Friday, December 16, 2011

little black dress and a peppermint mocha: eShakti product review

I am so excited to share with you the scrumptious sample dress I received from eShakti, a company that produces modest and beautiful clothing for women. The most ingenious part? Each eShakti item can be customized according to body type, style, often even color! There are dozens of dresses, skirts, and tops to choose from--ladies, your hunt is over! For a teeny-tiny person like me, this thought is thrilling. Not only can I buy clothes that fit me perfectly, but in the exact style I want. When I first discovered eShakti I pounced on the idea. Really. . .it was a bit obsessive-compulsive. ;) I scored the site up and down, saving links to all my favorite styles. "Ooh, I can lengthen this one, or add cap sleeves--no, make that puffed sleeves--to that one."  


So. Long story short, I wrote eShakti and asked to do a product review. Jennifer, the Head-Marketing manager for the company, very graciously worked with me. ;) And that isn't an understatement. For awhile there were sizing issues. . .my bad. {or else this review would have been posted months ago.} Even after all that fiasco I was allowed to pick a second sample, it was shipped in decent time, and viola! A perfectly adorable little black dress, just as I'd always imagined. I have a large rib cage, so the fitted bodice is a bit snug, but over all I am VERY satisfied. The very full pleated skirt and cap sleeves add a 1950s, vintage flair. 


I chose the standard size, rather then customized, for this particular dress. {custom can mean anything from dress length to neck shape--I love how this ensures modesty according to one's taste/preference.} They {standard size} run a bit small, so I suggest getting one size bigger then your usual measurements.  For the customized option, measure exactly according to your size.

And here I must break to show you THIS: A peppermint mocha, translated into heaven-in-a-cup. I thought coffee was perfection itself. . .then I tried a mocha. Now--I think I'm dying. Add this to my obsessed list.

Nooowww. . .after savoring every homey, holiday-ish sip of pepperminty mocha, head over to to order your very own creation. Annnddd use this special promotional code to receive $20 off of your purchase: LASTROSE0811 The offer is valid through 12/31/2011.


  1. Oh...I love it!! It's so beautiful and feminine! I'll definitely have to go check out the shop :)

  2. Darlingest Flippy! It's gorgeous!!!! OMS. Must go check out, and that right verily.

    From your friend ~ who is doomed to end her days as a picture in a fridge. :-P...


  3. What a pretty dress! I love how you paired it with the purple tights.

  4. Michaela, you look utterly adorable in that dress! I love how 50's-ish and vintage it is . . . *sigh*

    eShakti is amazing. They contacted me about doing a product review a while ago, and I about fainted. (Okay, maybe not really, but in theory . . . :)) Jennifer just emailed me today to let me know that my dress is in the mail and should be arriving soon. I'm extremely excited. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Wow... so pretty!! You and the dress are both gorgeous! I've only heard good things about eshakti... so maybe when I've saved a lot of pennies I'll get one of their dresses! :)

    God bless!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogg!! :) 199th follower!

  7. That dress is so adorable! It looks lovely one you. =)

  8. Wow I cant wait to order a few, fingers crossed they post to Australia!

  9. Just looked into it and they dont post outside America and Canada :(

  10. Aww, you look so lovely and pretty! I love that dress. The end. :)


  11. I love it!! I love the black, with the purple tights. Lovely!! Oh, and I love your shoes!! :D You're gorgeous!

  12. Oh, what a loverly dress! So nice, black, and perfect. I simply must go visit this company's website and see what else they sell!

  13. It's beautiful! Love it on you, friend. Glad you finally had good success with them. :)

  14. Oh yum!! I just had a peppermint mocha at Starbucks last night!! :)



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