Sunday, April 29, 2012

wanna sponsor LPSoaS?

This blog is in great need of a giveaway. And YOU need to advertise your Etsy shop or business. Why don't you contact me at pnogirl [at] gmail [dot] com to sponsor an item? I'm also open to product reviews (primarily involving modest fashion.) 

- Giveaways run for a week.
- I will introduce your blog and/or shop, share some highlights, and talk about the details of the giveaway
- I will contact the winner and pass along their address to you. 
- You are responsible for shipping the item to the winner.

Interested? If so, e-mail me the following information:
- A link to your blog and/or shop
- A little bit about your self
- A picture of the item(s) you're giving away and a brief description

(thanks to Ashley for the above description!)

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