Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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its time to move on
As much as I enjoyed the discussion on my dancing post , I won't be publishing anymore comments. Nothing personal against anyone, but I'm worried that if I continue replying, I will keep contradicting myself and just make a bigger mess out of things. ;) Sooo . . .thank you all for your input. The subject is now closed, and TLRoS is no longer a depressing blog . . . at least currently. hehe 

andré rieu is my newest favorite musician
Right now my ear buds are in, and as I type I'm listening to the gorgeous strains of violin. As much as I love the piano, the violin has to be the worlds most beautiful instrument. And coming from a such a master! - the Godfather theme, Romeo and Juliet, My Heart Will Go On . . . <---click! (no, I do not in any way endorse the movies these songs come from!) but ohhh. Such beautiful music. It just reaches down into the depths of my (rather dramatic) soul and makes me want to cry. My Groovshark playlist has grown, to say the least. ;)

Any of you recognize the gal between Anna (L) and me (R)? we had the honor of meeting the gorgeous Kami while in OR. She is such a blessing and sweetheart.   you, Kami! 

i'm in love with my piano - go figure
This week has pretty much been allll about music. New, exciting music (for me.) Can I mention enough that my most precious treasure, my deepest passion, is my piano? Though I need a new, *working* one VERY badly. (Which you also know. :P ) Anna has been complaining a lot . . .she says I play too much. Too much? Is there such thing? Of course after I get a song down pact she likes me again. j/k Right now I am desperately in love with THIS song, though my arrangement is a bit different, and The Secret Life of Daydreams, from the 2005 P&P soundtrack.  You can say I was just a *little* excited to find the sheet music at the library. . .I think I need to pay another visit to the music store.

mr. bingley moved in the house two doors down
Yep. Five girls. A new neighbor. And who might it be? A SINGLE young man. . .its hilarious. And of course we are all having so much fun . . .teasing each other, being goofy-sisterly-sisters that we are. Right now we're trying to figure out a way to get dad to take him some of our homemade chocolate ice cream.  :P :P

i left part of my heart at the oregon coast
So wild, rugged, awe inspiring. All and everything I imagined my beloved ocean to be. I've always had a fascination with endless, open sea. . .but have never seen anything beyond Lake Erie and Ontario. So it was incredible to dig my toes into the warm sand, smell the salt-infused air, explore the tide pools, climb the rocks, and run yelling down the beach, the wind blowing through my hair. For a moment I forgot anyone was watching. It was just me, the vast, misty-grey Pacific, and its mighty Creator.

the Lord is GOOD
My life has been a whirlwind of constant activity, a phenomenon that only a couple of years ago seemed unattainable. I watched as people I knew saw things, DID things, were surrounded by commotion and fellowship. Me? I was just the untalented, insecure girl who stared out the window, wishing there was SOMETHING I could do. As a woman my job is in the home. But what about social activities? Purpose? He was making me wait. . .He knew the bigger, perfect picture. One thing I've always struggled with in my walk is trust. Oh, I have no problem trusting Michaela - its part of the sinful human nature. Even now, when I see so many things changed in my life, I have to constantly remember that my Lord Jesus is in control. Help me Lord to trust in You, to become the woman of God that I strive to be! Thank you for putting up with my nonsensical ways . . .and most importantly, for faithful parents to lead me along Your Path.

 no matter how hard i try. . .i *always* ramble
But hey, I can't help it. I LOVE to talk. . .and it comes out in my blog posts. Is this a bad thing? ;) Nah!

a current few of my favorite things
Random, spur of the moment tea parties with my sisters.
lacy-pink dresses.
chilled hot chocolate.
zero humidity.
watching an ocean of rippling clouds from an airplane window.
finding treasures at hole-in-the-wall vintage shops. 
breathing life into a much worked on piano piece. 
talking - and singing, though I'm not at all good. 
peonies. . . because they are so much more beautiful then roses.
mini butter and jelly sandwiches. 
creating new, dramatic plots in the life of Renè Boudreaux. . .

We were sooo tired. Which is why I look all haggard-out. . .a first-ever flight and major jet lag will do that to someone. :P Anyhow. In the above R pic we were talking about hair. . .you know, girl conversation . . . and THAT was the result. ;) 

i'm thinking of changing my blog name  
What think ye? Anna is constantly changing hers . . . and while I'm rather attached to The Last Rose of Summer, maybe it sounds depressing? I'm sure you've noticed my new header. ;) TLRoS isn't quite fitting anymore. How about something  The Shamrock and the Rose to keep with the Celtic-ish feel?

  Again, note that I do not in any way endorse the movies I mentioned above. o.O In fact, my family very rarely watches movies. . .and when we do, they are NEVER *those* kind. Also, the whole Mr. Bingley thing is all in good fun. ;) You have to admit, the coincidence is pretty amusing. . .


