Sunday, April 29, 2012

and now a word from thine hostess. . .{fixed!}

{With videos that can actually be viewed! Sorry about that, I didn't realize making them private meant they were un-viewable! o.O}

At last, the promised vlog! {or two. ;) } Ugh the terrors of cheap point-and-shoot cameras. But hey, it's home. Yeah, like I {briefly} mentioned, I um, kinda left it in Texas. At a strangers house. Thankfully they were gracious enough to send it back. *ahem* Anyhow. Bluegrass was excellent tonight. There were cookies. {and good music, go figure. The cookies were right up there in amazingness.} Then I came home, watched part of a Waltons episode, {John-boy!} and finished the movie Marty. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it. Which you probably haven't. It's not very well known. Just one of those black and white, cozy evening, happy sort of films. I know somewhere in there I meant to say an important thing--it's midnight, my brain is malfunctioning. . .I'll remember tomorrow. But be proud of me. The VLOG is made! 'night, ppls! 


  1. I love watching your vlogs, Michaela — you are always so sweet and just adorable in the way you describe things. :) And I can completely understand the bit about rambling; I try to keep it to a minimum when I'm on my blog (hurray for editing! :D), but if you knew me in person, you would know that I can go down so many bunny trails that I never even get to what I meant to say in the first place. :P Sooo, to put it bluntly, conversations with me can be interesting things. Maybe we should both get together some time and just ramble to our hearts' content — now *that* would be fun. :D

    I agree with your friend in that you do random well. I don't normally like when other bloggers talk on and on about all manner of topics, none of them relating, but there is more organization to your method of rambling. Besides, your posts are always about all sorts of delightful little things, so how could that not be fun to read? ;) I'm looking forward to the new name and design . . . is this the new look that Bree was planning on making for you?

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. That's funny about the camera! lol.
    I love the Waltons! Which one did you watch?

  3. dearie, i heartily approve. must do more often. also love your randomness...that's what i love about vous. :-P so don't stop that!

    anyhooz. now i'm inspired to do one, too. hurrah. now we shall see if that ever happens...hehe. hehe.

  4. Vlog, you're braver than I am, girl. A friend and I made a video for our friend who lives in S. Korea and we felt like idiots. She loved it, but I hated hearing myself talk. :-) I really enjoyed yours though. :-)

  5. Ah,yes Michaela you do,do random well.
    I've attempted a vlog once,but tit didn't turn out to well,and I haven't had time to redo it yet. But I'm going to have to soon.

    Oh,bluegrass is so much fun! Their is this amazing family called The Wissmanns they had like 13 kids and all of them are exteremly talented with singing and each of them play an instrument VERY well,anyway they travel around singing you should check them out,its gospel bluegrass,so its awesome. Another family is the Bontragers,my friend whos in this family is really good at the fiddlin'. :)

    You a tomboy,I used be a tomboy and I have always hated chickens,but love canning,but after I started embracing being a lady I still am the same way about those things. What that lady said sounds more like she was discribing a country girl. Which I am whole heartedly. :)

    Okay,long comment,so I'm ending it.

  6. I love you, Michaela! You are so cute. I love watching the vlogs. Ashley and I need to visit. When we come we will go to Lemonberry. We will also listen to THK. We will also drink coffee. And take pictures together! Sound alright? :)

    About talking with your arms, I really didn't notice because my mom does that. I'm not sure if I do or not.

    Your bear is so cute!

    much love,

  7. I loved watching this, Michaela! You are so funny - and you remind me a lot of myself. I talk with my hands all the times, without even noticing it, until somebody will say something along the lines of "do you ever sit still?". And then I'll be conscious of every little movement the rest of the day. :P

    Oh, I love forver 21! Though there are several immodest things there, I have found a lot of cute stuff as well. And, the jewelry is really cute. :)


  8. the Bear and Mickey :) Your vlogs are so cute...wish I was that photogenic. *grin*

    And I have to say I love John-Boy, I confess that I watch the series pretty only to watch him :) My sweet boy...*sigh*


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