Monday, November 22, 2010

Random acts of culture*~ Miscellaneous Monday

A little while ago my dear friend Ally forwarded this video to me. Ok neat. I love 'Handel's Messiah,' and 'The Hallelujah Chorus' is one of my favorite pieces....but this particular performance simply blew me away! one of my biggest dreams is to either travel to Philadelphia and actually *see* the Opera Company, or to experience something like THIS: 
(WARNING - carry a tissue as you watch this. Prepare to be utterly stunned.)

(wasn't that beyond gorgeously breathtaking?!?!)

Brindisi. Such a lovely example of Italian opera! Yum. Its one of my all-time-favorites. (also see my playlist to hear 'The Three Tenor' version...or better yet look up Andrea Bocelli. :swoon: )
Anyhow - if you enjoyed the above video (which you did, of course. ;) ) then you'll love this one. So whimsical, charming, cute, - and the singing! Heavenly. Why aren't these people world famous solo artists? o.O

(ok. If you didn't like Opera beforehand, you HAVE to be sold over now. Or no?)

Could you imagine BEING there? In any or both places? Whoa. o.O - I would have been one of the obnoxious people jumping up and down, a mile-wide smile covering my face. After the enthralled shock of it all was past, of course. ;) 

Hope you enjoyed, and were as blessed as I was! :) 


  1. Wow!!! That was pretty cool! I have to say, I would probably be one of the shoppers just looking around wondering WHAT in the world was going on.. then, 20 seconds before it was over, I would realize what happened and laugh at myself. lol!!
    My family and I are in a group that does Handel's Messiah (we have performances coming up soon, actually), and I have to say that the Macy's people were very good... not sure if we could compare (not that we are bad, but we aren't the best either!! ;))

  2. Michaela,

    I saw this performance on one of my friend's blogs about a week ago. It was a pretty incredible performance. However, I am sure that I would have enjoyed it more if I was at Macy's personally to enjoy the full experience of the moment.

    As for your blog, I think it's coming along nicely. Of course, I see you have changed your blog button. :) Like I told your lovely mother, you both keep making such lovely blog buttons that it leaves me to have to choose which button to place on my blog. :) You shouldn't give so many lovely choices in this regard. :)


    -Lady Rose

  3. I never get tired of watching these....

    Love, mom

  4. Michaela, how I loved this!! I am weeping with joy and wonder! To think how blessed those people were to have high praise and worship descend upon them as they went about the ordainary-ness of their day!
    My heart is uplifted to see how many knew the words and so willingly entered into the moment. To God be the glory!!!
    Forever and ever and ever and ever..hal-le-lu-jah!!!!

  5. I never get tired of watching the first one! ;{D

  6. Why does this never happen when I'm out shopping?!! :) I could watch that first one over and over, plus the second one was SO amazing! WOW!

    Thanks for sharing these!!! It brightened my day considerably!
    God bless!

  7. Isn't that just amazing? I would love to *be* in the Random Acts of Culture group!!! The boys and I have always thought it would be so fun to do something like that. :-)

  8. I liked the sceond one! That was great!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~Cassia :)

  9. Okay so were they all really singing?! that's so amazing!


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