Friday, October 22, 2010

Tag , you're it!


I have been trying (and failing) to get this tag up for the past 2 days or so - Blogger just won't format my post right, no matter what I do to it. :-/ Its starting to become a little irritating, especially since mostly everybody else has already filled out their tag and moved on to different things...ah well. ;) Here goes one more try, and if it works...I guess you already know, 'cause your reading this right now. haha 

Okie-dokie, here goes! :)
I NEVER fill out tags, unless they are exceptionally interesting or unique. Well this one is! Rebecca of Sewing in the Past tagged me, and I highly approve! (good choice of questions Rebecca. :) ) 

1. what time period would you travel back to? (why?)
Ooh, hard question. I think it would be fascinating to travel back to around 1776 to see the birth of our nation. (Why oh why isn't there are real Mr. Whit? I mean, the Imagination Station was pure genius! I'd use it every day. :P ) It is so easy to fall into the romanticized "Yankee Doodle" type picture when idealizing the era, but think about it. What terrors and triumphs did our forefathers face in their fight for liberty? 
I fell in love with the 18th century even before visiting Colonial Williamsburg about 5 years ago; the 4 days spent there only deepened my enthrallment. The heroic glories of the Revolution, the culture, lifestyle, quaint style of dress...its enough to bring on the goosebumps. But maybe that's because my dad instilled quite a bit of good 'ol Patriotism in his girls. ;)
- and seriously. Is there possibly anything more dashing then a tri-cornered hat?! I think I see a Williamsburg post comin' soon! ^_^

2. what five things make you extremely happy?  
1. my Jesus
2. my family
3. playing the piano for looonnnggg blissful hours
4. gazing spellbound at a vast body of water
5. biting into a freshly baked, still gooey-warm chocolate chip cookie.
(wait, only 5 things? I could think of dozens more! ;) ) 

3. you find that your great-uncle twice removed on your mother's side died and left you something huge. You arrive and discover it is a ____. What is your reaction? (fill in the blank)
He left me money...nooo...a grand piano. (He'd also have to leave me a house large enough to fit it in. j/k) I would probably scream, faint, maybe even cry. Then obviously I'd sit down and let my fingers run over the keys. 

4. have you met a celebrity? been somewhere famous? 
Actually yes (and/or sorta yes) to both questions.
Famous places: Niagara Falls (both the NY and Canadian sides,) Toronto Canada, Chattanooga TN, Colonial Williamsburg VA, Historic Jamestown VA, Naval Base Norfolk, Washington DC, The Smithsonian  Institution, etc, etc.
Famous (and famous-ish) people: I saw President George W. Bush and heard him speak at an '04 campaign rally. It was truly one of the most thrilling experiences of my entire life, but I'd best move on before I write a full length novel of a blog post. ;) 
Lets '08 I got Rudy Giuliani's autograph, then awhile later attended a rally for the McCain/Palin running team. Yeps. We F's like our politics! (- and we're not Palin supporters...*ahem* {move on Michaela, move on!} :P lol )

Ok, so as far as literally meeting people, that's only 1 famous person, isn't it? But wait. JUST this past August I was beyond privileged to meet and spend quite a bit of time with all for band members of my favorite Irish/Celtic music group, The High Kings. (Yay, finally some non-political people! Oh, and this is where the "famous-ish" part comes in. THK aren't terribly well known in the States yet, though they are hugely popular in their homeland of Ireland. )

**side-note**  - when I came home from THK concert I was a bit shocked and VERY ecstatic to find an FB friends request from Brian Dunphy, one of the band members. I added him then sent Darren Holden (another HK ) a request. Now I have 3 of The Kings in my list. Neato or what?!?! 

5. your favorite recipe please?  
This is a tough one. A favorite meal of my family  is a pasta dish known as "Salsa Cruda." Thick, pasty tomato sauce is unheard of in Italy, (my mothers homeland) having originated on the Island of Sicily. Rather a simple sauce of raw chopped tomatoes, 5-6 cloves chopped garlic, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, and unrefined sea salt is very popular. Mmmm...very aromatic and d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

6. what's an obscure movie that nobody has probably ever seen that you really like...?
Definitely "The Thief" trilogy, movies made in the 70's on the rapture. My parents first watched them when they were newlyweds, then just a couple of weeks ago my mom re-discovered the series on youtube and introduced them to Anna and I. 
- I HIGHLY recommend looking them up!

