Sunday, June 19, 2011

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God;

{this pic was taken on the gorgeous Oregon coast. L-R: me, dad - Dave, & Anna}

 I call him Dad.
 - Author Unknown

There aren't words enough to say how much I love my father - how important he is in everything I do . . .all through my growing up years, and now as a young woman. My daddy has my heart, a treasure I wish every girl could own. A girl *needs* a father figure in her life - and I've always had the very best. I mean, think about it - my dad's an unusually strong guy . . . (aside from his muscles, ;) ) he's the father of five daughters. ;) Over the years many people have "sympathized": "WHAT??? Did you say ALL girls?  I'm so sorry." - but truly, my dad LOVES all of his his daughters with every ounce of his being, and ya know, he's become rather a "softy" because of it. Coming from a one-time rigid military man. . .that's more then impressive. ;)

My father has brought our family through so many trials with his unmovable faith in Christ Jesus. (yes, I'm gushing, but really, I don't know any other man with as much wisdom, Biblical knowledge, or love for the Lord.) On a personal level, dad is my role model (along with my mom,) teacher, counselor, confidant, inspiration, buddy, best friend. I couldn't describe the sort of man of God he is. Thank you Lord for my daddy - a man I look up to, the person I learn so much from . . .my greatest hero.

 ♥ ♥ I love you, Dad!!!! ♥ ♥


  1. Aw,Sweet post!! I wish my Daddy were here to celebrate fathers day with.

    My Daddy was in the Navy too,but he didn't get all girls,4 girls and 5 boys....
    But he is a softer for being a military person! ;)

    "Happy Fathers Day." To all the Fathers out there!

  2. Aren't Dad's amazing??? I love mine SO much and its great to see other daughters who have a true love for thier fathers.

    God bless!

  3. This is a sweet post, Michaela.

  4. Aww... Daddies are so special for their daughters. :) I kinda laughed about the whole sympathy thing because with four of us girls, my papa gets the same response. hehe. I'm so thankful for my wonderful papa and all dads that love their daughters so much! :)

  5. My Daddy has all girls too (four of us!) and people are always telling him this. He just laughs and says that he's the most spoiled man on earth.

  6. "... my dad LOVES all of his his daughters with every ounce of his being..."

    Aww, how sweet. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man of God. Happy Father's Day to him. ^.^

  7. Lovely post! And I didn't think it was gushing at all. Dads are the bestest evah, evah, evah.


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