  1. Oh my word... We all cracked up at your "Mr. Bingley" section... That is so what we would do too!!! LOL!!! :D

  2. Oh, that is just delightful! You have your own Mr. Bingly...now just which one of you is going to get him? ;)

    Honestly, I like the name you have! It's sweet, endearing, and elegant -- just like you! <3

    OH! And here's a movie tidbit that you might be interested in. If you want to watch movies without the content that and your family find objectionable, see if you can find a CleanFLik or something else similar in your area. They take certain movies and remove anything objectionable (sexual content, swearing, even the really icky violence in some cases).

  3. lol,great post!

    Aaron (my brother) said that the photos of you girls under the flowery tree has a magical,fairytale look....lol,yes that came from my brother who rarely says something like that,but I quite agree!!!

    Great photos,looks like your life has been the fun crazy life! :)

    That is a good blog name,but whatever you like cause it's your blog! ;)

    I might change mine when we move,but like you I'm quite attached to it.

  4. Yeah! I can comment again!
    That's so funny about your Mr. Bingley. Our only single guy neighbor is VERY scary, sad day!
    I love the Oregon coast, it's much better the the CA coast even though the water is colder!
    I like the new blog name, I say go for it!

  5. Does that 'Mr. Bingley have two sisters and a friend with him.' Umm, that would be waaaaaaay too much for a coincidence.
    I like 'The Last Rose of Summer' as a blog name, but you're true it doesn't fit with the header. Then again, neither does 'The Shamrock and the Rose'.
    Miss Georgiana

  6. I've been enjoying your e-company most definitely lately. :-D Emails and telephone calls full of complete and total delicious nonsense...yes, being silly can be way too much fun. :-)

  7. That is so funny about Mr. Bingley!

    I enjoyed all your pictures - I never realized how elegant chocolate looks in a tea cup! It probably tastes better out of one too :-)

  8. I'm so utterly jealous, for I've never seen grass that green or a pink tree or tasted chilled hot chocolate!

    I love your dress, it so pretty!
    Isn't the ocean just wonderful!

  9. Hi!
    I had to comment and say I laughed at the part about the single neighbor... :)

  10. Ha ha ha! I wish a Mr. Bingley would move in two doors from me!

  11. I saw this on Etsy today, and it reminded me of you...

    Would 'My Wild Irish Rose' make a good name for your blog? (although now you said peonies are better than roses soo....) :~o

    Lovely pictures of you girls at the park! Those trees are gushingly beautiful.

    I enjoyed reading the rest of your post, as the thoughts you write out are always just so lovely. Have a blessed day!
    ~ Tarissa

  12. I loved the "Mr. Bingley" part, so funny. :)

  13. Mr. Bingley...Laughing out loud...

    For the record, I think it's awesome you have four sisters. Just so you know :)

  14. You girls are so like us! That is so funny about the single guy. :) I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together in Oregon, I want to hear more about your trip. :) I love your posts - I'll write you a note on HSA about dancing. :)
    Love, Janna

  15. Oh goodness, Michaela.... I have taken forever to comment! But I absolutely had to because I *love* your posts like this. They just cheer me up and make me smile. :)

    OOOH...I'm so glad your enjoying violin music! You have excellent taste. :) Andre Rieu is pretty amazing, though I don't listen to him very often... I guess I need to! I tend to listen (and play) Celtic fiddle more than classical violin... all the same, it's a lovely instrument. :) imho...

    Those pictures of you and Anna and the cherry trees are so beautiful and dreamy! Are you sure you don't live in a fairy tale or something like that? Because those pictures sure look like it. ;)

    Haha... This "Mr. Bingley" is quite the coincidence. :) So funny! Question is.... does he make 5000 a year? ;)

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I'm *so* glad you loved the OR coast and the Pacific. :) I don't think you can ever really get over how incredible it is. I know I don't. ;) It amazes me every single time. And, Michaela.... you do know that this whole "leaving-your-heart-at-the-OR-Coast" thing means you simply have to come back sometime - right? ;) Oh, and if it makes any difference, Oregon summers have low (though not *quite* zero) humidity too. Hehe. ;) I just enjoyed you girls way too much even in that short little time!

    Ah yes... I think "growing up" has been really good at teaching me to trust God more. Isn't it funny how we start trusting in our own little selves.... then God does something to remind us that we aren't the ones in the driver's seat? ;) It's so good to remember that God is the one orchestrating everything!

    And of course you can ramble. I actually love it. ;)

    And now I'll stop rambling myself. ;)

    Love ya!

  16. Just found this post, Michaela. Haha... your Mr. Bingley story is hilarious! ;) 5 sisters... figures.

    And the hair conversation; oh yes. :) Love this post!


    ps--yeah, this was written over a year ago, but what can I say? ;)


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