Thursday, February 2, 2012

string beans and fluffy socks // peek into my day

right now. i am listening to my parakeet 'cello' singing his little heart out. he is such an inspiration with his happy little blue self. right now. i am adoring fluffy purple socks, {they make life just that much better} my favorite looonnng jean skirt, and in-the-house-hoodies. something about long skirts makes one feel--if not look--taller. funny. a cashier recently complimented me on my outfit; it was nothing fancy, but she asked, "do you always dress like that?" pretty much. except for nanny days and days like today--when comfort reigns.

This is cute..
{note that this is NOT my sweatshirt. only in my dreams. ;)}

right now. i am still. it was a rough morning--my mood was swinging a mile a minute. no milk means i'm a day behind mom on our new protein shake "diet'. why do i let these sorts of things bother me? a christian radio show stopped me; made me think. and i am counting my blessings. even the littlest ones, like silly emails and c.s. lewis quotes. or this truthful little tidbit:


right now. i am kinda-very obsessed with 'courageous.' haven't mentioned i adore that movie, have i? it's blessed me in more ways then i can count. right now. i am experimenting with hair products. expensive ones. sorry it's come up so much lately, but my hair looks like string beans. thus i can justify spending tons of money  fluffing it and spraying it and taking fish oil capsules constantly. not because i'm vain. ok, maybe i am, just a little. but this is my hair! no one wants string beans hanging from ones head. case closed.

right now. i
am thinking. about how much i want to buy almost every single dress in Shabby Apples new Mad Hatter collection. longer, of course. mmm. . .the airy whimsy is so delicious

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Alice, I'm late, I'm Late!, and Teatime {Mad Hatter Collection}

right now. i am me. a puppy training, piano playing, coffee drinking, part-time nannying, average girl. lets go to a hobbit party. and listen to this every day. and eat a cupcake. {forget protein drinks} and be vain--hair is important. right now.


  1. i wannnntt that mustache sweatshirt!!! :P and i love that stressed one (;

  2. oh, yes! I want your sweatshirt.. seriously! :) bahaha, string beans! that is way to awesome. actually my hair never looks like string-beans, it always looks like a huge pile of frizzy 'something'. :P oh,well.. I guess I'm stuck, actually I love my hair.. and that first dress is gorgeous!
    (and yes I am the gal from pintrest! :)

  3. Have you tried a more natural shampoo on your hair? I've had greasy hair problems for a long time, and after trying many different shampoos I've been loving Yes To Carrots shampoo and it seems to work very well. I also really loved a homemade shampoo I was using (one part liquid castile soap, three parts water, and a teaspoon of jojoba oil) and my hair felt great. Just know that when changing shampoos (especially to natural ones) it can take several weeks (for me it was about a month) for your hair to completely adjust and become less greasy.

  4. As soon as I read new dresses from Shabby Apple, I instantly pulled up a new tab and went to look for myself... OMG!!!! Fabulous!!!!! I like the Frabjous Day one... :)

  5. lol,I love your parakeets name. A 'Cello' has the most soothing deep sound....I hope your bird is living up to it... ;)

    Oh,I wish I had a Shabby Apple closet all in 'my size'....

  6. I do so love your posts! They are always so elegant with lovely pictures and words.
    I have had kind of, sort of hair problems although right now it is not string beany-I am still not entirely satisfied with my routine or products.
    On a fun note I have been trying different hairstyles. Today I have a small side braid bound into a full side bun.

  7. Flip,

    Think positive. String-bean hair can be fashionable if you look at it the right way. Like cornrows.



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