Monday, September 6, 2010

The Challenge! day 3 - "funky" layers

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Fall is definitely in the air! Everything is wrapped in a crisp-coziness. Though I admit I'm not the biggest autumn aficionado, (despite my sentimental feelings - I'm a summer gal all the way!) it IS a new season, and well, I look forward to whatever surprises the Lord may bring! Plus I'm really enjoying all the fall-ish clothes; darker yet airy, warm but still breathable. Plus layers are a lot of fun, and so easy to work with when you are just *too* warm. I think I'm going to try layering more this year!
This outfit is centered around a skirt I recently bought at a neat Chinese/Indian clothing import store called 'Funky People.' Guess that makes me "funky"? :P
The skirt was a bit big, so I pinned it for this shoot then took it later today to my Nonno (grandfather,) who is a tailor by trade. The Lord knew our short brood of ladies would NEED a tailor in the family. lol
All that said - I didn't have a blue shirt to match the specks in the skirt, so I paired a cream-colored quarter-sleeved sweater with a short-sleeved jean shrug.

~*~ What I'm wearing ~*~

full A-line cream skirt with brown flowers and blue specks - Funky People
cream quarter-sleeved sweater with crocheted collar - The Bass Outlet (on clearance!)
jean shrug - Goodwill (Christopher and Banks)
sparkly gold-ish flats - Payless Shoe Store


  1. That skirt is so pretty! I love the design.

    You are so blessed to have someone who can alter clothes- I'm only 5' myself and know how hard it is to find clothes that fit!


  2. Oh, what an adorable outfit, Michaila! The skirt is just lovely! <3

  3. Oh, Michaela! The middle picture in this post is an eye-grabber. :~D

  4. Oh, this is gorgeous. I love the skirt paired with the shrug. ^.^


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