Sunday, September 5, 2010

Got Curl? My haircare adventures!

Got Curl?

A few months ago my dear friend and "adopted" sister Hannah told me about the Got Curl? method of hair care featured on the YLCF website. I had gotten a perm not long before and wasn't very pleased with the big "poof" of sticky curls my hair became after I used mousse. Soooo...I decided to try the more natural approach, especially since I've always had plenty of natural waves in my hair. NOW I'm almost sure most of my perm is gone (there is still a trace of it though,) and more of my natural wave is coming through.

I'm very pleased with the results! :)

Note that I do not follow the 'Got Curl' guidelines *exactly* - I wash my hair with conditioner many more times then is recommended, but for me the little schedule I've fallen into is perfect. I use zero hot water, no shampoo, and I never comb or brush my hair! And the method REALLY works - I was wary since my hair tends to become oily, but I don't seem to have that problem very often anymore.

Below are the "products" I use. And YES those are eggs you see! o.O The springy waves and curls they produce are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I normally follow a pattern of: wash with conditioner - sometimes I let it sit for a few minutes before giving it a light rinse (that leaves most of the conditioner still in my hair.) Then I scrunch dry it and apply gel. As the gel dries I continue to scrunch it, and after a couple of hours...lovely waves!

I'll then only rinse my hair with cool/cold water for the next 2-3 days before using conditioner and/or egg again.

I wash with two eggs yoke occasionally.

Brown sugar (fondly known by some as "Boy-Bait,") added to a few tablespoons of conditioner smells SO lovely. Yum. I always have to remind myself the mixture isn't edible. hehe

{all photos by me}

Before ---------------After

My hair in '09 ------------- vs. now
{sorry the "now" pic doesn't enlarge.}

I would be interested in hearing how YOU care for your hair. Shampoo, eggs, cold water, hot? What has your experience/results been??


  1. Very interesting! Never heard of this method before! I've always had waves or curls, and I've lived long enough to see them come in and out of style. Now my gray hair is straight as a board and I miss my curls.

  2. YAAAAY! So I now know someone who actually does it and it works!!! You know how you hear about stuff but it's like, not sure if it *really* works? Yippee!

    Ok, I have soooo many questions about this, so I'll probably email about it. I heard about Got Curl through YLCF several years ago...I have wavy/curly hair, but it's also oily (yuck) and so when I tried going "no shampoo"...well, it wasn't very nice. ;-) How long did it take for your hair to adjust?

    Ok, email coming soon! ;-)

  3. You really never comb / brush it anymore? doesn't it tangle? :(
    I kind of started doing it, but I'm afraid to stop brushing :) .

  4. Yay Michaela! Natural (or "encouraged") curliness is so much healthier for you hair in the long run. My hair care method is a little different than yours, but inspired by the Curly Girl method as well. I use cool-lukewarm water to wet my hair, then apply conditioner to the ends while using a small amount of shampoo on my scalp. Then I rinse it all and recondition the ends - this time I leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing not quite all of the conditioner out. I scrunch it gently to dry it. I haven't used gel in a long time because my hair wasn't long enough... I need to get into that again because it produced such nice waves. I just use a smoothing cream now to keep it shiny and soft :) .

    I love the brown sugar conditioner too :D .

  5. That is SO much fun!!! I want to try doing that soon! ;)

    By the way, dear...would you be interested in re-making my blog for me? ;) I'm looking for someone to play around with it...E-mail me at: and we can talk it over ;)


  6. I have extremly curly hair! Like Cork screw curls(usually)!! This was very intresting! I'll have to try the Brown sugar one cause I've been meaning to do it!

  7. Do you really never comb or brush your hair?!? Thank you for posting about your experiences using this method. I've been looking for different types of hair care ideas. My hair is naturally wavy but sometimes between my shampoo and blow dryer my hair looses it's natural shine and just becomes flat and frizzy! I've been afraid to not shampoo my hair because I have a lot of natural oils and I hate the feel and look of "dirty/oily" hair.
    Today I did try a few of the Got Curl tips and those even just helped to play up my waves quite a bit! Oh, I was wondering, what does the brown sugar do? is it helpful in other ways besides just smelling good? Thanks for this post! :)


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