Friday, August 23, 2013

What about Facebook?

Anyone who's read this blog for some time knows I have very strong opinions regarding Facebook. Funny in a sense, because I do have a private account and a fanpage for The Blog. Even so, I'm not afraid of taking loonnnggg FB fasts (does a soul good; I just completed one,) and I even deactivated once. A few of my friends laughed at me for reactivating, but hey, it was a moment of weakness. ;) Otherwise, Facebook has proved itself to be useless in multiple forms. Let's look at a few.

A time waster: Self explanatory. Some of you with a little more self control may handle FB consumption wisely. You may even be "inactive". However, there are a few of us who have gotten caught up in the "there-is-absolutely-no-life-outside-of-the-BOX" game, and well, our brains have suffered because of it. Facebook is an easy cure for boredom. It adds the little pop of excitement to the every day drag. When we wake up, who cares about devotions? or, they can wait. Gotta check FB. Now be honest--what the first thing on YOUR morning agenda? How about rolling out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee, and opening the Bible? May just get the day on a better start. You can peer into your "friends" lives later.

"Stalking is all fun and games. . .until you accidentally press the Like-button."  

It would be nice if more people would say stuff to my face instead of posting it on FacebookBreeds gossip: Facebook is a breeding ground for gossip, slander, rumors, and false assumptions. Innocent notes about peanut butter can turn into "SHE has such a horrid diet! I mean, this is the THIRD sandwich today." Very possibly valid. Even so, constantly peering into people lives all day, every day, is unproductive and even dangerous. An opinion can turn into a battle ground for debate, confusion, and destroyed friendships. All because someone said the "wrong" thing. . .or possibly had an opinion. (rule of thumb: opinions and Facebook don't mix. Learn to think like everyone else, and life is SAFE. Restricting comments mainly to the weather is perfectly acceptable. :P )
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But I'm bored! scene#1 Another lazy day at home. Remember the peanut butter sandwich above? Your making it now. May write a couple emails. . .check FB. Eh, only one notification (after ten minutes of staring at the screen, this is exciting.) Might as well talk about this awesome PB&J. Might even get so-in-so's attention. Might not. Nothing to lose, either way.

scene #2 So-in-so, during a lunch break at the office, casually glances at their iphone and sees the above status. Ok. The first thing that comes to mind? Annoying. Seriously, is it necessary to update on every.single.thing you've done throughout the day? That is what journaling is for. :P Oh, and while I'm ranting, we don't care if you just unloaded another basket of laundry.

"No, I don't watch soap operas. I have Facebook. There's a new episode every  five minutes."

Facebook humor... For more humorous quotes and funny pictures visit
False identity: Online, you can be anyone and anything. Hiding behind our computer screens we can play the bully, paint pictures of our care-free lives, make ourselves funny, famous, super-Spiritual. Goes for any online networking site. Facebook is the first that comes to mind, naturally, since adding "mutual" acquaintances is common place. Ever meet an online friend in person and realize, "wow, they are TOTALLY not what I expected?!" It is so, so very important to be oneself online, as I covered in my post, Blogging Tips. It's a very delicate balance. Aside from a handful of people you trust, the several hundred "friends" in your virtual list know very little to nothing about you. Yes, networking is the primary purpose of Facebook, and granted, it's an excellent tool for meeting people; I've done it with beautiful results. But think about it. Most likely (unless your a journal-er, like I mentioned above, :) ) you are only sharing bits and pieces of your life online. Little glimpses that only make the smallest fraction of the real you. Because we both know there is so much more to YOU--the living, breathing person God created--than the shadows of the online world.

"Facebook is the only place where it's acceptable to talk to a wall." 

Introducing Bragbook: As my dad calls it. In short, Facebook is often used as a daily "moral boaster." For ie, changing one's profile picture every other day, self-glorifying "look at ME!" status's and/or comments. Flaunting, manipulating, FB has it all.

Communication: Tone cannot be read online. Period. Oftentimes something said with a smile in person sounds sarcastic--even rude--online. Winding back to the "False Identity Clause," Facebook has made many an enemy by simple misunderstanding.

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The new dating site: This one is going to sound absurd, but it is a huge concern of mine. The big question in most homeschool, Christian circles is--"why are there so many singles?" Make way for the Mighty FB with it's long nose. Not going to get into ALL my opinions, because that would take another post, and is semi-off topic, however I believe Facebook and the internet in general plays a huge part in the "unmarried" dilemma. For one, we live in an age when young men are encouraged to remain boys--living at home, unable to carry a regular job, spending hours playing video games and surfing the internet. Sadly networking sites like Facebook widens the gender pool for a lot of guys, Christian and non-Christian. Why settle for one girl when there are hundreds to browse, when talking to the next cute chick is only a click away? I don't know about you, but it's just a little creepy to check out a friends FB info and see "interested in women" attached to their name. Slightly invasive, when you think about it. This is all the reason I so dislike dating sites in general, but again, another topic for another time. Facebook is just one more tool in the devils plot against Biblical marriage.

*Note that I am not at all against meeting a potential spouse on Facebook. It DOES happen. I'm talking about randomly "checking out" everyone with zero commitment. Very different scenario.

