Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more notes from my week...aka, updates on my life*~

frolics in the rain

a similar post i wrote last week seemed pretty popular.
soooo. i thought i'd give it another try.

  • successfully stayed off facebook for over 2 weeks. check.
  • planning on continuing my fb fast for at least the rest of the month. check.
  • read 'johnny tremain'. check.
  • gives it a top rating and counts it among my favoritest books. double check.
  • aspires to write as vividly and colorfully as the author. double check.
  • is considering writing a review on it one of these days. check.
  • has been prayerfully looking for a "new" piano. check
  • found a lovely like-new spinet for a reasonable price that i'm very interested in buying. double check
  • would really appreciate if others also pray that doors would open in this area. double check
  • is still working on my regency gown. check
  • will hopefully be completing it within the next couple of days. check
  • heard a very good friend's voice for the first time. check.
  • throughly enjoyed my phone-chat with her. double check
  • :insert smile:
  • watched the 1978 version of 'les miserables' twice. check
  • was pleasantly surprised that my les miz-enthusiastic-less dad liked the movie. check.
  • :insert halo:
  • loved it myself and very much recommends it. double check
  • has found that a certain fondness for a certain character of my imagination has grown. check
  • :insert wink:
  • has officially decided that geekiness in the writing world is fun. check.
  • :insert wink:
  • can't wait to start nanowrimo this monday so anna and i can start working on our novel.  check.
  • wondering if i can actually make it through the entire month-long program this year. partial check.
  • went apple picking. check.
  • enjoys this tradition immensely. check
  • spent an afternoon sitting on a boat dock while gazing dreamily at a scrumptious lake. check
  • wishes there were no such thing as capital letters. check
  • won the soap giveaway I blogged about here. check.
  • will be putting up a post regarding my incredible soap soonishly. double check
  • needs to skedaddle. regency gown calling! check


  1. Congratulations are in order for your facebook fast. Good for you!

    And... Johnny Tremain! This is one I've heard of before/thought about reading/never did. I would certainly enjoy reading your full review of it!

    Oh, and... 'geekiness in the writing world' is MOST CERTAINLY fun. Please do keep it up.

  2. A friend recently read Johnny Tremain and was telling me about it. So when I saw the name on your blog, I was thinking that the book name sounded familar. :) I'll have to read it.

    I enjoyed the post!


    ~Cassia :)

  3. So, what did you think of Johnny Tremain? :)


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