Monday, May 30, 2011

John Thornton: how could i think my "heroes" list was complete?

Well. I'm back from my vacation. It would take dozens of blog posts to cover every last bit of all the splendor that is Oregon and California. . .but half of my pictures are STILL in Cali, stuck in my uncles computer. ;)

Mr. Thornton, oh he is divine. Beats mr. darcy, I'm afraid

And so, I will talk about something - someone - I discovered while on vacation that now holds a place very dear to my heart: Mr. John Thornton from the movie, North and South . . .which again makes me wonder *why* Mr. Darcy is such a popular and may I say "defended" character . . .? *ahem* Yes, I'll admit that North and South is "somewhat" (notice, SOMEWHAT,) similar to Pride and Prejudice . . .but as this is not a review of the movie, lets move on to the dashing-ness that is Richard Armitage Mr. Thornton.

"I don't want to possess you. I wish to marry you because I LOVE you!" 

John Thorton, you are epic.Top hero? (sorry Ally.) YES. 
Remember my "heroes" post? Scratch it all (minus my very own novel heroes.) nods One of the greatest highlights of my trip was relaxing in Oregon with one of my bestest friends and her sisters - home church in the morning, an evening stroll, late night chat, and earlier? Four looooonnngg hours  of watching North and South . . . which resulted in much swooning, and sighing over Richard Armitage Mr. Thornton. 

*Sigh* This part tears me up inside...Like all of North and South's cast of characters, Richard Armitage John Thornton was utterly real, as in, he actually has a personality - deep, emotional, down to earth. (Mr. Darcy, I'm sorry to say, {not truly} does not. ) You can hear, feel the very atoms of Richard's John's passion with each strain of beautifully-subtle Scottish brogue. melt 

Mr. Thornton is SO masculine, a leader, inspiring, breathtaking . . . not to mention devastatingly handsome.  melts again Underneath his outwardly business-like coldness, there is a gentle, sweet guy whose tender, even boyish heart has been broken. sniffle Oh, but his relationship with his mother! It was so unexpected, and I was nearly dying with warm-fuzzy-feelings (between wanting to scream at Margaret for her foolishness. WHY on earth did it take her so long to see she was rejecting every womans dream man? o.O ) Ok, so while I don't care for *most* heroines, I DID like Margaret Hale. Typical woman in so many ways, (will not expound ;) ) but all her complete ignorance aside, she was very ladylike and strong in her beliefs . . .

North and SouthThe only very-extra important thing that was missing from the plot was some sort of terrible breakdown on Richard's Mr. Thorntons part. I mean, it was romantic and dramatic and everything when Margaret was knocked out, but seriously, it should have been Mr. Thornton. Ah well. I was waiting so patiently too - I just knew that at any moment he would get dreadfully injured or ill. . .any moment now. . .the stress keeps building. . .and!? nothing happened. NOTHING. I think I should write to the producers.  :P

It was so relieving, so happy to see him smiling at the end of the movie. At LAST he was contented, peaceful. He had his girl, his reputation was redeemed, and all financial troubles depleted. Each past burden, heartbreak, depression. . .melted away with that one perfect grin. sob Just beautiful. Oh, and total side note, but I have to mention that somehow I adore his bad temper. Wait! don't take me wrong - I know its awful, but well, it just adds the right dimension to his very powerful character, brings out the humanity of Mr. Thornton, you know. And hey, everyone knows I have a thing for villains. :P :P

And so, here is the top-most hero on my list. At least for now. One never knows when it might change - when I might read another inspiring book, or watch another stunning movie. Again I return to the land of anti-fluff heads (though no one can honestly say North and South is a fluffy movie. . .regardless of all the cotton. *ahem*) 


  1. YAY!!!! And I told you that you would love him :) I guess that is the only one we can agree on, right? {I will never get over you wanting Laurie to die... and Mr darcy! Don't let me get started on your hate of him ;P He is a "gentleman", who is refined, so I guess that is why you don't like him ;) Mr Thornton is *not* a gentleman, at least at first. I know i sound silly, but if you read the book you will know what I am talking about, haha} I am so glad you finally watched it; i knew you would love it, and especially him!

  2. I just watched North and South for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved it. I read the book beforehand and it is even better than the movie, although that is really hard.

    I have to admit I'm glad that Mr. Thornton didn't have a breakdown; it happens way too often in movies and I get tired of it.

    Don't you just hate that she doesn't look back at him in that one scene that you quoted? I suppose it was better for the drama but I was still sad.

    John Thornton is one of my favorite male literary characters now. I must admit that I do still like Mr. Darcy, but Mr. Thornton has a much more believable and likeable character.

    (As a side note, don't you love the character of Nicholas Higgins and the relationship he and Mr. Thornton have later in the film?)

