Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've finally succumbed!

So I've finally succumbed to the peer-pressure. o_O For years I've vowed never to become plagued by the infamous epidemic: "The-Jane Austen-homeschool-clique-club."
I stuck to avoiding all venues that would spike the brutal temptation, for once trapped amidst the clique it is humanly impossible to escape.
Ah yes, I know of the popular claim heavily endorsed by members of HomeschoolAlumni.org

(you know who you are :-/ )

- it is considered mortal sin not to see each and every Austen movie made in the last 20 years, own a Regency gown, English Country Dance, and fall madly in love with Mr. Darcy.

Ok...so what happened. To tell the truth, I can't really say.
Last year I was going about my peaceful ho-hum life,
when I suddenly had the urge to order a Regency dress for the HSA get together in Tennessee.

- the bug must have already been in the air. Obviously one of my sisters, probably Anna, was already effected and beginning to spread germs. I should have known that my compulsive action was the first symptom, but I forgot to heed the warning...

I should mention that at this time I'd already be shnookered into adoring ECD. However, people

(you know who you are :-/ )

insisted that I could never fully appreciate it before watching one of the Austen movies.

I ignored them...alas!

But for a time.

Because now, I'm so deeply entranced by it all...I have no guilts. I guess that's what happens when your brainwashed. You see, I saw the '95 version of Sense and Sensibility for the first time at my dear friends home a few weeks ago, and, well...I loved it so much, Anna bought it for my birthday. Which basically means I saw it twice in two weeks. ^_^

So yeah. I'm infected.

~ This pic reminds me of me and Anna. :) Sisters are the bestest!

I was disappointed when Willoughby ended up the bad guy.
But as my mom says, you always need a character you love to hate.;)

Ok. So I know Edward Ferrars (love his last name :P ) is supposed to be the hero, but I'm not overly fond of him. (wait, that's not true...I'm not *at all* fond of him! :P ) I DO like Elinor, though. Much better than Marianne...Elinor is SO very sensible!
Even when times were tough,
she always kept her head and never lost control.

Hmm...I think Elinor is my favorite female character. :D

Colonel Brandon isn't just my favorite male character - he's the best in the whole movie! To quote Elinor: "He is the kindest and best of men." Truly, I don't think Marianne deserved him!

Random shots I like ~



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