Saturday, June 19, 2010

of flowers and robins-egg-blue: Modest Fashion Week day 6

The last day of Modest Fashion Week is here at last - sadness. :(
This contest was just *wonderful.* Every new outfit combo I dug from my wardrobe (and my sisters ;) ) brought new joy - modesty can indeed be creatively lady-like and fun.

When people ask me why I wear skirts I answer honestly; I do not wish to offend my brothers in Christ, etc, etc (I could venture much deeper into this subject but I'll hold back for now. ;) )
However! When you get down the the core of it, I love looking feminine and feeling pretty. That's one of the main reasons I wear skirts. This isn't saying that I judge ladies that choose to wear pants. I personally don't believe in it, yet at the same time (even if I did) I wouldn't want too. ;) hehe

Anyhow. I so enjoyed meeting all the lovely young women who participated! Each of you truly made this contest *wonderful.*

*A little note on today's photo shoot*
It was miserably hot this afternoon - so Anna and I both decided to wear sweaters! Of course, all normal people decide to wear heavy sweaters on sweltering June days, right?
Right! :P
...and that's why I look...well..SO hot
(and no, that isn't in a flattering sense. ;) )

~*~ In these photos I am wearing ~*~

blue & white skirt with flower print - thrift store
black tee - Kmart
robins-egg-blue cardigan - thrift store
black flats - Payless Shoes
cream colored rose clip - Claires


  1. Ooh, love it!! Hey, you aren't the only wearing sweaters on hot days! lol I sometimes do that... Mostly because Momma gets really hot and has the air up high. We get cold, so pile on the sweaters!

    So, to answer your kind comment on my blog! :)
    That is funny that you have gotten lots of comments (or people telling you) that you look like Anna Popely (I didn't even know her real name.. lol!).

    Yes, I do have some Irish lineage. Unfortunately, I didn't get my der mother's lovely red hair! At least I have red highlights.. *sigh*. But, we are also German. Our last name is German, really. We kind of have some weird lineage in our family! Indian, Polish, German, Irish.. yeah. lol!

    I love long comments, so don't worry about it!! lol

    I don't know anything about Brian Crain except that he plays the piano really well! Another blogger friend had his Butterfly Waltz on her play list, and I thought it was really pretty. So, when I created our play list, I just looked him up. He has several nice pieces. :) Piano playing is lots of fun, isn't it? I love duets best, though. :) My sister and I are always rolling on the floor laughing after we try a duet. lol

    Ok, now mine is long! lol!!

    I really love your blog! I am going to try to keep up with it..

    Love in Christ,

  2. I voted for your's and Anna's outfits on Samantha's blog! I hope y'all win. :)

    I love high kings too!! Neat! Have you heard the group "Celtic Woman?" (it could be woman or women.. can't remember which) They are good too, but I only like some of their songs.. One of them sings "The last rose of summer".. Can't remember her name, let alone spell it! lol!

    Love in Christ,


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