Saturday, October 16, 2010

Notes from my week. . .

  • babysat. check.
  • convinced the piano that it loves me. partial check.
  • taught songs to the piano from my new Les Miz music book. check.
  • :insert wink:
  • finished Nancy Drew volumes 1-4. check.
  • enjoyed the books immensely. double check.  
  • tried out Twitter. check.
  • found the website boring. check.
  • will be officially deleting my account. partial check.
  • is managing to stay off the computer for quite a bit of time each day. check.
  • is quite pleased with the results of my facebook fast. check.
  • watched 'thief in the night' and 'a distant thunder' (movies on the rapture from the 70's.) check
  • has never been so impacted by anything in my life. check.
  • highly recommends looking up the 3-part series on youtube if you haven't seen them. double check.  
  • discussed ideas for a costume ECD ball a friend is planning. check.  
  • has found the solution to attaching a placket to Brocade fabric with zero fraying. check
  • listened to ECD music while sipping a cup of tea and sewing. check.
  • coffee is still my favorite. check 
  • :insert wink:
  • helped create an intriguing character for the book Anna and I dream of writing. check.
  • feels a strong fondness for this character. check
  • presumes it is considered geeky when one feels they personally know a character of their own imagination. check.
  • :insert wink:
  • had fun browsing a snug little bookstore on the Square with mom. check.
  • found several neat-o books. check.
  • has started a collection of Classics. can anyone say 'the count of monte cristo'? check.
  • is rather liking the disuse of uppercase letters in this post. double check.  
  • adores my new yummy-smelling-cinnamon-vanilla-sticky-bun-ish dessert candle. double check.  
  • has an email inbox crammed full of messages that need replying too. check. 
  • thought up some excellent future blog posts. in my opinion at least. check.
  • loved the very lazy-cozy-fall feel of today. check
  • experimented with natural sugar in our favorite cookie recipe this evening. check
  • is running out of things to say. check
  • :insert wink:
Yikes that was fun! - gotta love randomness. ;) 
. . .and speaking of, I realized that I've been completely overlooking "Miscellaneous Monday"! o.O Oh dear. Perhaps this post should have waited a couple of days...



  1. Loved, loved, loved this!!!! Ok, so you know I'm the biggest geek ever. I have a serious crush on the hero in the story I'm presently writing with a friend of mine. ;-)

    And I'm notorious for stealing blog-post ideas, so look for a similar post on my blog soon! ;-) Love you!

    (And sorry for cramming your inbox. :-P)

  2. Love Count of Monte Cristo! Well seen the movie and the book is sitting on my shelf so I can gaze longingly at it until I have enough time to tackle it. Enjoy!

  3. Ah... I love lists. You've gotten so much done lately. The "geeky" one of knowing your characters so well... that's my favorite!
    Oh, and you're reading the Nancy Drew novels? How delightful. I wish I had time for that. But alas, I'm already discussing a long list of Christmas books with my friend. No "Nancy Drew" for me...

  4. Oh I love fun lists! And oh my goodness, I LOVE your blog. Following for sure! :) The dress below is just stunning!
    Much love,

  5. I love this list. And I love that you like this particular character so much...because I don't really, 100% understand your it is rather annoying and funny. ^_^


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