Friday, June 18, 2010

An Evening Out - Modest Fashion Week day 5

{Modest Fashion Week day 5}

Today I decided to wear something a bit more dressy. I had pianos (my passion) and musicals dancing through my brain (I'll be seeing the Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof this Sunday)
...and so
...I got a bit fancied up.

There is a simply beautiful area surrounding a restaurant in a nearby town that overlooks an apple orchard. The perfect place to sit and relax, just soaking up all of God's creation. Or in my case this evening - the perfect place for picture taking. ;)

{ the first and third pic were taken in my backyard}

~*~ In these photos I am wearing ~*~

cherry red A-line skirt with flower print - Christopher and Banks
white tee - (unknown)
white shrug with tie - thrift store
black flats - Payless Shoes
pearl necklace - Kohls
gold "ball" earrings - Walmart
red rose clip - Claires


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the scenery! And your outfit is very nice and goes well with the background...

    You have a lovely blog too.
    In Christ
    ~ Jessica

  2. Very pretty!! I love the red skirt!

  3. Hi Michaila,

    Those are absolutley BEAUTIFUL! That outfit looks very nice, and fancy! I love the silkiness of the skirt...*blissful sigh* =)

    Thank you for your comment! to answer your question...

    No, actually, I'm not italian! Yes, "Lucia" is an Italian name...we are actually Scandinavian (1/2 Swedish, 1/2 Norwegian), and Lucia (I pronounce it "LOO-SEE-UH"), I guess? I know her story, and you probably do, too--if not, look it up! =) Anways, I'm not exactly named after SAINT Lucia, my parents just liked the name, and since she helped the Swedish....=)

    Does that answer your question? Being Italian would be fun, I think--you are, right? =)


  4. I don't know how to message on blogger, but my email is You can send me an email and we can talk easier! :-) Have a great day!!!!

  5. I love you too, Michaela. And I love your blog! :D

  6. Red and white with the green grass - very Italian! :)

  7. Lovely outfit!! You know what you look like in that second picture?? Susan from the new Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that came out.

    Simply lovely!!!!!

    Do you have some Irish linieage??

    Love in Christ,

  8. Oh, that's a beautiful outfit! I do love it very much.


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