Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Babbling at Tea and Bree

Hello my amazing followers!--check out the guest post I wrote over at Tea and Bree. And don't laugh. . .it's a rambling mess and probably makes no sense. Just grateful to Bree (amazing, caffeine-addicted gal that she is,) for allowing me to babel on her blog. ;) Enjoy, and do leave a comment!

Speaking of tea, I'm currently in love with Chai. Especially Coconut Thai and vanilla. Yum. Two cups in the morning with breakfast, and I've been mixing up banana's, frozen peaches, mango's, and pineapple with a couple large handfuls of spinach for lunch. Makes an amazing "green smoothie"--even with the banana's. :shiver: Helped me yesterday afternoon to conquer giveaway details.

 Anyone else excited for Giveaway "300" this weekend? I've been spending hours and hours finishing the last touches. It's amazing, all the prep-work that goes into planning and preparing bigger giveaways. Thankfully Anna bought her own laptop last week--so I've had free reign over the desktop. haha

Tally-ho, friends! See you later this week.



  1. Tea is wonderful-- nuff said. :-)

    Looking forward to your giveaway!!!

  2. Never had tea but I do like the smell of it.
    and yes I am looking forward to your giveaway!


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