Saturday, May 5, 2012

what i'm wearin' // victorian-boho

pistachio/chocolate frozen yogurt topped with dark chocolate shavings, red raspberries, walnuts, and toasted almonds. it was that sort of day. {twice a week ;) } finally got a picture of my lemonberry--been meaning to post a pic for some time now. just one of those things you never really get to. but today my mom and i had a few errands, it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon on our town square, i'm in need of an outfit post. . .and the camera was around. voila!

meet my hippie skirt. one of those pieces i've fallen in love with, even though it isn't my typical style. picked it up at my favorite consignment shop because it was long. . .i adore super long skirts. somehow they make me look taller. also trying to incorporate colors other than purple, brown, black, pink, pink, and pink, into my wardrobe. plus it has this awesome shape that makes it drapey and longer on one side, just showing the tips of my toes. i feel extra feminine and a little bit wild in it--out of my comfort zone. confidence in one's wardrobe is so important, and in recent years i've really discovered my sense of style. very classy and girly--and now i have the opportunity to buy clothing i truly love. it's an adventure. 

really having a blast with PicMonkey lately. it's even better then Picnik, and free (at least for now.)
this is one of those foul-proof outfits that just *goes* together. the purple top was a natural. i tried it for the first time when my friends visited, trading a brown top for this one. borrowed earrings (thanks Anna!) that are usually hard to style fit perfectly, and just today i combined the flower hair clips. mustard is my current favorite color trend, so this purse gets a lot of use. the neutral color works with almost anything.  

living in a small town is chic in a sophisticated, laid back mom and pop sort of way. the restored victorian buildings, the white-haired barber sitting in his chair monday mornings, waiting for costumers. the cupcake and frozen yogurt shops. {obsession.} where folks know you by sight and where the band still plays. . .after 150 years. there is country in my soul, but if i left i'd miss this little bit of "mayberry" goodness. 

finally learned to make a perfectly-round "doughnut" bun! ;) so nice getting my string-bean hair out of the way. (it's coming along, btw, for those of you who've been following my progress.) they are so easy to decorate--i'm loving the hair accessory sales at FR21. . .picked up a couple of really cute headbands.

yes, there IS yogurt somewhere in there. don't judge. :P 


dusky-purple top: Kohls
"boho" style skirt: consignment shop {$12!}
earrings: {borrowed} Etsy {free!}
flower clips: Charming Charlie & Target (?)
gold flats with flowers: Target
purse: Kohls {$11!} 


  1. Love your outfit! The skirt looks gorgeous on you. :)

    The toppings on your yogurt look so good right now. :9 YUM!

  2. Adorable outfit, dear; that skirt flatters you so well! I love really long, swirly skirts too — they make me feel so ladylike and feminine. And then there's the added plus of them being so cool and comfortable now that we are getting into the hotter months of the year. :)

    Mmmm, every time I visit your blog, I grow more and more assured of the various virtues of Lemonberry. *sigh* We have something similar where I live called Sweet Ceces — frozen yogurt (though sometimes I wonder how much healthier than ice cream it could be, since it tastes just as amazing) with all the toppings you can imagine. It's not exactly wallet-friendly (or figure-friendly, for that matter :P), but it is amazingly delicious.

    Love & Blessings,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Beautiful! I adore your skirt! And the flowers in your hair are very cute! :)

  4. I love your skirt! So unique and feminine. :)

    Mmm, I have to go to Lemonberry. Can you believe I've never been there before? I should change that...


  5. Ok, I LOVE that purple top with the skirt... I think it makes you look waaay older... Prob because it is a little more *ahem* form fitting than what you normally wear... Jus sayin... ;) :P

  6. Yayyyy for boho and hippie :) I have 70s parents, so some of that craziness is in my blood, and without realizing it I tend to grativate towards the more...interesting styles out there :P All within reason, *of course* :)

    We don't have Lemonberry near us :( *pouts* Guess that means we'll have to come visit. *resigned sigh* :P

  7. Lovely, darling, simply lovely! You look gorgeous! Oh, and I think I used to have that skirt! Don't you just love it?
    I am actually kinda jealous that you have a frozen yogurt place so close to home. We have to drive to get to ours.
    Anyway, beautiful outfit, delicious looking yogurt, and wonderful pictures! :)

  8. Hi, Michaela! I just found your blog, and I love it! I am now following. =)

    That outfit is so, so fabulous, by the way. =)

    I blog over at Dirt and Dickens if you want to drop by and visit! =)

    (p.s. i am a monstrously huge les miz fan as well!!)

  9. Hi, again! I just saw your delightful comments on my blog. =) I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, too!! =)

    However, I don't use my Blogger blog anymore. I've switched to Wordpress. So when you come visit, could you come here...

    Thanks! And even though you have a blogger account, you can still comment on my Wordpress blog. And if you want to follow, I have an email follow button on my sidebar, or you can go to your dashboard, click on "add" under your reading list, and put my Wordpress blog URL in the box that comes up. Then my posts will be delivered straight to your dashboard like any other blog! =)

    Cheers! =)

  10. Thank you, ladies!

    Wait, you had this very same skirt, Lindsey? Good taste, girl. ;) Wouldn't it be hilarious if it was yours? :P

    Be jealous of the frozen yogurt. Or travel--no matter how far--to find one in your area. Seriously. . .I don't know about you all, but I think I like frozen yogurt better than ice cream. o.O Is that blasphemous?

    You should totally come visit, Joe March. That would be SO much fun.

  11. . . .*ahem* and Tory? Only YOU couldn't get away with saying that. :P

  12. I "couldn't" or I "could"??? Cuz, I think I just did get away with it... :P


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