Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its coming along!

Sooooo...my Regency gown is coming along! - I've been working at it for about five days now, and have become quite the professional seam ripper, hehe. ;) But its actually starting to look like a garment, slowly but surely! I hope to have the bodice attached to the skirt by tomorrow...

This is what the gathers/lining look like...not bad, eh?

Pics of the finished gown coming soon!! :D


  1. Yaaaaaayyyy! It looks lovely! Can't WAIT to see it! ;-) The fabric is soooooo lovely...

  2. Good job, Michaela! I'm working on my very first sewing project, but it's just a simple apran pattern...baby steps. :-)

  3. LOL, professional seam ripper!! :)

    I know its not that fun ripping stiches out...it must be extra hard on silk! (that's what your material is right?)

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

    ~Cassia :)

  4. lol,I became one when I did my little sisters Regency dress! In which I'll probably be doing a post on soon! I was double layering the top,well I forgot that youhave to sew in the sleeves kind of with the double layering! So, I had to rip every single peice out! But that was on account that I didn't read the instructions! ; ) I just skimmed through it! I could of not ripped it out,but then it would have been to small! I can't wait to see pictures : D

    Go to my blog to get it at:


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