Monday, October 11, 2010

Look what's been driving my family crazy! Er...making ME crazily-happy! ;)

My new latest obsession - ask any of my family members...I play my piano *every* day, (nothing new there!) - but lately? Its been an almost constant thing! ;) Why you ask? Take a look at these amazing books...

Oooh my, its almost too much! Last week my parents ordered these treasures at our local music store as a late, late, late birthday present. (Long story there. lol ) They came in three days ago, and I've been playin' my ancient upright like mad ever since. Right now I'm working at "On My Own," from Les Miz, and "All I Ask of You," from The Phantom of the Opera.

Its so refreshing to get away from my Classical books. 
Not that I don't adore classical music, because I most definitely do. However! I was classically trained, so I've played almost nothing BUT classical pieces for years... 

The more "modern-pop-ish" style of these Broadway pieces are presenting somewhat of a fun challenge...its just a bit awkward playing a very "pronounced" harmony. Classical music is almost entirely about the melody, so on the piano the right hand works hard! Now I'm playing quite a few right-handed cords, which is interesting. I'm loving it! 

Now all I need is a "new" piano. I am praying that somehow that dream becomes a reality. Though I love my "baby," she is over 100 years old and showing her age. Lord willing I will be able to sell her SOON. 

- complete side-note: the books are filled with full-color photos!! 

*disclaimer* I'm not a POTO "phan" AT ALL, yet I love the music (though not necessarily the lyrics.)  Yum. 


  1. Oooooooohhhhh! Can there be anything more amazing that Les Miz or POTO on the piano???? I am envious. ;-) Have fun!!!

  2. lol,I know isn't it kind of strange after you've been playing classical for years! I want to get the High Kings music book! lol,and try to get Jess to play with me on the piano!(that is horribly out of tune!)

  3. I LOVE these piano books! I own the piano score for PoTO, and play it all the time. ^.^ The music is so beauteous.

    And, of course, Les Mis is always an epic win. ;)


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