Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Challenge! day 1 - pink sunset

You've arrived at one of the host blogs for this month's Challenge at Feelin' Feminine.
You can add your name and Challenge post into the linky at the bottom of *this* post if you are participating,
and take a moment to visit the other host's blog
(my sister Anna) and do it there as well.
Thank you!
~* The Challenge begins today, Sept. 5th, and ends Sept. 12th *~

~*~ What I'm wearing ~*~

dark jean A-line skirt - Dillards on clearance
long "peach" baby-doll shirt - 'The Gingerbread House' consignment shop
pearl earrings - unknown
olive green rose bud clip - Claires
brown flats with bows - The Gap


"The Challenge" is a way of life for me --
I started wearing skirts 8 years ago. My
decision helped to encourage my mom to wear skirts, and a short while later Anna followed. At this time the 3 younger girls were all toddlers/preschoolers, so they didn't have much of a say-so in what they wore. ;) Skirts and dresses have always been a regular way of life for them and they love it!

Why am I "skirts only?" Not only do I believe they are modest,
but skirts make me feel feminine and look pretty.

I would encourage YOU to take up this challenge - it only lasts a week, and you might just see a difference in your life because of your "new" way of dress. Who knows, you may like it all so much, skirts will become a way of life for you too! :)



  1. Very pretty Michaela! You look lovely in that salmon colour! :)

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love that color on you. :)


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