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"So. Is there ANYONE on facebook NOT hyped about Courageous? (giving everyone a hard time, like the good contrary person I am. :P ) Yes. This is for you {insert name of friend.} And all my other Courageous-crazy friends. Which is my entire friends list. I think. :runs:"  {my facebook status, Oct.}

It started with a random act of facebook-fan-page-liking--the new Sherwood picture, 2011. Ok, nice. I like Sherwood, but really, their movies are so predictable. Dis-functional family; yelling and shouting; disgruntled parents; ignored kids; a series of life-changing events and in the end? = happy home. Predictable. And I wasn't interested. Especially when the random fan-page liking turned into "ohhh, Courageous is FINALLY in the theaters! You just have to see it. I mean, this is supporting Christian film-making!--if you don't see it you aren't fulfilling you're Christian duty, blah blah blah." Very unappetizing. As a pro-contrary-against-the-grain kinda gal, I was so NOT seeing this film. Honestly, it's just a movie! There was no way it could effect my Walk or change my life. (still feel that way. You don't *have* to see Courageous to be a Christian. ;) ) So I went on my happy way. Until I saw a clip that was, well, funny. . .and put together nicely. Professional, even. Then I decided to pop in our copy of Facing the Giants (around the recent time I began liking football. Very radical reformation here, folks!) Made a lot more sense, now knowing something about the game--and I have to admit, I've always loved Flywheel {bad acting and all.} Sherwood was worming it's way back into my heart.

I went and bought Courageous{miracles still happen. . .this and football combined? I'm starting to see a trend. Maybe I'll love P&P next. NOT!} Two nights ago I watched it. . .my heart is still full. It isn't overrated. It wasn't an overreaction. Courageous seriously is one of the best movies I've ever seen--the simplistic realness, the true life plot, the beautiful blending of family, God, tragedy, triumph. Others have said it--and it's true: I can't remember the last time I've cried that much through a movie. Funny, very emotional, well made, a huge step up on the acting. . .the movie is impressive--it touched my heart and left my mind whirling. It's been the latest topic since Thursday. . .and I plan on showing to my mom tonight. :)

"Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God...and to their children? Courageous...honor begins at home." 

This is the story of men defending and upholding the law to the best of their ability--but when it comes to personal life at home, they are just every day, mediocre dads--not tyrants, not unloving, just getting by, functioning at the bare minimum of responsibility. It takes the heartrending lose of a child {keep the kleenx handy,} rather than life-risking police work to make these fathers truly "courageous." 


It was refreshing to see a Sherwood film focused more generally, ie the average family. There is a bit of something to touch everyone. The message is clear: children without an influential father figure often fall into crime, hatred, sex, suicide, etc. As I watched each scene elapse I thought of my own dad, sitting mere inches away from me, choked up, laughing, fighting back the tears; he's already "signed" the "resolution." Years before Courageous was even thought of. My dad has always been there for me--not simply a shadow creeping home each night, sitting in front of the TV, answering questions,--"there" but not really involved. The Lord has blessed me with a father who has reared me on the Bible--who loves me; is the center of all I do.


That's why {:spoiler alert!:} I sobbed when Nate took his daughter Jade out for dinner. He laid down the rules, asked for her promise, told her he would protect her no matter what--that he treasured her. She agreed: her heart was her daddy's. And then. . .Nate pulled from inside his jacket--a ring. Then I lost it. Because that's exactly what my daddy did for me on my 13th birthday. We went out for a "fancy" dinner at the Olive Garden. . .just me and dad. I remember it all like yesterday, and the bond I formed with my father is one I will never forget. He gave me a ring--a beautiful golden "promise," or purity ring, to seal the commitment that I would trust he and mom with my heart--that I would preserve it for the man that will someday be my husband. Then, and only then, will dad leave me in someone else's care. It was all there--it was in Courageous. o.O In a movie seen in theaters all over the country. Majorly amazing. 


Ok, so to wind up my "review." It's awesome seeing Independent Christian film-makers proving to the world that yes, movies can be action packed without gore, "language," immorality or other "content." Courageous is PG13, but only because of the intense drama. . .my heart was pounding. Can't have a police movie without a shootout, right? ;) Also loved the surprising twist in the plot line {who would have guessed Shane--ok, ok, I'll stop!} And Javie. . .he was fantastic. His wife could have taken a few acting lessons, but really, I can't complain too much as far as the acting goes. TJ was incredible, and I really, really liked Nate. David's interaction with his little girl just melted my heart. . .and Adam's flashbacks of Emily. :sniff: 

I give it 10 out of 5 stars. Take it from Miss pro-contrary herself. You pretty much need to see Courageous. 


  1. indeed! i gushed and gushed over this movie.

  2. *nasty giggle*


    I will refrain from quoting a certain email I got from a certain someone about how she was so not going to see this...



    Can't wait to see it myself. :-) Love ya!

  3. I loved this movie,yes somewhat predicitable,but still neat!

  4. Does anyone know the title and who sings the song that Emily dances too??

  5. One of my new favorites!! :) Love it...

  6. I agree with it's predictability... at least with the "family" side of the story (minus what happens to Emily). But the "policeman" side of the story had a lot of twists and turns that I did not expect. It's not my favorite (Fireproof is) because of little things here and there. I didn't like the ending, and it seemed a little too preachy in parts. Personally I wouldn't have had the ending scene, and picked a different thing to do for the end. But that's just my opinion. :)

  7. I can be quite critical of Christian films, but this one left me breathless. It truly is a pretty-much-must-see.

    Great review! So glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

    God bless!

  8. I'll check out your post, Marcia! Thanks!

    :nervous laugh: Um...Flop? That wasn't me. Just put it in your little mind--it wasn't me. :P

    But that's just the thing, Stephanie, Courageous WASN'T predictable like the other Sherwood movies. I thought it was excellent allll the way. It has touched me in more ways than I can express. Really and truly.

  9. Ooooh, you make me so happy, especially since Courageous is sitting on the shelf waiting for me to watch it. :)

  10. Watch it this evening. Trust me. You will be BLESSED. :)

  11. Hey, Mich, I tagged you in a post on my blog!!! :)


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