .join the club! ;) Are you going every day?--it's really a terrible invention, these self serve frozen yogurt shops. SO addicting. Hey, we need to talk one of these days. . .it's been like what, two months?

  4. I so agree about the south as well as that first quote;) I'm from out West and to tell the truth I've noticed a very noticable difference as far as "friendliness" and all that goes out here in the East (no offense ment to the East tho;) :)
    That is so sad about Avery...I'll definetly be praying for his family!
    Btw, were you in Nashville while you were down in TN???:)
    That tid-bit about the ice-cream is making me *SO* hungry...thankfully my birthday's only in like four days....;) :)
    Oh, and just one more thing, weeding/hoeing and watering can actually be least it was for me back home.:)

    1. No offense meant to the east. . .but it's true. ;) Ok, I've met several nice people--but your average Northerner is rude. . . .maybe I still have TN air in my lungs. lol

      Yes, please keep praying for Avery's family. We just found out that his father was taken to the hospital due to stress.

      . . .I was in Cookeville and Gainsboro--sorta-kinda in the Nashville area? Not sure. Middle TN and right over the KY border is as much as I know.

  5. I am very much biased against the Northeast-not that I have much experience with those people, but I need transparent people! Oh, and I don't think Virginia falls into true Southern personality ranges-even if it is THE Original South. However, I'd pick VA or TN-well, I have :P Part of my family and I are going to Williamsburg this summer.
    Adventures in Odyssey-I think my little sisters listen to those constantly-no joke.

    1. I totally agree--VA is not my idea of Southern. Still one of my favorite states though. :)

  6. Thank you I now have ths tune in my head.;)

    Yes,us northerners are rude.Sorry a plain fact.
    TN is nice, my dads family and my sister live down there,so for that reason I'ld rather go to TN. =)

    Oh,yes adventures in Odessy,jonathan Park, Kinghts of...something I can't spell...and a new personal favorite Lamplighter theater productions. :)

    1. LOVE Lamplighter. Have you been listening to the newest episode? I still get up on Saturday mornings to for kids radio. Love it. I could never get into Jonathan Park though. . .the the quality/story-line/acting just isn't there.

  7. Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you, Michaela. We could sing songs from "Tangled", "Les Miserables" and "The High Kings" to our hearts content as we strolled through small towns, licking ice cream cones (you can pet the cats... I'm allergic). :) Loverly thought. Thank you for this post. Now that I've finished the incredible task of uploading some wedding pics onto my blog, I'm hoping to do more "personal/random" (or maybe even something more spiritual and deep!) posts myself. :)

    Love in Christ,

    PS. Guys who wear boots, plaid, and love to shoot things are wonderful. That perfectly describes my husband... so I'm biased, of course. :P No accent, but he is from "our west" and all of his groomsmen were ranchers! I think a couple of the girls at my wedding were a tad "swoony". ;)

    1. Congratulations, Rachel! o.O How exciting is that? (I feel so bad that I didn't know you got married. Or maybe you haven't announced it on the blog??) I love the idea of strolling around town with you. Mmm. . .that would be so much fun. <3

      The Lord has really blessed you. CANNOT wait to see the wedding pictures! (love the "swoony" line, btw. ;) )


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