Thursday, February 9, 2012


*correction!* 'words' ends Feb. 22nd, not 23rd. 

So excited to announce a couple things--first of all, Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. :falls over: Yeah, a little excited, especially since the Lord orchestrated this whole thing so abruptly, so perfectly! My sister and I had been wanting to go for a couple of months now. . .but due to finances--you know, it just wasn't going to work. Now. . .a week long road trip with friends means (1. no plane tickets (2. it's actually affordable! He truly works in mysterious ways. I can hardly wait to {hopefully} meet some "famous" Christian film people (did someone say Courageous?) (!!) And it's amazing how many of my friends are going. Looking forward to adding some blogger ppls to the "in person" list. :)

Which brings about my other announcement: while I'm away, a special, first-time-on-this-blog guest posting event will take place. 'words'--articles written on a variety of topics by young men and woman with a passion for Christ! It's an honor to share their thoughts, insight, humor, and every day life with you. Grab the button and watch this spot February 16-22nd. Cup of coffee required for ultimate enjoyment.


oh. . .and tomorrow's my 21st birthday.


  1. Rather jealous. :/ Maybe someday I'll make it to the film festival. :) Hope you enjoy it!

    Looking forwards to the guest bloggers, it sounds great.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Really trying not to be envious of you, dear -- but isn't it amazing how He works sometimes?! Wow. What a blessing to be able to witness.

    I'm looking forward to the guest posts; I'm sure they'll be splendid. :) And happy (early) 21st birthday!

    ~Elizabeth Rose

    p.s. I replied to your comment on my blog. :)

  3. Oh,I wish I could hide in your suitcase.

    Happy Birthday Micheala.....

  4. Lucky, girl, you. :) I would love to meet you in person as well - you seem so sweet.

    Happy Birthday, dear! *sings 'Happy Birthday' in horrible loudy screeching, because her voice only, repeat only sounds good in the shower*


  5. Happy Birthday!
    Are you going to the film academy as well? My friend and two of her sisters are going to that, and then my dad and brother are going to the festival. :) I got to go last year with our friends, which was really fun! I hope you have a great time. :)

  6. Lovely wlog with lovely you!! We really enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pics you shares! Aaaand, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D Wish you every happiness sweetpie!

    We'd love to read more, so, following for sure!! ;) Oh and FYI, we have a Val's Day special DIY tutorial on our new blogpost. We hope you could drop by if you have time! ;) HAPPY VAL'S DAY gorgeous!!

    MLU the blog.


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