Saturday, April 7, 2012

a shire-ful, abandoned sort of photo-shoot.

well, today was the last day spent with two of my loverly friends.  i mean, its really sad--now i can't eat fried food and sugar every day! {technically i can if i want, but there's an extra excuse when company comes calling.} and we've had too much fun. . .lots of "shopping" and dreaming of the things we want to buy. {since most of us are poor.} bookstore browsing, cheese tasting, thrift-storing, tip-toeing through a pink, colorful, slightly-creepy "fairy-shop", eating out, (as in hot dogs, candy, candy, and more candy,) hat competitions, {i think we all liked the feathery ones best,} 50's dress-testing, vintage leather gloves, amish food {and LOTS of food in general,} romping 'round our town square, tea-parties, the always amazing, all wonderful, incredible Tintin, british accent giggling. . .and. just a really beauteous time. 


 it's a compliment when your friend (who happens to be staying at your house for a week,) says (when talking about blogs,) "yeah, michaela does "nonsense" well." hey, i share the very random bits of my mind--with you. and even though i'm not the best blogger, i think that keeps ppls coming back. thanks. it means a lot to me. someday all the promised posts will be posted, i'll remember to answer every comment, i'll make another vlog, AND have a giveaway. for now--keep reading, and thanks for the loyalty. truly.


an abandoned photo-shoot, in the shire. to commemorate our week. (flop--i'm looking at you. we are doing this someday. soon.) because we decided to check out the ruins behind our house. aka, an abandoned barn and dog kennel. more like a puppy mill. sad to think of that--but really mysterious and awesome to explore! o.O there were old chicken feathers, water bowls, chew-bones, holes in the floor, a loft, bridges. . .

so, while i'm rambling. . .who's seen Tintin? i'm just slightly crazy about jamie bell's voice, even though i've never actually seen him in anything. :swoooon:  the motion-capture animation used in the film is out of this world. and Tintin himself is. . .well, i think i actually like a red head. perfect hero in every way.


just so you know. vintage leather gloves in mustard = love. LQTM means "laughing quietly to myself". it's the new LOL. the only worse thing than having a spider in your room is losing a spider in your room. a persons a person, no matter how small. and by all means, remember to be a fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios.  


  1. Great pictures! I love the hats! ;)


  2. Oh, loverly pictures!
    Tintin is amazing. I really want to see some of the actor's films. And the lad's clothes are so tasteful!
    ~Rosamund Gregory at

  3. Sweet! Great pictures, pretty ladies, super randomness! ;)

    I LOVE the picture with Anna in the glasses! (it IS her, isn't it? :P )


  4. I love your rambles - so cute.
    You & your friends are beautiful! <3


  5. Oh how funny! I'm wearing the skirt that anna's wearing today! It's pretty!! :) dressbarn, right? lol

  6. Cool pictures! The ones in the barn look like they could be band pictures. :)
    You haven't seen Jamie Belle in anything? Do you like Dickens? You should see the version of "Nicholas Nickleby" with Jamie Bell in it. It's my favorite version. :)

  7. Ahhhh... such a delightful post. The photo shoot you did looks amazing!

    About a week ago, my family saw the Tintin movie... is was SO CUTE! Although, I must say the dog, Snowy, was my favorite character. *LQTM*

    Notice how your new acronym is sweeping the nation. ^

    ...aaaand since nobody commented on your awesome spider tidbit.... I know exactly what you mean. I did lose a spider in my room just the other day... and it was horrible not knowing where it went. =D

  8. Thanks, ladies! Your comments make me smile. --> :) see? Yes to Anna reflected in the glasses, yes to Dressbarn, and YES to Tintin. (and yes to Snowy. SO cute.) Nope, never seen Jamie Bell in anything. Have any of you watched the behind-the-scenes vids of Tintin on youtube? Reeally interesting stuff. Animation/motion capture--its all amazing. o.O

    What is the Jamie Bell version of Nicholas Nickleby rated, Madeline?

  9. did I miss this post?! Ack. LOVE it. LOVE the pics. And Jamie Bell does a heartbreaking job in Nicholas Nickleby (2002 version)...just sayin'.

    We will do this someday. :)

  10. Wow, I need to read your blog more often... I didn't even see this post... lo ;)


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