Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday {#1}

hello ladies and gents! welcome to the first-ever addition of Awkward and Awesome Thursday! (linking up here.) if you read my Titanic 100 post (yes, I know. . .terribly written. it's called 'writers block' in case you were wondering,) you may have noticed my little "schedule change." i've decided to add some formality--er, consistency to the rambles that is michaela's blog. so you can come back each week and say--"oh yeah, now this is supposed to happen," or "today is when. . ." that sort of deal. so. . .Pinteresting Wednesday's, Awkward and Awesome Thursdays' (alternated each week. decided not to do them EVERY week,) 'My Day' probably Saturdays. . .and regular posts in between, whenever i feel like it. are you with me? 

moi. . .and my mom. this is very normal, usual, brilliant. . .perfect when boredom strikes at the bluegrass jam. 
  • when an elderly gentleman asks you to dance with him. i'd love to, only the hillbilly-hoedown-stomp isn't my style. "oh, but the longer you wait, the more bashful you'll get about trying." yeah. can you just see me in the middle of the room, shuffling along to bluegrass music, in a church-building ?? o.O 
  • when you find yourself talking in the third person while nannying. "just wait until Mimi (aka yours truly,) puts on HER shoes. then SHE'LL take you outside." hey, this is the way 2 year old minds work and comprehend. only i'm not the 2 year old. at least not usually. 
  • when Mr. Bingley (aka the young mysterious single guy two doors down,) pulls into his driveway, and mom pulls into the neighbors. . .to "spy". and you look back to see said neighbors sitting in the road, unable to get into their own garage. oh, and Mr. Bingley saw us.
  • when you lose your shoes right before leaving work (nannying.) "Well. . .(frantically searching,) you can just let me know if you find them . . .then give them to me next week." we found them on a kitchen chair. 
  • when you go to put a jar of pickles in the fridge, and the lid comes off = pickle juice everywhere. sticky, yellow-green, in the drawers and trickling over the floor. this is when a serious amount of patience ("ugh, i can't believe this happened!! it's going to take FOREVER to clean!") and white vinegar come in handy.
  • when your puppies fur is full of mats. . .because he needs professional grooming. and he won't sit still to get them picked out. . .i mean, who would actually *like* that? :nervous laugh: maybe i should try brushing him more often. 
see, this is the  culturally "accepted" normal. . .but truly normal people do NOT look like this. ^^
  • taking self-portraits with my mom. . .on her iphone. . .in the middle of a bluegrass jam seassion.
  • the santa claus man in his straw hat and long white beard screeching out "let the circle, be unbroken!'
  • singing (and acting. . .shh, no one's supposed to know,) les miserables loudly upstairs. . .while cleaning . or fixing my hair. or just because. "24601!"
  • discovering that as much as i'll never "get" Dr. Who (not that i've watched an episode, but the general idea is there,) David Tennant has the most awesome scottish accent EVER. {it's all your fault, Flop!}
  • an incredibly good, new recipe for cookies. from pinterest. best recipe-source in the world. these chocolaty little guys are actually flipped during baking. . .so they turn out slightly browned and crispy and chewy and scrumptious. 
  • being off facebook. you know, i don't even think about it?--funny, i can actually "think" now--really think. about important things, like learning more about my Savior. and spending less time on the computer. goodbye politics and drama! i'm a free woman now. B)
  • when the twins i nanny are excited about the honey i bring for coffee. . .because Pooh eats honey. and so does Mimi. which makes me special.

and now, ladies and gents, that concludes the first addition of Awkward and Awesome Thursday. Keep, or no keep?--loving that this series "allows" rambling. absolute perfection. oh, and while we're talking, don't forget about the giveaway LPSoaS is hosting, May 14th-24th. really excited about it--this is the first "big" giveaway i've done. keep a lookout! 


  1. I think I all ready scored 100% on I think I need to work on awesome. ;)lol

    Oh, a giveaway. I can't wait.
    and I'll be looking foreward to your other awkward & awesome posts.

    Have a goodnight!

  2. Michaela, I love your random. :) The awkward is hilarious, and the awesome is...well...awesome. :D


  3. hahaha! Very enjoyable post...#3 is hilarious :)

  4. LOVE THIS. Keep on pain of death.

    And David Tennant...hehehe. You're welcome. I mean, seriously! Imagine if you never knew him, you'd have lived your whole life through empty as the sky...never knowing why...

    Heheeeeeeee. This has been waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun. And I've had a Scottish accent going through my head all day. And smiles and awesome hair...sheeeesh. :-P

  5. I love this post!!!!! :)

    I sooo love David Tennant's accent too!!!! I watched a production of Much Ado About Nothing with him and Catherine Tate (one of his companions on Dr Who) and I was just drooling over all his speeches!!! :)

  6. Loved reading your 'awkward' and 'awesome' post!!!

  7. Squeeee, yes Flip - look up the clips of him and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. You must. It is an a-mair-gency. :-P

    Is it wrong that I commented again on a post from two weeks ago? Teeeeeheee. How can I resist?


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