Monday, September 6, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday - Stanford Viennese Ball video...just stunning!

Miscellaneous Monday!

I found this beautiful video on facebook and loved it! SO worth the 10 minutes of watching. Ohhh to be *that* graceful, though I don't ballroom dance, haha.

There is one particular couple who are especially impressive, at least I think so. Keep an eye out for the petite Asian girl and the older gentleman with the longish hair. What incredible dancers! She is so elegant, and he is so debonair. I try to focus on the other dancers, but each time I watch this video my eyes go directly to my favorite couple. ;)

I have been out all day, so I nearly forgot to post for Miscellaneous Monday! Hope you enjoy this video as much as I have!


  1. That was incredible. I adore ballroom dancing so. I can actually do a lot of those steps and moves... but I haven't learned the little skippy-hop step they did in that video sometimes!

    A glorious thing, is waltzing.

  2. It is quite beautiful. Im thinking the steps are quite easy, its just keeping in time that makes it look so perfectly in sinc. Nice post!

    Love, mom xoxoxoxo

  3. Beautiful! I can waltz, but I'm nowhere near that good. They are all so elegant.


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