Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our twist on the Laendler ~

Recently my sister Anna learned a simple variation of the Laendler, the beautiful waltz from 'The Sound of Music.' Of course I had to learn it as well. ;) Soooo we did, and were pestered by several people into making a video. Here it is!

For some reason it seems as though the youtube upload is a little blurry, almost as if our faces are smudged. Not sure why that happened. :-/

*in this video* I am wearing my blue vintage-original 1950's party dress. I just love it - so simple yet dainty, and oh so swishy! Perfect for dancing. Mmhmm...gotta love vintage EVERYTHING. 
I was so born in the wrong era. ;) 

Anna is in the pink dress, also a vintage-original,(1940's.) She is dancing the mans part. *ahem* 

I'd love to know your thoughts! :)


  1. Goodness, Anna is so dashing! :-P

    You girls are awesome - you keep a straight face the whole time!!!! I'd be giggling the whole thing through. ;-)

    Someday, when we *do* meet (because, you know, we will ;-)), we're definately going to have to do something fun...a Les Miz lip-synch? Oooooh! ;-) And I will giggle through the whole thing. ;-)

    (Remind me to email you a lip-synch some friends and I did. It's really hilarious. ;-))

    Seriously, gals, this is awesome. You are so talented! And the dresses...OMS! Where did you get them???? Wow!!!

  2. My thoughts are that I need to dance this. And I love your dresses. And Anna looks sad, even though I know she's not. =) Haha, quite a lovely video!

  3. Oh,I have to watch it! I would love to learn all those English country dances(and tap dancing) !!

  4. This is SO lovely! You girls look beautiful in your vintage dresses and I also love your hairstyles! I love watching this dances in The Sound of Music, it's such an exquisite dance! Thanks so much for posting, I really enjoyed watching! Now I'm going to have to learn this dance and teach my sister! :)

  5. Lovely, ladies!! Your outfits are simple adorable- I love them!!
    You are both such graceful dancers.

  6. I definitely want to learn that dance too! Where did you learn it?

    And the dresses are darling, dear! :)

  7. I'm so glad all of you ladies enjoyed the video - we had so much fun putting it together, and Julia (one of our sisters,) was such a good sport. She filmed the dance at least half a dozen times. ;)

    @ Ally - I know, isn't Anna just *SO* dashing? ;);)We *always* start the dance that way. Fun stuff.

    ...we did end up laughing at the end. Inside joke. Watch it again, and you'll see the big, silly grin on my face. ;)

    Of course we're going to meet each other some day. That's just a given. ^_^ And when the time comes some sort of fun Les Miz related activity *has* to be in order. Um...speaking of, have you seen any of my younger sisters youtube videos? o.O

    @ Miss Laurie - oh, it is such an easy dance to learn, especially this version! :) As you can probably tell its slightly different then the dance in the movie, (but just as fun!) As long as you know the basic 1,2,3 waltz step the rest of the dance is very simple to pick up! :)

    @ Miss Eyebright - Thanks! A couple of our friends inspired us to learn the dance after they put a video up on facebook. Soon after another friend taught Anna at our recent home school grad gathering, the Ohio Rendezvous (see my post.) :)

    Thanks again everyone! Now each of you should learn the Laendler and post a video on your own blog/s. ;)

  8. Lol, I agree with you Michaela :P I think I was born in the wrong era too! I really do wish I lived back in the days when women wore those dainty dresses and skirts and men were honourable and dating wasn't even heard of :P Of course, then there is my dream to live in the medieval era where there were knights and chivalry :P


  9. Awesome! I loooooove your dresses!
    lol,I think I need to grab Jessica and try to do this dance! (we've watched all your danceing videos and love watching dancing musicals and are quite hooked at least I am)!!

    lol,I had to laug when you both started dancing you both were wearing serious faces! :)

  10. YES, I was finally able to snatch enough time to watch this video -- I've been meaning to for awhile! I absolutely love your vintage dresses, and the dance was wonderful. Hee, hee, your 'serious' expressions were also very amusing. ;)


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