Thursday, January 24, 2013

Les Mix. {Awkward and Awesome Thursday #5}


  • that moment every Monday when one of the two year olds you nanny asks "can we watch the acorn story?" and you realize she's talking about Richard Armitage reading 'The Lost Acorn'. ok, so it's adorable. . .but her mother is probably wondering WHO Richard is ("I want to hear Richard read Acorn!") and WHY her daughter has a sudden love for the name Stanley. 

{these videos, btw, are highly-awesome. and adorable. and i'll stop fangirling right now.}

  • spending alllll day in the kitchen making homemade linguine. and washing and re-washing hundreds of dishes. and realizing that after all the work. . .all the labor of love and deliberate rolling and re-rolling of the pasta dough, making perfectly thin, perfectly delicate linguine. . .its gone, devoured, and utterly consumed within a few minutes.

{Salmone, Piselli, e Pasta, aka, Salmon, Peas, and Pasta. made by Yours Truly. photo by Anna}

  • getting a phone call from a stranger. . .from my cell. and the confusion of "how" and "why" it fell out of my pocket, since i hadn't been outside that day. #storyofmylife

  • the "i-think-i'll-just-crawl-under-a-rock-now" feeling when you write a "who do you think you are?" note to a friend then realize they were joking the entire time. 

{yeah, my comment above? this is how i felt. *ahem* photo by a friend in MI  }
  • typing on my new Kindle. and laughing at all the typos (curse you, automatic spell-check!) "Les Mix" is the all-new, Michaela-style "Les Miz". makes it that much more special. ;)


  • opened doors suddenly gaping through life's canvas; me up until Sunday. now I'm faced with this new job opportunity (outlined in jest above. it's really that bad, but it's also something i have to consider. if you think about it, please pray for wisdom!) 

  • when your mom randomly brings home a tray of sushi on snowy afternoons. 

  • fuzzy-rainbow-monkey socks. some things you just never outgrow. like newly opened-crayons and Strawberry Shortcake coloring books.

{pic by Anna}

  • FINALLY getting my hair trimmed. it's been since July. . .and well, scraggly spaghetti-ends and i don't get along very well. it's back to it's usual length now--right below my shoulders, and i'm a much happier girl. 

  • getting all the details--flight, pick up, tickets, hotel, and whatnot, for the 2013 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival! Whooohooo I can hardly wait! so many of my Beyond the Mask friends will be there it's not even funny--annnddd if YOU are planning to attend, why don't you let me know in a comment? i'd love to meet you!

  • my new Kindle Fire HD. i never wanted any kind of portable computer, but now that my Kindle and i are well acquainted, i LOVE it. he needs a name though. any suggestions? 

  • evenings around the fireplace munching date-nut cookies and watching The Andy Griffith Show.

  • seeing the Lord work in my life and the lives of my friends; new friendships that inspire me in my Walk; vindication in area's of confusion; helping and praying for those around me. God Works in mysterious ways--and isn't it an adventure, watching Him Work? Praising my Jesus today for His providence and strange, merciful love for me.


thanks for letting me ramble--it's been awhile since i've written a good 'Awkward and Awesome' post. i'm currently writing a review of The Hobbit, so keep an eye out. that should be up next, if my Vlog doesn't make it first. in the meantime--what's been awkwardly-awesome in your life lately?

PS--I'd like to invite you to read my friend Audra's blog, My Sock Monkey Life. She is a beautiful young mom and very inspiring person. Please leave a comment, follow, or just pop in to say hello! :) 


  1. Your posts always inspire me! :) strawberry shortcake coloring books= awesome! ;-P thanks for sharing the bits and pieces that make up life! :) <3

    1. Awww, why thank you! :) I really appreciate the encouragement--really and truly! My life. . .may not always be my definition of "inspiring", but it's certainly interesting. :P hehe Glad you enjoyed this post.

  2. oh, you poor dear. that nanny-ing position sounds like a nightmare. word of advice: drop the books off, and run for it! ohmy. cell-phone, Richard Armitage, spell-check, yupyupyup. ;) those all sound like things i would do. (and have done, may i just say.)

    now i've covered the awkward: here comes the awesome! ;)

    YOU GOT A KINDLE?!?! (if you didn't get that, i'm a wee bit jealous. okay, i shouldn't be. getting over it... okay, i'm good.) that is so exciting... book-worm that you are. ;) also, Andy Griffith, cookies and family... yes. oh, and Richard Armitage. I think he pretty much qualifies for the "awesome" section. ;)

    anywayyyyy. i've written a small novel. praying for you, darling, and glad you're back. ;) (also, looking forward to the Hobbit review. i'm kinda obsessed. ahem. AND THE VLOG. looking forward to that.)


    1. Haaaaaaaaaaa I can always count on you for a laugh, girl! :P Never fear about the nanny position (thank you so much for the prayers!)--I've decided not to take it. Long story, but I think this is the right choice. I just can't compromise every single one of my beliefs, you know? Crrazy stuff.

      Be jealous. Be VERY jealous. For I--myself--have a Kindle. A real, honest-to-goodness Kindle Fire HD. And I didn't even want it. ;) That's why I have my little flip-open phone, because I absolutely refused to carry a computer with me everywhere. And now I have a Kindle. And I love it to death.

      Yes. RA is highly awesome. B) But that's just a given. Are those vids the cutest things on earth?

  3. Richard Armitage reading kids stories-somebody pick me up! Oh, I love him.

    Um, it really doesn't sound like you should take that job. Undisciplined children are bad enough, but not being able to say NO-you would not be able to take care of the little monster and the mom would blame you for everything. I think you would be so stressed.

    I loooove Richard Armitage. Okay, I am done.

    1. Hey Kindred Spirit--maybe we should start a support group. :P :P

      Really, you may not realize it, but comments like this have actually helped me in my decision. I'm not taking the job. So many negative opinions have popped up here and there--friends, facebook, and yes, blogger. One confirmation after another. Thank you! :)

  4. You crack me up, my friend!!! Crawl under a rock...I told you, come on a my house instead! Like, soon. Please! I'm also praying for wisdom regarding your nanny job. In my experience (babysitting), I can offer a little advice. It's mighty difficult to raise a child that you can't raise. If their beliefs go against your beliefs about raising children, you will probably go crazy!!! But, I will support whatever your decision is :) And I will pray extra hard, if you say yes ;)


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