Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my day. {#1}

it was a day of learning. but aren't they all that way? i woke up in a grouchy mood, still coming down from a disagreement two evenings ago. it was a day of country goodness. deep in the heart of amish country--serene, rolling, filled with barnyard smells, open space, and farmers preparing their fields. it was a day of surrender. when i realized my bad mood was only making ME miserable. that deep down i wanted to be happy. it was a day of change. bad mood turned to good. able at last to enjoy the emotion of an all-girl household. crammed into one van. you should try it sometime. ;) it was a day of red sun dresses, yogurt-covered pretzels, and peach scented candles. then. it was a day of learningagain. a less-than-friendly encounter with a total stranger. . .it hurt. to the point of tears. it was a day of renewal. on the way home i heard a radio show that seemed meant for me. and i realized something very important. i realized how easily the devil deceives me. how often i listen to his lies, his promise of failure--"don't pray. don't Read. you aren't worth anything." but that is just part of the Christian Walk. some days lessons like these hit harder then others. today was that sort of day. then i remembered the tiny miracle of two days ago, when i was cutting the grass. so small, so big to me. the tank was on empty--literally, the mower should have died. but i prayed--not a simple, quick, thrown up prayer--a challenge, begging. it was a test of faith. my faith. and the grass was cut. all of it. Christ's answer--two days ago--"YES pray. YES Read. you are worth EVERYTHING to Me." later today i took my puppy for a walk around the yard. lilacs ARE spring, btw. i snitched them from the neighbors bush. they're in a vase on the windowsill now. and you know what? i'm completely happy and content--God is my Rock and my Fortress.

my day.


  1. Beautiful. I sure can relate...

  2. Wonderful post.
    Sorry you had a rough day,I hate those days.

    I heard a saying I thought was kinda neat that you might like.

    "Be the kind of girl that in the morning when your feet it the floor the devil goes, Oh,snap shes up."

    It doesn't exactly go totally with your post,but since you like random. :)

    p.s. you all should come to the Curriculum fair this year,it would be great to see all of you again. :)

  3. Lovely post, dearie! :) Love you...

  4. I've been having some rough days myself lately. Well, thanks for the encouragement!

  5. You are a beautiful woman, Michaela!! I can totally relate! Hang in there!
    Keep praying and building your faith, lady!


  6. It's the "little" things that hit home the hardest and it's the little things that make us forget God's goodness. I am a prime example of this and then He takes care of me anyway. We serve a good God-a simple concept but one we need to remember. Hang in there.


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