I can't say I absolutely adore the movies,  as they are anything but heartwarming. Yet I REALLY like them - a lot. Why? They are powerful, impacting, deep, inspiring, breathtaking, gripping, changing.   Yes they were obviously made on a tight budget - the hair and clothes are hilariously outdated, the acting really bad.  But the story and message they convey...! I couldn't begin to put into words the emotions I felt after watching the first two movies (looking forward to seeing the 3rd soon!) - but there were many awed conversations and tears on the parts of both me and Anna.

7. something you want really, extremely,  exceedingly, terribly bad. 
A "new" piano (especially my friends little spinet. ;) Shhhh don't tell them! hehe ) I currently own a big antique Gulbransen upright piano. Though the body is still in beautiful condition, several of the hammers no longer work, making learning new It is my most passionate dream to buy a used spinet or studio piano in good working condition! 

8. a dream that you wish to come true...occur...? (not necessarily a "nighttime" a "daytime" dream)
Hmm...thats an easy one. To get married someday! (I think every girl who's filled out this tag has said that. ;) ) 
Otherwise one of my BIGGEST "daytime" dreams? I'd do anything to travel to Europe. Italy. (plenty of free food and lodging! o.O Almost all of my mom's family still live in Italia.) France. (more food and lodging! ^_^ ) The British Isles: England, Scotland, IRELAND. (no luck on free anything there...hum.) 

I can just imagine driving the country back roads of the old-world with Anna in a rented Mini Cooper. We'd stop by a whimsical little coffee shop or perhaps an outdoor cafe and people watch, all while consuming some of the delectable local fare. Ahhhhh...once again I'd better stop before...oh forget the novel! This tag is nearly log enough to be one! :P 

OK! ~  my questions and tagged people at last.  Please take a moment to fill out the tag - its lots of fun! Then come up with 8 of your own questions...tag 8 people...then sit back and read the results!

1. Who is your hero/heroine (fictitious or non-fictitious.)  What do you find the most inspiring about this person?

2. Do you have a namesake? If so, is there a story behind your name?

3.  An anonymous person gives you a free ticket to any destination in the world, all expenses paid, including food, airfare, and lodging. You may take only three special possessions with you.  Where would you go, and what would you bring?

4. What do you expect to be doing in 10 years?

5. Are there any treasured traditions in your family?? 

6. Opera. To like or not to like, that is the question. 

7. Did you grow up listening (and maybe still listen) to Adventure in Odyssey? Who was/is your favorite character?  

8. Has the Lord done anything recently in your life that has strengthened your faith in Him? 

I tag:

(Ally - ya don't don't have to fill another tag out if you don't want to, but I'm tagging you anyway. ^_^ )

KatieIn the Midst 

Looking forward to reading you answers!


  1. Thanks I just did the tag at my blog!! :)

  2. *I* think that the High Kings are famous. Love their music!

  3. I found this blog backround that reminded me of you,

  4. Aw... thank you, Michaela! Can't wait to do it! <3 ya heaps!

  5. Thanks for the tag (and for telling me about it)! Like you, I don't mean to fill out every tag I get. But I will this time!

  6. Thanks for the tag, I look forward to answering the questions sometime soon!

  7. Michaela,

    Hello again! It's me, Lady Rose, and I'm back to visit your lovely blog. :)

    I really enjoyed reading your tag questions. You certainly are creative, and have a unique way of expressing yourself (that is a complement, of course :).

    I think I'm going to start coming here on a regular basis becuase you seem quite feminine as well as fun. Therefore, I've decided to follow your blog. You are welcomed to follow mine if you desire. :)


    -Lady Rose

  8. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the tag. :) It was a lot of fun filling out, and even more fun reading all of YOUR answers.<3

    @ Polk Dot - haha, YES THK are famous, only not terribly so in the US yet. ;) I kinda like it that way - they are such "real", genuine guys...I would hate for them to change due to tons of fame, ya know?

    @ Lady Rose - thank you so much for all the lovely compliments! It is my utmost desire to make my blog a place that pleases Him! I am so blessed that you are blessed by it. :) I will most definitely follow your blog...headin' over there right now! :D


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