Thursday, April 1, 2010

Insignificant Little Happenings...

Not that I speak in respect of want:
for I have learned,
in whatsoever state I am,
therewith to be content.
Phil. 4:11

Ah, the simple pleasures of life! The blissful, sometimes insignificant little happenings that bring the purest of joy.

Growing up the oldest of five girls, I was my siblings one and only babysitter. Naturally this meant I was IN the house more than OUT, and my mom endured plenty of complaining. My life was that of a poor, isolated girl who never really had an opportunity to "live". I didn't go shopping, I didn't see many friends. It was just horribly unfair, right?


Of course, as a "tween" I wasn't mature enough to understand the value of those "boring" years...and its funny, because now I smilingly crave the memories...

...making book bridges for playing "Be-Someone" with Anna (known to um...*other* children as pretend, or house, maybe? ^_^ ) building covered wagons out of blankets, sheltering from treacherous Oregon trail thunderstorms in my parents big walk-in closet, racing couch-arm horses, jumping out of the storage room, mad bike rides around the neighborhood...
...mmmmm...the innocence of childhood!

Though I couldn't even begin to see it at the time, the Lord was already preparing me for my future, maturing me, and protecting me from my own strong will. It would have been too easy to walk down the wrong path had I been surrounded by all the things I
thought I'd been missing.

Now as a young adult, I feel that I have at last earned my "freedom." It definitely took long, laborious earning!
- Tests of faith for reliance in Him. Understanding that HE is my best friend - that He'd given me my family, especially my sisters as my true earthly friends. It took many years of hardship before I started my surrender in that area.

Now I have so many friends outside the family circle (spread all over the country, at that!) I can't keep track of them all. ;) Yet I've finally learned, acknowledged, and will never forget His lesson: above all, family matters most. They are the ones that are always there, no matter what. They endure the trials with you. They share every minute of everyday life with you. And that - a loving family - is a sweet, simple pleasure in itself.

~ when I think of simple pleasures...

Christ's unsurpassed love for a worthless sinner like me...the comfort in knowing He's always there, no matter how far you feel from Him...sitting outside with dad while drinking in the quiet glory of a starry summer sky...a gentle breeze rushing through an open window to scamper playfully over my face...the humble pride of an American flag fluttering in the wind...awe-inspiring double rainbows shining promise on a wet and weary world...puffy white cotton-candy clouds floating in an aqua sky...driving through rolling country back roads...curling up with Reminisce Magazine around a crackling fire...discovering a verse that seems especially meant for me right at that moment...loooonngg serious chats with mom....rambling talks that last for hours with a good girl friend...secret sister messages...laughing hysterically with Anna over lunch at Panera Bread...evenings out to see plays...beautiful music to chase your cares away...the soaring feeling in my heart when singing with other believers...any job - physical, spiritual, mental, - no matter how small - well done...the crisp, clean bendable-ness of a brand new soft-cover book..a purring feline friend rubbing your ankles with that special loyalty only an animal can feel....homemade ice cream sweetened with pure maple syrup...trying that first almost-too-hot-to-eat-lusciously-steamy-partially-doughy chocolate chip cookie...never getting too old for my favorite children's books...playing dress up in the middle of a costume shop...a beautiful gown swirling about my feet...finding an amazing deal at Christopher and Banks...developing "real" characters and plotting their life story - aka video chats @

Oooh, I could think up so many more...but in the meantime, do leave your comments - what small happiness-es do *you* enjoy??


  1. Wow, that was beautiful, Michaela...
    Great thoughts on how aging is an important process and no age is 'better' or 'worse' than another, if you are following God's will for your life. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Making Brandon laugh (and it usually happens when I say something to him that I don't even think is funny! :))
    Playing Ultimate with friends and family, Watching movies that leave me feeling warm on the inside,
    Knowing that my mom liked a movie that I liked, (because sometimes she doesn't. :)) Reading C. S. Lewis' amazing writings on Christ and Christianity,
    Presenting artwork in progress (or finished) to my artist dad for his input,
    Getting a snail mail letter from a good friend,
    Getting an email, Facebook or HSA message,
    Looking at pictures and reliving memories,
    Having my siblings ask me if they can read my novel,
    Playing Chess, Bop-It, You've Been Sentenced, or just about any game with family and friends,
    Watching video fall into place 'just so' over a piece of music...ah...,
    Lip-syncing and dancing (if you want to call it that ;)) to crazy music with Levi and Shane...

  2. I love your blog Michaela! :D and your play list.


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