Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I'm Wearin' // pretend photographer

Last week I pretended to be a photographer. That is, Anna deserved a photoshoot. Somehow one or two turned out OK, and thus. . .her Facebook profile picture is {finally} changed and everyone is happy. See, having a so-good-she's-practically-the-real-deal sister (aka, professional photographer in the works,)  is beneficial for FB picture changing. I often become the target for her many "practice shoots." :P Poor Anna on the other hand suffers for months with the same.pictures. This day however, she decided to risk it, actually lent me her camera, (GASP) and voila. Lots of finding the little red dot, TRYING to focus on her face, getting reprimanded for incorrect poses, and then. . .watching as most of my "hard work" was deleted. Not slow, painful deaths. . .more like, "this one is blurry"--delete. "This one is too white."--delete. "This one is overexposed."--delete.

Hey, if I'm taking this baby to Cali I have to practice. I mean, I'm safe with mom's cheap digital, but you know, photos of Disneyland just won't be LEGIT without the camera

Anna's camera.

Yeah, she's lending it to me. . .again.

Brave girl.

All that to say, this is my how-I-think-a-photographer-should-look outfit. What that means is up for debate. ;) The only thing missing was a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (even with my dire hatred of Starbucks, the sugary-pumpkin-whipped-cream stuff is my autumn lifeline.) Picture a crisp afternoon in an apple orchard. Only the last part is true. . .because it was rather hot out. But hey, we're good at using our imaginations, right?


skirt--Cabi (online resale) 
 tee shirt--Old Navy
 sweater--Burlington Coat Factory 


  1. I love your outfit. :-D And I'm looking forward to those Disneyland photos. :-)

  2. Absolutely lovely pictures!! *love* the outfit, perfect for autumn. Anna is definitely very good with her camera!

    I can totally relate to Anna - I am the only photographer in my family, too, which means I hardly ever have new pictures of myself...my current FB profile picture is 2 years old. =P

  3. You are just too pretty for words... hence why this comment is brief and to-the-point. Love this outfit (especially the hat!) and love you! Also, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are about as perfect as a drink gets.

    Have a blessed day, my friend!

  4. Really cute! I never would have though of pairing colorful tights with a denim skirt. I might just have to try that sometime!

  5. Ooohh! I love your outfit!!! I have been wanting to get a pair of those boots for some time, maybe I will soon :) I will just say again that I LOVE your outfit! I love how you put the purple with the black and white, then the boots! LOVE! OK you get the idea that I love your outfit right? :D


  6. That is so so pretty! And look at those poses, and...everything! You're beautiful Michaela. So sorry it hasn't cooled down for you yet! (It's getting cooler and rainier in Washington!)
    Love & hugs,

  7. Um, that outfit! <3 I especially like your shoes. And hey, a photographer has got to look cute, depsite the fact that she's behind the camera. At least that's the philosophy I'm pulling...;)

  8. I'm proud to say I haven't been to a Starbucks since I moved to Durham. There are so many great indipendent shops here. You would love it.


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