Monday, July 30, 2012

Halftee {review} on a fine summer day.

About three months ago, a small piece of clothing was sent to me for review--the Halftee. I'd seen them on various blogs, checked out the website, and decided I **needed** one. I mean, what girl doesn't dream of half a t-shirt? Ok, so maybe you haven't literally--but the idea is pretty exciting, right? Think of all those too-low tops. They might be made modest with a cami. But then there's the twisting, fussy, extra weight of TWO shirts. NO fun. Most of the time I just refuse to do it. And then there are see-through tops that just need a visible sleeve--(my preference anyway. In which case the dreaded cami is worthless.) Enter--the Halftee.

{proof that you can layer THREE shirts (Halftee included,) without bulk.}  

I was wildly excited when Tami promptly responded to my review inquiry. She talked to me about sizing, and suggested Halftee's new fabric type, Modal--stretchy, dressier, and oh-so-soft. I chose the basic Halftee, size small in cream. . .and have worn it dozens of times, washed and rewashed it, and though the tag doesn't recommend it, even tossed it in the dryer once. With incredible results. It didn't shrink, looks absolutely perfect with every top and dress, (GET the Modal fabric, trust me,) is cool, light, and extrrreamly comfortable. I pretty much LOVE this thing. Oh, and it stays in place all day, though next time I'll order a size smaller, only because, technically being a t-shirt, it does stretch a bit. 

{here you can see the sleeves--love the effortlessness and confidence of Halftee. i can wear it with anything and know my outfit is totally modest.}

Really girls, Halftee is a dream accessory. The cute little garment is seamless with a reversible neckline for just the right amount of coverage. I usually use the higher side, unless my hair is up and I don't want too much back showing. It's darling and modest and light (really, under clothes you forget it's there) and every girl needs to own several dozen. I can't wait to order more. . .in elbow length, boyfriend, lace, brown, baby pink, white, black . . .hey, mom and dad? Forget fancy birthday gifts--I'll take a lifetime supply of Halftee's.


Special thanks to Tami--the tee arrived around the time I put Nick down, and life just never stopped for photo-shoots. Tami has been lovely, always replying to my "just give me another week!" emails with understanding-patience. Thank you so much!


--modal basic Halftee in cream {both outfits} :
--pink, cream, taupe sundress: gift shop on Baldhead Island, NC
--denim maxi skirt {yes, I realize I wear this in almost all my outfit posts ;) } : made by me
--turquoise tee: Target {??}
--lacy taupe peasant top {with draped back} : JC Penny
--taupe wedges {maxi skirt outfit, not shown} : Payless Shoes
--hot pink flip flops {sundress outfit, not shown} : Old Navy
--pearl hoop earrings: Kohls 
--pearl-flower drops: gift
--flower clips: ??


  1. Oh my goodness, those look so helpful! I'm definitely gonna have to check 'em out. :)

  2. ooh, looks lovely! :) no-added-bulk shirts are SO nice, especially in summer. ;) great review, Michaela!


    ps--you are so gorgeous. :)


  3. Oh my! I think I need a lifetime supply of these too!
    I detest having to wear two shirts at once, but a lot of times that is the only modest option. UGH! In the summer it is insufferable..... Because of this "issue", I typically bypass anything that would need something under it for that reason. But, some tops are super cute as long as they have a modest top underneath..... I am definitely check'in these out!
    Thanks so much Michaela!

    In Him,

    1. TOTALLY understand, Olivia! I'm the same way--comfort first. Cami's and I do not get along. ;)

  4. That is so so neat! I will have to look at them sometime...

  5. I know this is a review on half-tree's tees but I fell in love with that sun-dress. It. is. l.o.v.e.l.y.:)
    But the other outfits are darling too and I'll definetly have to check them out! {Your reviews are making my wallet get thin:) lol}

    1. It's funny, I rarely, if ever, buy clothing at gift shops. . .they are usually soooo overpriced, are too large/cheap-y, etc. But I fell in love with "the beach look" while in NC--hemp, shell-y, "surfer-dude" bracelets and necklaces. . .salty, ocean-blown hair, and airy, comfy, (adjectives, anyone? ;) ) summery dresses. Which is why, when I walked into the gift shop on Baldhead Island (an adorable little town made up of beach houses with golf-cart garages and inhabited by only 500 residents,)--I fell in love, and had to buy. . .a sundress. A pink sundress. (of course.) Plus the $$ went towards preserving the sea-turtle population. ;) But anyway--I love this dress. . .just wish the weather over here wasn't so fallish right now. :-/

  6. Ok... I am saying this is a great idea. At first I was thinking, Halftee? really why? I don't want my half of anything uncovered. Then I got to thinking about necklines and etc... ingenious. I'm thinking I could easily make one or two or ten with all those tees I get that are way too long for my 5 foot frame.

    So we are partners in the button swap. Do you want to coordinate and do it on the same day or would you rather pick different days? Drop me an email and let me know what you prefer.


    Mrs. W

    1. Hey Mrs. W! Nice to "meet" you. ;) Really looking forward to doing the button swap with you. . .I actually just made a new button to go with my new blog look. I'll contact you and we can work out details.

  7. You know what, that is pretty cool… I’d never heard of it before.

  8. It's really cute and you are right, it's a great alternative to the cami. Love it!

  9. oh, i love this! i'm gonna need to get me one of those ;) you, m'dear, are beautiful. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! love yours!

  10. i absolutely love this! lovely blog girl! keep 'em comin'!

    love, rach.

  11. You are so beautiful! Both outfits look lovely on you! :)

  12. you're cute. :)
    also, your "about me" page pretty much makes my day. LES MIS FOR THE WIN. and also this statement: mixing folk music, italian opera, and broadway musicals is correct and cultured. I heartily agree.

  13. Sounds brilliant to me.
    You bought it on Bald Head Island? Thats just around the corner from me!

    1. Seriously? (I bought the dress there, btw, not my Halftee. ;) ) SOO neat! Baldhead was one of my favorite vacation spots. So adorable and private. Do you go there often?

    2. Not too often, we live next to another beach closer to us just down the road. But we do try and get over there and enjoy it. We love to drive our boat there and enjoy a day going around on golf carts and drooling over the huge, beautiful houses. : )

  14. Oh goodness You ladies are so sweet! :) Very glad you enjoyed the review--I had a blast posing and putting it all together. Reeeaaallly hope you take advantage of Halftee. Not to sound like one big advertisement, but really, I can't get over this product. It's that incredible. ;) I've worn my halftee gazillions of times, in all sorts of weather and at all sorts of events, with totally cool, comfortable, effortless results. (if you buy one. . .or two. . .lemme know, please! I'd love to see pics of your "new look".) Um, lets just say that my parents know EXACTLY what to get for my b-day. B)


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