Wednesday, September 18, 2013

sometimes. . .

when the brain is mostly dead and the blog is calling, you just need to be random.

so i will.

and i'll type in all lowercase.

because i can.

thinking today about my recent posts--first of all, thank you, like i've said a million times, lovely blog people. you are faithful, genuine, unique, and completely wonderful. i lost two followers the other day, but you know what? i don't care a bit. unlike facebook (haha, there goes the infamous pet-peeve again!) un-following is painless. FB unfriending. . .is like virtual death. not really. :P but! it makes me all the more grateful for those of you who make this little spot come alive--who appreciate the unimportant, sometimes yawn-ful ramblings of one girl, growing along. . .with YOU. makes me all fuzzy inside.

oh yeah, and i realize that--speaking of recent posts--i probably sound over-spiritual, cheesy, even. i can explain. because really, this year has been overturned, lifted up, torn apart, refreshed, destroyed, re-inspired. . .by a radical relationship with Jesus. and my blog, as a type of online journal, is just a glimpse of that new journey. remember my post, "Write Upon These Pages"? He has. not in the ways i've wanted--not in doing things, accomplishments, or meeting-of-goals. instead i've traveled a spiritual path i never knew, to this extent, existed. and THAT is something worth talking about. :)

big, beautiful group--OSR, 2013

all that said, i am finally relaxing after months of planning for The Ohio Summer Rendezvous, the homeschool alumni annual event hosted by my family. i've mentioned it a few times before, and very, very possibly you may be getting a pictorial-tour of the OSR soon. just waiting on pictures from certain photographers :hinthint: as always i've learned a lot, and each year it's a huge blessing not only to give a little something back to the homeschool community, but to see God's Hand work in, out, and through the OSR. it IS nice to have a break from the hectic amount of emails though. . .and i'm super-very-much looking forward to my month long trip to Cali next month.

ramble-y things that need rambling about*~

Hobby Lobby. is amazing. went on a crazy spur-of-the-moment "window shopping" spree with mom today. . .and we totally redecorated the house in our heads. i'm loving whimsical-shabby-chic, country cottage right now. the distressed, muted colors (like turquoise, mustard, you know, my usual faves,) canvas artwork, big old-looking clocks, simple and bold, all that jazz. so much fun. i sorta really love my mom.

THK's. because they just released samples of the latest album (Friends for Life,) on SoundCloud. and even though i've already heard most of it live, i can't get enough of just those little tid-bits. i think you should probably listen to them. right now. in fact, i'll post the link so you can. aren't i nice?

sweatshirts. as in, oversized, GAP, and very pink.

travel plans. California. for a month. in a way i hope i don't get overly homesick. in other ways. . .i can't wait. Disneyland, coffee shops, the beach, sleep-overs and movie nights with my little cousins, first visit to Palms Springs. i'm really looking forward to a time of growth, open doors, and fresh horizons!

"Fireflies" on the piano. need i say more? very challenging, especially since i have an odd half sight-read, half by-ear style of playing. i've mentioned a few times in the past that i've been playing the piano since i was six, and while i was trained classically. . .i've grown quite rusty over the years. sooo i pick music up easiest by reading the notes. . .then listening to the song on youtube. afterward i do my best to copy. ;)

last rodeo of the year. made extra exciting by hot-chocolate. perfect way to end the summer.

  this mug: a lovely little something given to me by a dear friend. not only is it perfect for my daily cuppa, but it reflects both of us perfectly. the animal print--her. the verse--both of us. the coffee--me. the smallest things matter most. :)


i promised a random post.

in which i think i've succeeded.  

happy rambling!


  1. I just love you, lady. :-) Thanks for sharing these tidbits. Such a fun post to read.

    And it was so great reading about your way for learning piano pieces... I too have played piano since the age of six and have gotten rusty over the years... and I am also a sight-reader who is really helped by hearing the song! :-)

    Have a blessed day, my friend.

    PS. And yes, Hobby Lobby is incredible!!!!

  2. Hehe, I like that sign 'Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude'! And that mug is so cute, here's to many good cups of coffee!! :)

  3. I've been waiting for a blog post. :-) With everything not so good in my life right now, your blog is a breath of fresh air. If I have said that before, I'll just say it again. :-)

    Love ya!

  4. I hope you have a great trip to California! Glad to hear things are well with you, and the pictures are great. :)

  5. Can't believe your going to Cali girl!!!! I can literally see you there in my head having the time of your life.
    Hey,looks I'm on your blog.;) I can't wait to see the photos from OSR too!

  6. It's getting to be that season again for sweatshirts. I'm wearing my own right now actually. :D Have a fun on your trip to Cali!

  7. Everything about this post is awesome. It's always fun seeing that you have a new post up, and this one was really fun to read.

    I look forward to reading about the OSR. I really enjoy hearing about it every year. Isn't Hobby Lobby one of the coolest places ever!?! We never had one in our area until a couple years ago and now it's a favorite. Have a wonderful time in Cali!

  8. Have a wonderful time in California!
    If you need any pictures of the three of us(me, you and Anna) or us three and Liza, let me know, I have a few. =) Those were about the only pictures that turned out well for me, other than the talent show pictures which I already posted on FB.

  9. Thanks for posting the High Kings songs. I've been meaning to look them up and listen to some, but hadn't gotten around to it. I am now in love and as soon as I get iTunes running on my laptop again I'll be purchasing as much of their music as I can afford!

  10. MISS YOU. Loved the randomness. We've both gotten so bad at blogging, sigh....

  11. Fun post! I love randomness :) yes, hobby lobby all the way (I could be there for hours!). Thanks for the encouragement- growing isn't always just accomplishing abc. On another note, have a great trip! Have you ever been to Cal before? (I haven't :)

  12. I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D it sounds so mysteriously awsome

  13. lovvvee this! ooh, cali?? come up to OR for a visit, too! ;) seriously! haha. have funnn, girl! you are adorable. and I love that mug, too! also, nice sign. it suits you well. ;)

  14. I hear ya - I've been using Dad's FB to grab what few photos have surfaced from OSR - you can tell Brandon and Anna not to hesitate to put pictures of me up there, I don't mind. :)

    Have a scrumptious time in California! And when you get back…we shall plan a coffee date *mysterious wink*


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