Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm baaackkkk!!! {updates on life}

It seems like hundreds of years since I've blogged. ;) But no - I have not expired, I am STILL quite alive and breathing...and feeling so blessed these days by the Lord and His beautiful way of caring for His children. Really, I don't feel as though I deserve the joy, loyal family, lovely friends...Christ's mercy and presence in my day-to-day life! I've can't say it enough: God is ALWAYS good.

I very much dislike bragger-blog posts. This is *not* one. Yet there have been so many special things happening - a constant, crazy, whirlwind of LIFE. And so, I'll try to update y'all really quickly . . .

Sorbet and smoothies are my newest obsession . . . I know what I'll be ordering all summer when the rest of the family goes out for ice cream! Oh, yeah - I'd much rather have the ice cream . . . fat, sugar, all that good stuff. ;) But considering I'm lactose intolerant (which mean's no dairy outside of organic,) something fruity-cold will have to do! Soooo excited to have discovered Graeters recently. o.O

{L-R: friend Hannah Michelle, me, and Anna, before seeing The High Kings}

Last month I had the opportunity of seeing my  friends and favorite Celtic music group, The High Kings, live fore the second time in concert.  

Anna and I have gotten to know Darren HoldenBrian Dunphy, Finbarr Clancy, and Martin Furey after seeing them back in August and later keeping in contact via facebook. It was very special seeing them again knowing that our "fanship" has turned into friendship. :) 

"Now the music's gone, but they carry on . . ."
{The Town I Loved So Well - Darren's version is stunning}


It was so memorable being able to share in Finbarr's birthday! We bought him a t-shirt that said "Made in Ireland," which I had the honor of giving him during the concert. He loved it! 

{note that this is a supremely unflattering picture of me. :P } 

Just have to mention that Darren is my favoritest King.  He is such a talented singer and musician (like the rest of THK,) and has the squishiest bear hugs. :sigh: See my friend Hannah's video of us greeting the Kings from a different angle. . . and Anna's post HERE and our youtube channel for more HK fun!

Currently I'm reading about 4-5 different novels. *ahem* In the middle of The Count of Monte Cristo right now. . .which (thanks to Anna for spoiling the ending. Ok, I ASKED about it. :P ) - is overall very disappointing.  I mean, Edmond is so dashing in the beginning. :sob:  Ah well . . .it's not keeping me from going to Oregon in May to attend a CoMC themed ECD ball! o.O T-this will be my first time in an airplane. 

No blog entry is complete without mention of the always epic, forever inspiring, breathtaking, (give me more adjectives! ;) ) Les Miserables. The 10th Anniversary concert still leaves my heart pounding and the tears welling in my eyes - no matter how many times I watch it . . . but I'm about hyperventilating, because on SUNDAY I'll be seeing the West End/Broadway musical LIVE. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 

Lately I've been learning (or at least trying to learn :P ) patience. Anna and I are now part-time nannies for 4 of the most adorable children ranging in age from almost 7 to 3 months old. It's a challenge for sure, but I am so grateful for the experience! Spending time with the kiddos is a delight. . .even through the tantrums. ;) And little newborn Anthony is at the perfect huggable stage. 

Here's a sneak-peak of the costume I wore recently to a Literary Ball . . . I'll be doing a post on it soonishly.  Can anyone guess who I went as? (no telling, Flop. ;) ) 

And there ya have just a tiny glimpse of whats been happen'. BUSY stuff - and again, please, please don't think I'm bragging . . . o.O From the bottom of my heart, I only want to update everyone. :) 

What have YOU been up to as of late??? 


  1. A literary ball sounds marvelous! Looking forward to your post about it.

  2. Awww! Awesome!!!!

    And you look so much like..........haha. I won't tell. :-P

    Now you know why I was questioning Edmund's epicness. Heheeeeee. NO ONE rivals Percy's epicness. No One. Nada, Non, Zilch. The End.

    And the nannying sounds so FUN....sigh!!!

    I expect a full commentary on the cast, etc., the MINUTE you get back from seeing Les Miz. Nothing less than five pages will suffice...

    Speaking of that, what have I been doing? Reading...working on voice...waaaaaaaaiting for a certain friend to email....heheheeeeeee. Just kidding!!!!!!!! :-P

    Anywayz! Can't wait to see more pics! Man, you look JUST LIKE....argh!!! Hahahaha. :-P



  3. Oh,lemme guess Susan from Narnia?!

    I've only seen one of the Narnia movies,but I've seen photos on various blogs!

    Did you say a plane ride to oregon????

    I've been on a plane twice to FL! Let me give you 3 tip's

    1. Enjoy it more then you would of hoped.

    2. Chew gum (so your ears don't pop, that only happened to me once,but it's still not very comfortable)!

    3. Pray for a seat next to the window (unless you are totally scared of heights),cause its utterly stunning/cool what you can see that high above!!

    Have fun ECD!!! I learned to do a few at a ball in Williamsburg and it was a blast!

  4. Lovely post, and no, you didn't use too many adjectives! ;) I know who you were dressed as...You were dressed as......okay okay, I'll keep the secret for others to guess. ;) lol You really look the character though!

  5. Loved the updates. :) When you see Les Mis, you MUST do a ridiculously long post all about it!

  6. It doesn't seem like bragging at all! It's fun seeing what y'all are up to. :)

    You have me very curious about the Count of Monte Cristo now... 0_o I started reading it just this week!

    Have fun @ Les Miz!!! ;D

  7. Coming from a girl who grew up with a Graeter's right down the street from her, there is NO better place for ice cream or sorbert! So glad you enjoyed it!

  8. You have to be Susan from I right? ooooh, I'm so jealous! :) A literary ball sounds like way too much fun! :D

  9. The little glimpse of your life that I just got looks so delightful, Michaela! I'm pretty sure that you dressed as Susan Pevensie. And the mere fact that you even mentioned Les Mis totally made my day! I'm going to see the Broadway musical LIVE at the end of the month, and I am so excited! Oh, and I'm the type to read multiple books at once too. It's just more fun that way.

    In Christ,

  10. Hello Michaela!

    Since you and Anna are headed out to OR, I thought I'd finally stop to say hello and introduce myself! I have loved reading your blog for quite a while and so enjoy your all posts... only I've been terribly slow in ever commenting!

    I must say your medieval gown is gorgeous! And you quite obviously are Susan Pevensie! ;) I have loved the "archery dress" for the longest time - and you look amazing in it! Was it by any chance was it made by Emily S? It is beautiful and I love how you did your hair to match! You look just like Susan! ;-) I can't wait to see more pictures!



  11. This is an epic post!! I love our life. =)


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