Thursday, July 15, 2010

The dress of my dreams...I hope. ;)

This past weekend my sister and I attended (and helped call) an English Country Dance ball, one of *several* we've been to. Yet this one was special. Why? It was completely Regency themed.

Everyone looked so lovely and elegant -
- there were some perfectly gorgeous dresses!
I have a Regency dress already but compared to the others it was definitely lacking something. Glamor, maybe? I envisioned a
flow-y skirt swishing about my ankles, a quaint bow...
...mine was just blah.

And soooo I've decided to try my hand at sewing a new one.

I am no seamstress, in fact, I'm not the biggest fan of sewing.
My mom however has been learning for quite a few years now,
so it shouldn't be too hard to catch on.
I found some absolutely luxurious lavender-ish-silver-ish satin fabric.
Ahhhh...the dress of my dreams?
I hope so.

I plan on making the dress in the right side of the pattern picture, but rather than making the long sleeves, add the cute little puffs from the other dress.

What do you think??


  1. What beautiful material! I'm sure it will turn out lovely. =)
    Please post pictures when it is done- I would LOVE to see it!!


  2. Oh,pretty! I can't wait to see it when its done! My sister makes those and sells them!
    I'm a follower and I hope you'll follow my blog!

    P.S. my real name is Blythe do you remember me?

  3. YES! I remember you very, very, very well. :) I thought your family moved out of state at one time...are you back in Ohio??

  4. Oooh, you're going to look so glamorous at the OH gathering!

  5. Michaela,
    My sister and her friend made that dress. It wasn't that hard. I know someone who made it,and she was just starting sewing. So I am sure you can make it. Make sure you show us the fished dress.

    -Hannah Rebekah
    P.S.I ♥ that fabric. I love the color.

  6. Oh, how fun! I'm glad the dance went well!

    I have that pattern too...actually it's the pattern from Sense and Sensibility but it's the same one...I never got around to making it. ;-) I can't wait to see how it turns out! And what absolutely lovely fabric!!!

  7. Hi Michaela, I'm sure your dress will be lovely with those puffy sleeves in the beautiful colours you've selected..

    I wanted to tell you that you've done a wonderful job with your blog design.. Soo pretty.. And thanks so much for 'wearing' my button..

  8. No, we didn't move out of state. We almost moved this summer,but God said no.So were still here! : D BTW What template are you using? Cause I want to get a set up like yours.

  9. In all my sisters dresses I think short sleeves look best!

  10. I think you'll have a abeautiful dress, good luck! I want to try my hand at sewing one of these days, but I'm having too much fun with crochet. :-)

  11. Could you give me the URL for your template it looks so awesome! I hate wasting time on the internet looking for a template and never finding one I like!


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