Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing: Banjo-Man Nick

I now have a man in my life. He is small, furry, bouncy, full of sugar-and-spice, a sweetheart (with horns,) and just down-right cute. And his name is Banjo-Man Nick, aka "The Nickster", Nickers, Nickle, Nix, Puppers. . .but most usually just plain Nick. Yes. . .my "baby" came home five days ago.

I mean, ppls, look AT THAT FACE! the mustache. the button-ish nose, the chocolaty eyes: "the Nickster".  

The Lord has been teaching me so many things, working in so many incredible ways. . .the day I met Nick, for example. It was just after I was home from the conference, driving with my family along the stunningly-beautiful, hilly roads of back-woods Ohio; country at its best. I love it. Anyway, I was reading somewhere in the middle of the book Set Apart Femininity, feeling convicted, asking the Lord to give me a ministry. Then I walked into the little shop where Nick romped with dozens of other pups - all toys, all cute, but of course Nick was the cutest. And I had to have him. . .Thank the Lord for working out the details. Nick is MINE. o.O


"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

I'd love to turn him into a therapy dog. . .once the so-bad-I'm-adorable stage is over and he can behave like a proper human-dog. We'll see what happens. ;) In the meantime, I have one preciousness pupper. Yes, I've always been a "big-dog" person, and yes, I've always called toys "drop-kick dogs" - but Nick has DRASTICALLY changed my worldview. Yorkies? Best dogs in the world. Smart, easily trained, fearless. Don't anyone dare call them sissy or delicate.  Small dog in a Great Dane's body? Exactly.  This is why he has a cowboy name, Banjo-Man. Because cowboys are awesome, and Nick is a manly-sort-of-man. All boy. 

Off my bucket list this year: 
  • see Les Miserables LIVE
  • visit Disneyland
  • go to 5 High Kings concerts
  • get my own dog (after years and years of asking. ;) ) 

So. I am deeply and ardently in love. With a 3 lb. 13 oz. ball of fluff. Note that Nicks hair will never grow long or be kept in a bow. That would cause identity crisis. . .He is my widdle-precious. A Yorkshire "terror." And he already "heels" on his leash, can sit, PLUS sleep all night in his crate. Readers: the moral of the story is. . .find a reliable breeder, buy a Yorkie. Forget droning days of boredom. Forget your once-free, independent life. (hey, preparation for motherhood, perhaps? ;) ) Because small dogs are awesome. Their portable. Their beautiful. Everyone NEEDs one. The end.

I've always loved animals, but recently the total-10-year-old infatuation has returned. Walking into a pet store is more heart-stopping then ever. Especially since everyone stops me with exclamations of, "ohhhhh, what a CUTE puppy." I personally think "cute" is an understatement. Handsome?  Of course. Who needs Richard Armitage?  :ducks flying tomatoes: Now if Nick would just stop chewing on EVERYTHING. . .

Pretty much. . .I'm tired. But happy. And I've forgotten what the word "clean" means =  PUPPer LOVE. 


  1. Find a breeder? Support puppy mills by buying from a pet store?

    There are hundreds of wonderful dogs available at your local shelters. These dogs may be killed if they do not find homes.

    WWJD? I am sure he'd save the life of a wonderful shelter dog, not promote the cruel puppy breeding industry.

  2. Oh my, I was never giving the idea that I support puppy mills! o.O There is a huge difference between buying a puppy from a pet shop (which I did not, just from a store that is used simply as a tool for selling this particular breeders puppies,) and from a reliable breeder who loves and cares for his dogs. Nick was born on an Amish farm, was very well taken care of, and even impressed the vet with his amazing health!

    So anyway. Not supporting puppy mills at all. I am totally against them! :)

  3. aw, what a treasure.

    also, to the person who made that comment about puppy mills. sometimes people do chose to get a puppy from a breeder. that in no way supports puppy mills! i have many dear breeder friends who do not have a thousand pups in dank cages. =/ be careful with your blanket statements.

