Thursday, July 22, 2010

English Country Dancing at the Kent Convergence

A little over a week ago I was privileged to attend and help call an English Country Dance ball. (I've been to *several* ECD balls, but this was my first time doing a larger part of the calling.)

Nearly two years ago my sister and I discovered was an instant addiction.
It is so very inspiring to watch so many home schoolers/grads around the country keeping this lovely form of historical dance alive! I'm curious - how many of my readers ECD?

~ Here are a few videos from the Regency ball ~

~*~ Spanish Waltz ~*~

Yep folks, thats me calling the dance! - the *short* gal in
the red Regency gown. ;)
- my sister Anna is the *short* gal in the olive green gown.

~*~ Waltzing to Iowa - demo group ~*~

My friend Debbie taught this gorgeous waltz. Sorry about the poor quality of the video. The chandeliers and our camera refused to cooperate. :-/
(...and yes, I (in the red) become just a tad bit confused in the middle of the dance. ) :P

~*~ Another view of the same dance ~*~

~*~ Ships Cook ~*~

A silly vid of Anna and I practicing Ships Cook (from the 2008 Emma movie) before teaching the dance. Again, I'm in the red, Anna's in the green.

~*~ The Irish WasherWoman ~*~

(Anna is calling this one)

~*~ Posties Jig ~*~

This was the next day ( same group,) at our friends house. THIS time I'm in the brown shrug and pink/brown flowered skirt. Anna is in the purple shirt and white skirt.

There you have it! Just a tiny taste of our ECD ventures. Hope you enjoyed. :D


  1. Wow! How neat! And what lovely gowns...

  2. Looks fun!! I noticed some of the guys actually dressed for the time period not just the girls!! I don't know if I could ever get my dad to take me to one of those! lol,neither of us know how to dance!! The last video I liked that dance if I could get all my siblings(including the married ones) it would be a fun thing to do!

  3. Oh, I just watched the Irish washer women! That looks fun too! I like playing that song on my violin!

  4. Oh wow... that last dance looks SO FUN!!!!
    It looks complicated, too. =)



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