Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ode to the prolog of the Un-Named book...NaNoWriMo '10

NaNoWriMo. So far the program has been a lot of work, yet very riveting. I have been so motivated and inspired! Writing every day has not only been relaxing, but I have gotten to spend so much time at one of my very favorite places -
:drum roll:
Seriously. My poor mom has been driving Anna and I back and forth several times a week for the past two weeks...she likes it though, she really does. ;) Oh, and FYI, no, I do not have my licence yet. *ahem* Anyhow, (move on Michaela, move on!) I just love sitting in the "quiet" computer room, way in the back near the window. The only sound is that of typing fingers and the music swirling from my headphones. Unless someone with a nasty cough decides to invade the peace, which tends to be often. Isn't there something in the rules about that? And what about turning up the music volume so loudly everyone else has to listen along? Argh. hehe

Right now we are currently over 30,000 words in our novel, and the story isn't even half finished! o.O Obviously NaNo isn't done for us at the end of the month, though I don't doubt we'll complete the program. :)

Now ladies and gents, presenting the prolog to the thus far 

Un-Named book ~ don't forget to leave your feedback and suggestions! 

'The door was hard, peeling in places where the paint was coming away from the wood, leaving long yellow-brown strips peeking through and rubbing against his shoulder. 
He leaned heavily on the handle, ignoring the splinter jabbing into his side. 
The rain continued to come down, torrents of water that soaked his hair, hit his face like tiny fistfuls of pebbles. He hunkered lower under the large cloak covering his shoulders, feeling the liquid pebbles hit his back before slipping down the black folds of fabric. 
At least his clothes were protected; his last good waistcoat, and the pocket watch from grandfather, tucked safely away in his trousers. He grinned absently to himself, thinking that he would have laughed had he the strength. If his father could only see him now; he must look like a human waterfall. 
A chuckle brushed his lips, pushing past in the freezing night air before dropping into a hoarse cough almost too weak to be heard. Without warning his head dropped with a soft thud against the door, and the long gold-brown lashes closed over the pale cheeks. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult. 
It was so simple. All he must do was turn the knob, ask for a room, he could have a warm bed and a fire; even a young child with enough will-power could reach, push the old door open. But his head was spinning and an odd buzzing sound echoed in his ears, even louder then the rushing cry of the storm. 
Just a turn of the door knob. Suddenly his fingers were curling around the brass handle, twisting it slowly, slowly.'


  1. Glad NaNoWriMo is going well for you! Your book sounds quite intriguing and I want to know what happens next. ;)

    Oh, and I love the new blog design. Very lovely.

  2. WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! Awesomeness!!!!

    Ok, comments? Let me put my critique hat on. ;-)

    Only two!!!

    1. This is probably intentional on your part, but you never mention the dude's name.

    2. You mention the rain being like pebbles twice in a row. You might think about changing the description the second time (cuz I love the description myself! ;-))

    OTHER THAN THAT!!!! I do so luvz!!! ;-) Can't wait to read more! I was soooo wanting to turn the page!!!!!!

    Love you! And isn't the library the awesomest for writing?! The car is also great, and Starbucks is amazing. Tori and I plotted an entire story over a frappachino one afternoon. Try it sometime. ;-)

  3. Very intriguing! I can't wait to read more. : )

  4. Oooo! Finally! :) So good to get to read some of your novel! So far it sounds amazing!
    There are two things I'd like to address before being run away with my admiration. :)

    First, 'peek' is the word you want right at the beginning, and, like Alexandra said, the two uses of the pebble illustration is iffy at best. I like it the first time, but I think a different way of putting it fo the second would be better.

    Otherwise, I'm blown away. The descriptions are astounding!
    Bravo! Excellente!
    CAN NOT wait to read more.

  5. Oh Michaela, this is amazing! I was sooo hoping we'd get to read some of it... Magnifique, mademoiselle! ;D

    p.s. The library? *gasp* I'm so jealous... hehe :)

  6. WOW!!! I really want to be able to read more now!!! Great job, very discriptive, and very makes-the-reader-eager-for-the-rest! :)

    Keep up the great work!
    God bless!

    PS. By the way, your blog is looking beautiful!

  7. That is very good. The structure is definitely coming along.
    I would agree with Alexandra about not using the same descriptions twice (used to be the one thing I did ALL the time until a friend pointed it out... =S).
    Not saying his name really adds some interest, mystery, and intrigue to the story. Great job!

    I hope we get to read more soon!!

    In Christ, Sarah

  8. Thank you so much everyone!! This whole NaNo experience has been quite the blessing. I've always loved to write, but have never taken this much time to actually sit down and complete a novel. What an adventure! :)

    I really appreciate the suggestions. :) Funny, because I am normally very careful about NOT using the same descriptions more then once...I posted this little excerpt, read it over, and was thinking - oh wow, I used the pebble scenario TWICE, didn't I? :P Don't know why I didn't fix that. lol Oh well. Now I *will* most definitely go back and CHANGE it. ;) You aren't *supposed* to know the guy's name Sarah said, his lack-of-a-name is for mystery purposes. ;) Since this is only the prolog, anyway. His name is found out right away in the first chapter. ^_^

    Thank you all again! I'm thrilled that you liked this little bit...its been oh-so encouraging to read through you comments. God bless you all!

  9. I thought that was probably the case. (The name thing). Just wanted to point it out just in case. ;-)

  10. Excellent writing! Well done! Can't wait to read more.


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