  4. Michaela, we have rescued dogs before in our home & cats :) Just because you decided to get a Yorkie does not mean you support puppy mills, that is a ridiculous, out of control statement. Also, if a pure bred dog is from a puppy mill, wouldnt that be a rescue?

  5. Congrats on your new puppy! Though not a fan of the smaller dogs (German Shepherds forever!), I do think he is the cutest little Yorkie ever! Terriers are just awesome and so...tenacious! Good luck with his training and, Lord wiling, your ministry will go off without a hitch! :)

    Oh and good RELIABLE breeders are what I will go to every time. Are there wonderful dogs in the shelters? Yes. Are they cheaper? Sometimes, yes. Can you find purebreds at a shelter? Yes. The thing is puppy mills are bad. Good breeders and shelters are not. People are the problem...spay or neuter your dog! Be a responsible breeder.

    Once again, good luck, Michaela! He is super cute and wonderfully!! Love the name too! :D

    ~God Bless~

  6. What an adorable, darling puppy you've got! Makes me wish I could own a dog myself.

  7. How cute!!!!!!! I want one so badly now. : )

  8. Ohhhh,so cute!!!! I love these little dogs....
    They must of moved that pet shop,cause I think last year when we went to that beautiful countryside it wasn't where its always been.

    I hope you have lots of fun,with Nickster. ;)

  9. Haha, I'm not an animal lover, but Nick certainly is a cutie. My family has had MANY dogs come and go through the years. Right now we have two Golden Retrievers and a Schnauzer. I've decided not to have dogs of my own... but I must tell you that that ONE kind of dog that I thought about getting in highschool was a Yorkie. Nick is too cute... and he's even cuter since he belongs to you and not me!!! LOL! Hope you continue to enjoy him!

    Love in Christ,

  10. I want one! But we already have one over-HYPER!!!! German Shepherd mix dog and I'm sure my dad won't want another dog for years.

    Maybe when I'm older!

  11. AWWWW! He is adorable! I am not a little dog 'liker' but I think he is about as cute as a dog could be! :)

  12. Hi Michaela!
    Oh! I am so excited for you! A puppy is so much fun not even to mention how adorable they are! As for his problem with chewing on everything... When we got our puppy, he did the same. He chewed on everything! My Aunt told us about this spray that you put on whatever the dog is chewing on. It doesen't hurt the dog and it works great as far as keeping them from chewing on everything! It's called, Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray. It just tastes bad to them so they won't chew on it anymore! You can buy it at Pet Supplies Plus or I'm sure other places would have it too! Hope this helps! Oh, and have fun with your little guy!
    Hannah N.

  13. Aww, he's adorable!!! I'm not a huge dog person, but I fell in love at the first picture :-) My baby brother was sitting on my lap and he loved them too! He loves pictures of animals. He 'oohs' over them :-) (since he can't talk yet.)

    Hope you have fun!

  14. Buying from a breeder is not much better than supporting puppy mills.

    There are tens of thousands of dogs in need of a home. A breeder is purposefully creating more dogs, lessening the chance that shelter dogs will find a home.

    I think Jesus would have opened his heart to a shelter dog, not purchased a dog created specifically for profit.

  15. Nick is a complete doll. If someday I get married and husband-whoever-he-may-be wants a dog, I'll vote Yorkie! :-) You lucky ducky.

    And this whole breeder vs. pound debate is completely ridiculous. Just sayin'. If you don't like breeders, then pete's sake don't buy from breeders. But everyone has the right to make their own decisions, and we're taking the comments wayyyy off course here!

    This post is about celebrating the arrival of a bundle of absolutely adorableness, not to debate the legitimacy of good breeders. Pete's sake, people! :-)

    Anyway. Off my soapbox. Congrats, Flippy, and I just hope I can someday meet Nick in person!


  16. He's adorable! Hope you're having fun with him Michaela! :)

  17. Okay, I saw the little Nickster (do I have permission to call him that, or just you? =)
    I saw him on facebook, but I haven't been caught up on reading blogs... just now read everything about him. Oh goodness... just love him! Hope you'll post about him soon too!!


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