Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look what I got in the mail!

I won a give-away for Marie-Madeline Studio's
Custom Crafted Laraine Shoulder Bag - and it arrived yesterday!!!!!! The bag is just *beautiful*, so perfectly made, it looks like something you'd buy at a department store such as Dillards. I feel very honored to have won such a lovely gift, so feminine, vintage-y, and classic.
- really, I'm quite stunned...and to think that my name was picked randomly by a computer generated program! o.O
Anyhow, I thought I'd get a little photo shoot done so I can share my bag with all of you. Enjoy! - aren't the Long Ladies talented?


  1. Oh, my! I love your bag! I was looking at the same one the other day. ;-) Don't you love Marie Madeline?

    And what a fun discussion this afternoon! Thanks so much...I have a feeling we're going to be great bloggy-friends. ;-)

  2. Oh, that is wonderful that you won such a pretty bag! How exquisitely splendid!

    ~ Tarissa
    In The Bookcase

  3. How lovely! It looks so well made! I simply love everything that the Long Ladies make. =)

    I am getting ready to send your Fashion Week prize, but I still need your ring size and which cupcake charm you would like. Thanks so much! =)


  4. Thanks so much everyone!! I'm very excited (as I think you can tell. ;) ) Marie-Madeline is one of my favorite websites. I just love the femininity and all the vibrant colors...

    @ Samantha - wonderful! Thanks again. I'll be getting back to you right away with the measurements and things.

    @ Alexandra - hehe, yes that was a fun convo. Hopefully Blogger won't be acting up next time though, and I'll be able to post just one, *respectable* comment, rather than three. :P


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