And there you have the "official" rant of Michaela on "what about Facebook?" ;) Like I said above, YES, I'm guilty of having an account. FB does have its good points, for ie, I've met some of my best friends online. :) It can be used for God's glory if carefully moderated, is "others" focused, if we guard our hearts, check our motives, and sheesh, step outside to hear the birds! There is a big, beautiful world OUTSIDE the "box." Try cultivating friendships in real-time. Out of state friends? Buy a plane ticket. Make a phone call. Write a letter. Send an email. Write a blog post (in case you couldn't tell, I'm a huge advocate of blogging. Such a refreshing change of pace.)

If this post spoke to you at all, let me know! And by all means, add to the list--I'd love to hear your opinions. :)


  1. "Out of state friends: buy a ticket." Indeed, dear.

    JK. :P

  2. I see what you are saying that some people (including myself) can get stuck to the computer and can't get away from it(which was me this summer). But "at the end of the day" I am not exactly getting your point (not trying to be sarcastic:))

    1. I see. :) Would you like to expound? My point is that Facebook can be used in a self glorifying, unproductive way, and often is. HOWEVER, like anything, God can shape beautiful things from online activity, depending on our motive. It really all depends on perspective.

  3. Wow, awesome post Michaela! I've been debating taking a break from Facebook for a while. I never really post, but I do have an account for my blog. Maybe I'll just cut out my personal account for a while. :) To me there doesn't seem to be too much to gain from Facebook, and like you said, it's better to get to know living breathing people rather than stalk what they choose to post online. :)

  4. I think that FB to message people for events and friends that don't have text is really the only legitimate reason for me. I have deactivated a couple times, and I rarely post. I have had to delete several posts and comments because I was complaining (my greatest online tendency I think) or mean or because someone didn't want a different opinion. Another problem is looking at people's really stupid and vain and obnoxious posts which come in a constant stream...and being snarky...not on FB but to myself and other friends. I have had a hard time trying to decide who to even friend (I mean amongst my very small church and anyone else with a reasonable trust level; I am already automatically more careful than most people).

  5. Totally agree. With all of it! I've never had a Facebook and don't plan on ever having one. I've heard enough of it from family members and friends and I hate it. My parents aren't on, either--we all agree that it has a pretty negative affect most of the time. Facebook wants to know where you're going, who you're with, what time, what you're thinking, plus pictures. And even if you choose not to share all that, others will.

    In this world of social media obsession, it's good to know there's others out there who aren't so knee-deep in it. ;)

    I do like Instagram, however. It's just a picture and a caption, and though some people twist and manipulate it, it's usually much better.

    God bless you and have a great day! :)
    Joy :)

  6. Sooo...I totally agree with this post, and I even have an account. =)
    Your points were so good, there are so few positive points about FB. I know a couple people who use it for ministry purposes, but other than that...there isn't much point. I'm kind of getting the the point were I've considered deactivating, weighing all the options first, but yeah, it's been on my mind. =)
    But anyway, thanks for sharing this post! You're a blessing. =)
    (hehe, just read that and realized I used the word "point" waaay to much. =P)

  7. I agree with everything you said here. FB can be used for good and evil, and the good can be bad when not moderated. I tend to use FB to keep up with certain friends that it is very hard to connect with otherwise. Yes I have had trouble with being on too much, more when I first started with it, have settled down a lot now, the novelty has worn off I guess lol.

    God Bless,

  8. Really insightful thoughts, Michaela! It's important to keep all of those things in mind. Wasting time is a big one for me, and I'm always trying to make sure I come across as who I really am. I've had the "experience" of meeting cyber friends in person and thinking, "They aren't really like I thought they were!" ;)

    After deleting my account over two years ago (blogged about it here..., I recently got back on Facebook because of my photography business. Previously, Facebook had afforded me a few great opportunities I wouldn't have had had I not been on it (and a few fantastic friends!), but because I had to spend a lot of time on the computer (i.e. working in my family's book business, editing pictures, etc.), the temptation to continually "check" things became too great. I was spending far too much time doing nothing (a true oxymoron). So I spent two very happy years away from FB (except for occasionally checking my mom and brother's accounts). Now, I actually have "WasteNoTime" installed in my browser to only let me access Facebook for a certain number of minutes a day. Helps to eliminate that time-wasting tendency I have. ;)

    I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite Facebook quotes...
    “One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.” -John Piper

    Have a blessed weekend!

    In Christ,

  9. You came up with some good points here, Michaela!
    I don't have a FB account, (though I do have Goodreads and a Google + accounts) (and a blog :o D), but that's because I didn't want the publicity of a FB account. Google +, as far as I can tell, is at least a little safer... annnnd though I don't use Google + very much I must admit that Goodreads sees me very often..... ;o )

    God bless!
    In Christ,

  10. Amen! What an awesome post! I agree wholeheartedly with you on the issue of Facebook. I do not have an account, and do not ever plan to. Too much drama is involved, and I'm not talking about theater drama. In my opinion, Facebook is a breeding ground for temptations, deceit, and rumors. It is a false idea of relationships, and yes, time-consuming.

    Well done! I do believe you made your point. And a good one, too. =]

    By the way, I have awarded you! Here's the link:



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