  3. Yes,I love Mr. Thornton as well! :)

    The movie isn't a huge fav. But I like it!

  4. I pretty much agree about Mr. Darcy. I've never been as crazy about P&P, although it is my favorite Jane Austin novel. I'm not a huge fan of Jane Austin either though, so yeah. I LOVE North and South though!

    When I first watched it I wasn't sure what to think of John. The only other thing I had seen Richard Armitage in was the BBC Robin Hood tv show, and he played the evil Guy of Gisborne. By the end of the movie I thought he was awesome though, and now Armitage is one of my favorite British actors.

  5. When I first started watching North and South, I wasn't sure that I would like it, because the scenery was so...dark. It took me about the third episode before I really got into it- and now it's one of my favorites! I like Wives and Daughters's main storyline better, I think, but I love the characters (umm...Mr. Thornton...) better in North and South. :)

  6. Heheheeeee, I really hoped you'd like him!

    Although I still strongly disagree on the subject of the *best* hero. Ahem. Like I said, I used to think Mr. Thornton was the best, too...until I saw the light. And it's like the fog has, ok, that's lame. :-P

    Anyhoo! But he's PRETTY great, just the same!!! I was afraid you were going to hate him just because everyone else loves him. :-P So happy you liked the movie!!!

  7. Hello, hello Michaela!!

    So glad you're back! (Though I do wish you could be back *here* in OR! You didn't stay half long enough, you know. :) I was already missing you girls by the time we left the ballroom! But I am looking forward to all those pictures from your trip. :)

    Okay... as for Mr. Thornton... oh boy, I'm on the lookout for a few tomatos. :) It's been quite a while since I've seen N&S, so I'm probably not as much entitled to an opinion :) I thought Mr. Thornton was alright, but I've never quite gotten the whole "dark and brooding" hero thing. I'll admit it makes it better that he finally learns to crack a smile at the end (maybe he'll get better at it...hehe) and that he is a business owner who actually works. He does have more personality than Mr. Darcy, so that's a plus for him too. So he's got stuff going for him...Still, he seems way too moody and serious for so much of the movie... which is why I don't get the whole Mr. Thornton thing. Buuuut, if you like the bad temper and all, go ahead I guess. ;) I'm obviously in the minority, so I guess that makes me the weird one out...hehe. You do have me slightly more convinced of his good qualities than I was before, though. I'll give you that. :)

    However ...*ahem*... your hero list is still not complete. You have yet to meet some of the most amazing literary heros. :) That's the problem with me picking out the most obscure novels ever in which to find my favorite heros.... NO ONE else knows about them! *sigh*
    Again, I suppose that's me being weird :) ...Finding almost completely unknown, 70-some-year-old, non-romantic novels with absolutely incredible and inspiring heros... OOOOh wait. I just thought of something.... oh brother! One of them is dark and.. eh... rather serious to start out with... *sigh* Great, there I go contradicting myself. :)

    And, Michaela.... I certainly wouldn't mind seeing dozens of picture posts on the Oregon/Cali trip. :) *hint hint* I can't wait to see what kinds of adventures you all had!

    Love ya!

  8. I agree 100%!!! John Thorton is my favorite literary hero. I had to laugh at the crossing out of Richard Armitage's name... I have to keep mentally doing that myself! ;-) And, no matter what anyone else says, Mr. Darcy doesn't even compare to Thorton. As I watched N&S, I kept liking John more and more and more and more and more... and more! He is an amazing leading man that was acted amazingly well by Richard A. and (sorry Mr. Darcy), is (right now) that most incredible literary hero out there!

    I'm glad to know there are other young women who see his amazing-ness!

    God bless!

  9. Now I'm simply dying to watch it......:D

  10. lol Mich :P I agree, Richard Armitage simply did an astoundingly amazing job in this role. IDT I'd heard of him before I saw this, but I def like him as an actor. I wanted to hate him for his violent outburst of anger, but as the movie goes on you come to understand why, and it is part of his deeply passionate character. And he really isn't a bad guy other than his temper issues. He sorta redeemed himself later on, too. So,try as I might, I couldn't hate him. But I still want to slap him for beating... umm.. the smoker guy -_- (lol it's been quite a while since I've seen it, so IDR anybody's name except John and Margaret and Henry :P ) But yes, in spite of all my inner turmoil, I did like the movie :)

  11. *sighs* I just now finished watching the whole thing....BEAUTIFUL!!!! It beats Pride and Prejudice any day :)

  12. What a lovely post and all about the gorgeous Mr Thornton! He is SO much better than Darcy! I feel Thornton changes much more from the person he once was...Darcy really doesn't!

    Oh and that smile at the end...everytime I watch this series, I am always holding out for that smile, it melts my heart!


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